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Interesting scenario
« on: September 03, 2014, 03:19:40 PM »
Played an interesting scenario today. I was just playing a solitaire 1000 pt battle and didn't take any pictures, since solitaire doesn't really lend itself to analysis. But the scenario worked out pretty cool.

First off, I had two special situations that seemed at first glance incompatible, but actually worked out well. And the scenario and map selection were a perfect storm of complimentary goodness.

Special Condition #1 - Well Prepared: Each player begins with 3 command cards of his choosing in his hand.

Special Condition #2 - Unexpected Engagement: Each player has 0 command actions on his first turn, one on his second, etc., up to the normal maximum. Player going second receives two free command cards.

The scenario was Ancient Feud, which is where you have two units that hate each other and the rest is as per Total Warfare.

So imagine this: In a previous engagement one unit captured the other unit's standard. The whole battle was in fact, a shameful disgrace for that unit's side. After chasing the opposing force to ground, the forces geared up and prepared to refight the battle and even the score. All was going well, but in their zeal to close with their foes they actually encountered the enemy sooner than expected.

The other reason I didn't bother posting a sesh report was that the HE took three morale checks and failed them all, while the Undead took one and passed, at which point the Elves called it quits. A HE knight charged a ghoul and almost one shotted it, but with one red square left it rolled a 4 and hung in there. The following turn a second ghoul was able to pinch the HE Knight. The Knight rolled a 16 for the pinch test and routed. In the free hacks the ghouls were able to put the knights into the yellow thanks to some command card love, and the knights rolled an 18! Bam! On the other flank the Undead had fielded 4 skellie bows and deployed them 2 by 2 in a four square cube. They needed 1s and then 2s v HE at range. Turn one they forced a morale check on an HEBS, which delayed it two turns behind the rest of the gang. After a couple of turns of lackluster dice they managed to oneshot some HE Chariots the same turn as the HE knights went down, and the HE commander called it a day.
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High Elves 994 pts.
Knights (in a Hate/Hate relationship with one of the Ghouls)
Battle Squad

Undead 990 pts.
3 Ghouls
4 Skellie Bows
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