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FAQ and official links
« on: August 26, 2014, 05:05:45 PM »
I suggest a new forum heading on the main Forum page.  It would be in the "Battleground: Fantasy and Historical Warfare" section.  I suggest it appear between "Battleground: Kingdoms" and "Rules".

Official Rules Errata, Addenda and Clarifications
No product is 100% flawless when published, but we always strive to improve.  Only site admins can post here, so you know that everything is official.

As it says, only the site admins should be allowed to post in this section.  No discussions in this section, just finalized rulings, so they are easy to find in one spot.

Thank you.

No, Dave, thank you.  ;)

I am compiling a list of rules questions and answers so that people who are looking for an errata, just want a rule clarified, or otherwise don't want to comb through endless posts can cut to the chase. This will doubtless take a while, but I hope to have something worth posting shortly after CO5N 2014. In the meantime there are links to current rules errata and current command card errata at Useful BG links.

This thread will be locked and I solemnly swear not to put anything here that is not officially sanctioned.
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