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campaign structure idea
« on: May 25, 2012, 08:33:29 AM »
I was thinking that it would be interesting to run a campaign where you have a strategic map and they way you win is to occupy VP areas on the map. It really wouldn't matter if it was a hexes or squares or area movement style map, but the trick would be that Just passing through an objective wouldn't be enough to control it. You would have to actually occupy it. So as you increased your number of areas of control you would have to be more spread out. All you need to control an area is a single unit.

I think it would be cool to mirror the BG command system in that on the strategic board you could give your armies the same types of orders (Close, Hold, with movement modifiers). They would work a little differently. Close would mean your army moved to the point designated and arrived at full strength, but occupied nothing enroute. Hold would mean that your army left a garrison at each VP area it passed through.

Before a battle began you would compare army points. the largest battle would be capped at 2000 points per side, If the battle was a draw both armies retreat to the space they came from. The player who had the larger force would would occupy the space with a marginal victory or better, whereas the player with the smaller force would need a decisive victory to occupy it and a marginal victory for the smaller force would be treated as a draw. What I'm saying is, if both forces were in excess of the 2000 point max for a battle, the battle would be a standard 2000 point battle, but the results depend on the actual sixe of the competing forces. Example: a 2000 point force meets a 2300 point force. a 2000 point battle is fought, but the outcome is as outlined above.
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