Author Topic: Vlachold vs Lizardmen: Chosen Ground  (Read 1283 times)


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Vlachold vs Lizardmen: Chosen Ground
« on: September 13, 2014, 01:15:42 AM »
After last week's game vs Hawkshold, I wanted Scott to play Vlachold with the suggested tweak to the Voivoide Knights.  I also wanted to try out the Werewolves with the "pitch to play" restriction lifted.  To make it worth his while to take Werewolves, I decided to go with Lizardmen.  We put out three scenarios with maps and after vetoes ended up with Chosen Ground, with me as the attacker.  Meaning I got to pick the terrain but he got an extra 100pts.

Lizardmen:  2 Trog Spearmen, 2 Trog Warriors, Trike Herd, T-Rex (it makes sense when you see the terrain).

Vlachold:  4 Curteni Halberdiers, 1 Tepes Lord, 2 Voynik Thralls, 1 Werewolf Pack, 1 Voivoide Knights

Vlachold units for reference (with changes in bold):

Curteni Halberdiers - Core - 213 pts
O:(6*)5*/6*  D:1*/3  Rge:-  Cge: 11  Mv: 2.5"  4G/4Y/2R
O:(-1) -0/-0 when charging. O:(+0) +1/+0 vs. cavalry or large units. O:(+0) +0/+1 when holding vs. charging cavalry or large. 

Tepes Lords - Standard - 304 pts
O:(5)6/6  D:2/3  Rge:-  Cge: 11  Mv: 3.5"  4G/3Y/3R
Red Harvest.  Drain:  3.5" range.  May not Drain Voivode Knights.  Blood Powers:  Blood is Life, Inhuman Frenzy, Unholy Aura. (Note:  they have 2 Blood Point boxes.)

Voynik Thralls - Standard - 149 pts
O:(5)4/5  D:2/2  Rge:-  Cge: 12*  Mv: 3.5"  3G/2Y/5R
'When you lose a damage box from Drain, mark a [sacrifice] box.  For every marked [sacrifice] box, gain +1 Cge.  (Note, the unit has 3 [sacrifice] boxes)

Werewolf Packs - Standard - 329 pts
O:(7)5/6  D:1/3  Rge:-  Cge: 13  Mv: 5"  5G/2Y/5R
Fearsome.  Always has the "Close" Standing Order and may not be given a Standing Order Modifier or be directly controlled.  Requires 2 Command Actions to rally.   To play a Command Card on Werewolf Pack you must first discard a Command Card. No Perserverance box.

Voivoide Knights - Elite - 360 pts
O:(6)6/5*  D:3*/2  Rge:-  Cge: 11  Mv: 6"  3G/2Y/2R
Cavalry. O:(+0)+0/+2 and D:+1/+0 when charging.  Red Harvest. Drain: 6" range.  Blood Powers:  Blood is Life, Inhuman Frenzy, Unholy Aura.  (Note: they have 3 Blood Point boxes)


Vlachold (L->R):  Tepes Lord (in front of Werewolves), Voynik Thralls (in front of Voynik Thralls), Halberdiers & Voivoide Knights (in front of Halberdiers), Halberdiers, Halberdiers.

Lizardmen (L->R):  Trog Spearmen (in front of Trog Spearmen), T-Rex, Trike Herd, Tyrant Swordsmen, Tyrant Swordsmen

As you can see, I basically created a bowling alley with a hill that I could grab.  The plan was for the Trogs to hold the flank while the T-Rex and Trikes busted through.  The Tyrants on the hill was massive amounts of overkill, but I was at least happy to see them with favorable matchups.

Scott's plan as always, was simple & smart: have a wider line.  When I final rushed in the center, I'd leave a gap somewhere and then he could start pinching.  His army was designed to absorb the shock of the attack and stall the T-Rex as long as possible.  His fallback plan was to overload the left flank with Tepes Lords and Werewolves.


A few turns in and I've had to put my Trikes on Hold to keep them from getting too far forward.  Having to defend a gap with a unit that takes 3 CAs to direct control is going to get costly really quick.  This misdeploy is going to cost me a bit.

T-Rex Charge

The T-Rex charges the Voynik Thralls (who have been Drained to Cge 15), doing 5 damage.  The Thralls pass their check. 

To the left and the right of the T-Rex, I burn all my CAs sliding sideways to prevent pinches while still protecting the flank of the T-Rex.

Manuevers & Charges

On the left the Werewolves and Tepes Lords Two's Company the Trog Spearmen, putting them all the way into the Red.  The Trogs would pass their check and even respond with 2 wounds on the Werewolves.

The T-Rex predictably destroys the Thralls, meaning the back up Thralls will step in, but not before the Thralls do a point of damage.  To the right, the Halberdiers continue to move forward according to their order while the  Voivoide Knights pull back to be not the closest target for the Trikes.

On the right, the Curteni Halberdiers charge the Tyrant Swordsmen.  They'll need 2s and 3s, making this . . . an uphill fight.  In both cases, I do 1 box shy of check.  Those lost CAs are really making themselves felt.  A couple of Fury boxes would've been helpful.

"T-Rex Smash!"

This is taken two turns later, at the end of the next Vlachold turn.  Again, on my turn, I had to Dc the Trikes in the center to hold them back.    On the far left, the first units of Trogs was destroyed and the second unit is getting beat up pretty good.  But, the combined dice on the Werewolves puts them into the Yellow.

The T-Rex did a fair bit of damage to the Thralls (aided by being drained) and so I take a gamble.  Needing 4s and 6s with 5 dice, I pitch 2 cards to play Strike, giving me 6 dice at 5s and 6s.  I need to do 5 damage to kill the Thralls, because I'm assuming they won't be running.  I manage to pull it off, leaving me free to pinch next turn.

On the right, the Tyrants beat up on the Curteni, but I'm one box away from Red checks on both of them.  And to top it off, both units passed their Yellow checks.  The upside is that even at 2s & 3s, the Halberdiers are doing half the damage they should.

Pinched Curteni

On my turn, the T-Rex and Trikes pinch the Curteni, one-shotting them.  I know I'm going to take a flank pinch next turn on the Trikes, but this is a calculated risk.  If I don't plow through those two units of Halberdiers quickly, I'm going to get rear charged by the Tepes Lords and the Werewolves.  I'm just hoping the Trikes can survive the charge turn.  If they do, things become much more manageable.

My fear turns out to be warranted, because the Tepes Lords and Werewolves on the left destroy the Trogs.  The good news is they can't see the T-Rex and will have to spend a turn maneuvering.  The other good news is that the Trogs manage to put the Werewolves into the red.

On the hill, one unit of Tyrants whiff against the Curteni.  The other puts their enemy in the Red. The Curteni fail their rout check, and are destroyed from free attacks.

Vlachold Counter-Attack

As expected, the Voivoide Knights flank-pinch the Trikes in the center.  My hopes of them holding out are severely mistaken, and the Trikes are one-shotted by the Knights & Halberdiers. 

The T-rex and Trikes put the Halberdiers into the Yellow, meaning it all comes down to them making a Cge 11 check.  50-50.  If they fail, on my turn, the T-Rex will flank the Voivoide Knights.  More importantly, they'll get out of range of the Tepes Lords and the Werewolves.  If the Curteni pass their check, it means no matter what happens on my turn, the T-Rex will take a rear Two's Company from the Tepes Lords & Werewolves.

The one ray of sunshine is that the Tyrant Swordsmen on the right destroy Curteni Halberdiers and they're in range of the Voivoide Knights.  Meaning the Knights will be rear charged next turn.

Dead T-Rex

This is at the end of the next Vlachold turn.  On my turn, the T-rex put the Curteni Halberdiers down to their last box, but they didn't run.  Meaning on this turn, the Tepes Lords and Werewolf Pack would have a Two's Company rear charge and pinch.  7 dice at 6s & 4s + 7 dice at 5s & 4s = dead T-rex. 

Scott even played the new Desperation card on the Werewolves.  They're the only unit in the faction with a ton of Red boxes (technically, the Thralls do too, but they also have a miserable Off Skill 4).  Desperation is normally a hard card to use right, but on the Werewolves its not the case.  I'm okay with this because Strength of Will is much less good on them (they lack a Perseverance box).

With his last gasp, the T-Rex stomps on the Curteni Halberdiers, destroying them. feels not at all satisfactory.

On the right, my Tyrants charged the Voivoide Knights on my turn.  The Knights roll lucky and put the Tyrants into the Yellow, but Blood Frenzy keeps them there.  The Voivoide Knights are put down to their last box, but pass their check thanks to Perseverance.  On my next turn, the Voivoide Knights will be pretty easily dispatched.

Smellin' like a Draw...

The two pairs of units on our respective strong flanks now meet in the middle.  We're doing some quick math and realize that we're each one unit away from not having >320pts on the table.  With that in mind, we line up, draw cards, and charge in.  The fight between the Tepes Lords and Tyrants is bloody, but without much to show for it.  The fight between the Werewolves & Tyrant Warriors produce rout checks on both sides, but we both pass.


Over the next turn, we swap kills.  His Tepes Lords destroy my Tyrants, while my other Tyrants kill his Werewolf Pack.  At this point, neither one of us has 320pts on the table, meaning that the game is a draw.  So we call it there.

I'm going to say that I had the better units but Scott played better.  He had a good plan to deal with the T-rex, a unit for which he simply has no answer.  Even the Warriors in the Mist will have a rough time against them.  But he executed a very good overload strategy and even managed to make me trade CAs at a horrible rate to prevent an internal flank.  So I'll tip my hat to him here and say he was the better player today.

Vlachold Thoughts:  well I'm just going to go ahead and call it official: the Voivoide Knights will drop to D:3/2.  After the game Scott said that not only did he think it was the right call , but that her personally liked them being that vulnerable.  It made a player more cautious about using them, more of a rapier than a hammer.

This also means the Kraynik Lancers will drop to D:2/1.  I think it makes them a bit too fragile, but we'll leave it for now.

We were also both pleasantly surprised with the Werewolf Pack.  Removing the pitch-to-play is just the shot in the arm that they needed.  They were a buzzsaw unit, capable of dishing out ungodly amounts of damage without feeling broken.  I like the Cge 13 on them and 5G/2Y/5R hit box configuration.  Almost certainly this one is going to stay.

All in all, a fairly successful playtest.  I'll update with an 8th draft soon.


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Re: Vlachold vs Lizardmen: Chosen Ground
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2014, 02:51:36 PM »
Great report as always!  I'm sure the Halberdiers in the center where not so happy with Scott's generalship, but that worked out well.  And golly-gee-wilakers, where the Hell did that terrain set up come from?  Was that lake deep water?
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Re: Vlachold vs Lizardmen: Chosen Ground
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2014, 03:31:50 PM »
Great report as always!  I'm sure the Halberdiers in the center where not so happy with Scott's generalship, but that worked out well. 

They're Curteni, the "house peasants" of the vampire courts.  At a certain point the sweet release of death is better than a life of terror.

And golly-gee-wilakers, where the Hell did that terrain set up come from?  Was that lake deep water?

The scenario was Chosen Ground.  So I picked an impassible lake and a medium hill on my side of the table.  The whole idea was to shrink the board down such that I could engage on a narrow front.  As it turns out, I could have narrowed it a bit more.