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Vlachold vs Hawkshold: Breaking Point
« on: September 05, 2014, 06:54:43 PM »
After a couple week hiatus, and the back logged session report out of the way, we resumed work on experimenting with tweaks to the Voivoide Knights.  Mind you, our primary concern isn't balance.  our number crunching (through the simulator) and playtesting has shown them to be balanced.  Our concern was that they were no fun to play against, so any change we made would make them less hard to crack but still fun for the Vlachold player.

With that in mind, we opted to reduce the Toughness of the Voivoide Knights, so that they'd be D:3/2 instead of D:3/3.  However, I wanted the Knights to have a higher toughness than the Kraynik Lancers, so if they'd be reduced to D:2/1 as well.  To try this out, I played Vlachold and Scott took Hawkshold.  We ended up choosing Breaking Point on an open map, which meant that right away Vlachold would have 50 pts wasted on People of the Borderlands.

Hawkshold:  3 Peasant Mobs, 1 Spearmen, 1 Swordsmen, 4 Greatswordsmen, 1 Heavy Infantry

Vlachold:  2 Voynik Crossbowmen, 2 Curteni Halberdiers, 1 Tepes Lord, 1 Voynik Thralls, 1 Kraynik Lancers, 1 Voivoide Knights.

Vlachold units for reference (with new stats & costs bolded):

Voynich Crossbowmen - Core - 247 pts
O:(3*)5/5  D:1*/2  Rge: 14"  Cge: 12  Mv: 3.5"  3G/5Y/2R
Ranged attack is LOS.  O:(+2)+0/+0 and D:+1/+0 when engaged.

Curteni Halberdiers - Core - 213 pts
O:(6*)5*/6*  D:1*/3  Rge:-  Cge: 11  Mv: 2.5"  4G/4Y/2R
O:(-1) -0/-0 when charging. O:(+0) +1/+0 vs. cavalry or large units. O:(+0) +0/+1 when holding vs. charging cavalry or large.

Tepes Lords - Standard - 304 pts
O:(5)6/6  D:2/3  Rge:-  Cge: 11  Mv: 3.5"  4G/3Y/3R
Red Harvest.  Drain:  3.5" range.  May not Drain Voivode Knights.  Blood Powers:  Blood is Life, Inhuman Frenzy, Unholy Aura. (Note:  they have 2 Blood Point boxes.)

Voynik Thralls - Standard - 149 pts
O:(5)4/5  D:2/2  Rge:-  Cge: 12*  Mv: 3.5"  3G/2Y/5R
When you lose a damage box from Drain, mark a [sacrifice] box.  For every marked [sacrifice] box, gain +1 Cge.  (Note, the unit has 3 [sacrifice] boxes)

Kraynik Lancers - Standard - 204 pts
O:(6)5/5*  D:2*/1  Rge:-  Cge: 11  Mv: 7"  2G/2Y/2R
Cavalry.  O:(+0)+0/+2 and D:+1/+0 when charging.  Red Harvest. Drain:  7" range.  May not Drain Voivode Knights or Tepes Lords.  Blood Powers:  Blood is Life.  (Note: they have 1 Blood Point box)

Voivoide Knights - Elite - 360 pts
O:(6)6/5*  D:3*/2  Rge:-  Cge: 11  Mv: 6"  3G/2Y/2R
Cavalry. O:(+0)+0/+2 and D:+1/+0 when charging.  Red Harvest. Drain: 6" range.  Blood Powers:  Blood is Life, Inhuman Frenzy, Unholy Aura.  (Note: they have 3 Blood Point boxes)


Hawkshold (L->R):  Peasant Mobs (in front of 2 Peasant Mob units that are off camera), Spearmen (obscured by flash), Greatswordsmen, Greatswordsmen, Greatswordsmen, Greatswordsmen, Heavy Infantry (in front of Spearmen).

Vlachold (L->R):  Crossbowmen (in front of Kraynik Lancers), Crossbowmen, Thralls, Tepes Lords, Halberdiers, [gap], Halberdiers (in front of Voivoide Knights).

Scott's army build is an example of someone who knows the enemy very well.  Vlachold is lots of 3 Green box units and Cge 11 units.  He went with a wide front of Greatswordsmen to force as many checks as possible.  Somewhere I'd fail, and Vlachold lacks a post-Courage-Roll bailout.  On the edges, he went with a chump stack one one side and Heavy Infantry & spearmen on the other.  

By contrast, I went with the Crossbowmen because I knew our Core choices had my 3 Green box guys fighting his 5 Green box guys.  So I figured I'd soften him up a bit and play a refused flank.  Once we saw the deployment, I knew that there was little point for me to advance at all.  My entire army (except for the two cavalry units went on Hold), leaving him to advance at 2.5" a turn.

Hawkshold Advance

This picture is taken three turns into the game because every turn is me shooting with 6 dice and him shuffling forward.  The targeted unit is the Hawkshold Swords that is obscured by the flash (sorry about that).  My goal was to put that unit in the Yellow/Red and create a hole there.

Sadly, my shooting was miserable.  By the time the Swordsmen charged, they'd taken 2 damage.  That's after 18 long range dice (2s & 3s, so should be 3 pts) and 12 short range dice (3s and 3s = 3 more points).  2 damage when they should have taken 6.  My plan was in serious trouble.

Disaster for Hawkshold

Two things went in my favor this turn.  First, because we were deployed slightly offset, most of the Hawkshold line wouldn't charge this turn, buying me more time.

Second, Scott ended up misplaying the Peasant Mobs and letting them charge in.  My Crossbowmen put them into the Yellow and they promptly blew their Cge 13 check.  This meant that on my turn, I'd get to pinch almost immediately.  Furthermore, to avoid having to step forward when the front Peasants got pinched, he held back the other Peasants.  (Full disclosure: I pointed out what would happen, but I did so without thinking of what I'd being doing next)  Meaning that he couldn't even step forward to deny me that pinch.

Finally, the unit of Swordsmen that had been the target of the shooing charged in and took an absolute beating from the Voynik Crossbowmen in melee.

Hawkshold Charge

This is the end of the next Hawkshold turn.  On my turn, the Kraynik Lancers got a unit objective to charge the Peasants who'd been held back while the Crossbowmen pinched Hawkshold Swordsmen, obliterating them.  The Peasants failed their rout check and routed, but managed to do 2 damage to the Lancers, who routed as well.

On the right, I'd moved my Voivoide Knights into the gap and let them charge the Greatswordsmen, doing 6 damage and taking none in return.  Finally, on the far right, I DC'd Halberdiers to curl back as much as possible.

On the Hawkshold turn, the remainder of his line charged mine.  In the center the Tepes Lords and Greatswordsmen traded blows while to the Greatswordsmen units beat up on the Thralls on the left and the Halberdiers on the right.

On the left, Scott let the Peasants rout through the third unit of Peasants, but they passed their rout check.

The Hawkshold Grind

On my turn, I let the Lancers rout to the table edge, while my other unit of Crossbowmen had their order change to Close to pinch the Greatswordsmen engaged with the Thralls.  The Greatswordsmen passed their pinch check and routed the Thralls engaged on their front.  It was a Red check...but the Thralls had a Cge 15.  They were promptly cut down in melee.

In the center, the Tepes Lords and Greatswordsmen continue to hack at each other, both causing (and passing) a Yellow check.  To the right of the Tepes Lords, the Curteni Halberdiers were destroyed by the Greatswordsmen.  And the Voivoide Knights destroyed the Greatswordsmen, but not before being Disrupted.   And it was Hawkshold's turn next...


On the Hawkshold turn, the Greatswordsmen flanked the Voivoide Knights, destroying them.  On the right flank, the Spearmenj (having walked all the way around my flank) set up for a charge.

In the center, the Tepes Lords won the fight with the Greatswordsmen, destroying them and being free to charge next turn.  To the left, the Crossbowmen flanking the Greatswordsmen put them in the Yellow, but the Hawkshold unit passed.  Its worth noting that Scott had Bravery on almost every Greatsword unit and ended up having to erase about half of them.

On the left, my Crossbowmen close on the Peasant Mob, taking pot shots.

Pinch & Decision Point

The Crossbowmen on the left charge the Peasant Mob, putting them into the Red.  In the center, my Tepes Lords are juuuust out of range of a rear charge of the Greatswordsmen who killed the Voivoide Knights.  So I have to settle for pinching the Greatswordmen fighting the Crossbowmen, and cutting them down.  Finally, I rally the fleeing Kraynik Lancers.

On the right, my Curteni Halberdiers are finally pinched by the Spearmen and destroyed.  The Greatswordsmen turn to face the Tepes Lords.

At this point, the smart play is for me to run from the Greatswordsmen.  He's lost 1150 pts, so if kill his Peasants with my Crossbowmen, I can break him.  I have 1002 pts left, just enough for a 4-2.  He's got less than 1,000pts left so the best he can get is a Draw.  But if he kills any of my units, its a Draw.  So I should run away and take my shots.

But that's lame.  We learned what we needed to from this game, and felt it was just too cool to have the Tepes Lords & Greatswordsmen square off for the center of the field!  And so...


Yeaaaah... I should have run from the Greatswordsmen.


The Tepes Lords put the Greatswordsmen into the Red.  The Greatswordsmen needed 2s to wound (he played Might, I played Mettle), and did 3 pts with 4 dice.  I rolled a Red check (Cge 11, but I had Perseverance) and failed.  On the Free Strikes, I played Fatalism (negate 1 damage and reroll failed rout checks).  He did 1 pt, I failed the Red check, then rerolled...and failed that one.  The Tepes Lords die and Vlachold breaks.  Hawkshold is left in control of the field with 843 pts left.

A Draw.

Post Game Analysis:  After the game, Scott stated that preferred the Voivoide Knights as D:3/2 (and the Kraynik Lancers at D:2/1).  We're going to play at least one more game with it, but I have a feeling that this is where they'll end up.  I'll speak a bit more about it in the the discussion thread for the Seventh Draft.