Author Topic: Dwarves + Greeks vs Ravenwood: Ticking Clock  (Read 784 times)


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Dwarves + Greeks vs Ravenwood: Ticking Clock
« on: September 24, 2013, 12:43:55 AM »
For the second game of the night we had the Dwarves take Greeks as allies because we felt that the Dwarves could benefit the most from the affordable cavalry and fast infantry that Greeks offer.  I was going to do play Orcs against the Dwarves, but we knew Scott would load up on Rhodian Slingers (those guys are pretty nice).  So instead I took Ravenwood.

Ravenwood:  1 Bear Kin, 2 Ravenwood Spearmen, 1 Ravenwood Bowmen, 2 Bear Packs, 1 Treant

I'm continuing my experiment of incorporating shooting into builds.  Previously I've done the stand & shoot, but not I'm trying the combined arms and I'm starting with the best unit for that:  the Ravenwood Bowmen.  Their high skill plus an army ability designed to put a hurt on T3, I figure its a good place.  With Bowmen and Bear Packs and a Treant, I knew I'd have a really short line, so this would take some work against those Antonians that I just knew where coming.

Dwarves:  3 Axemen, 1 Battleaxemen, 1 Antonians, 1 Spartiates, 1 Theban Hoplites, 2 Rhodian Slingers

Greek City-States units for reference:

Theban Hoplites - Core - 254 pts
O:(7*)5*/5*  D:2/2  Rge:-  Cge: 12  Mv: 3.5"  6G/3Y/2R
Thebes fought for Persia during Xerxes's invasion of Greece before allying with Sparta and even its hated rival Athens.  It finally carved out a short-lived empire, before it was razed to the ground by Alexander.

Rhodian Slingers – Elite - 77 pts
O:(3)5*/6*  D:1*/0  Rge: 7”  Cge: 11  Mv: 5"  2G/2Y/2R
Skirmisher.  No Lock Shields box.  D: +2/+0 vs ranged attacks.  O:(-0)-2/-3 if engaged.
Rhodian Slingers distinguished themselves during the march of the Ten Thousand, when their lead sling bullets outdistanced those of the persan and were able to dent bronze breastplates.

Spartiates  - Elite - 333 pts
O:(7*)6*/5*  D:2/2  Rge:-  Cge: 14  Mv: 3.5"  6G/3Y/2R
Phalanx: Ignores Rule #1.
Trained from birth in the brutal agoge, the Spartan warrior was feared across the ancient world and renowned throughout history.


Ravenwood (L->R):  Bear Pack in front of Treant, [space], Bear Kin in front of Bowmen, Spearmen in front of Bear Pack, Spearmen.

Dwarves (L->R):  Rhodian Slingers, [space], Rhodian Slingers-Antonian Horsemen-Axemen stack, Battleaxemen, Spartiates, Axemen, Axemen, Theban Hoplites.

When we set up, I was a little sad because Scott didn't take any of the things we figure Dwarves would want:  I was figuring either Boeotian or Thracian cavalry to go with the Antonions, or Thracian Warriors to work the flanks.  But the more I thought about it, the more I think this works because the thing the Spartiates bring is Off Skill 6 for a faction that doesn't have affordable Off Skill 6.

Scott gave the Slingers orders to come onto the other side of the forest and his Antonions got the order way on the right side.  I gave my Spearmen orders to shuffle sideways, making room for the Bear Pack.  On the far left, the Bear Pack has a doe-see-do order to stall so the Treant can get into position.  I had the Bowmen target the Spartiates, because their mediocre D:2/2 meant less of a CA drain to inflict damage (and he can't play Rune cards on the Spartiates).

Ravenwood Reshuffle

Here's my army with its reshuffle almost complete.  The Bowmen take a long range shot at the Rhodians and do 2 damage (they pass their check).  T  Meanwhile, the Antonians begin their long diagonal trek across the board.

Antonian Dash

The Antonians race across the field, and by now its obvious what Scott is trying to do:  he's using the unit to create a stagger in his line so that the left hits later than the right.  Between that and the skirmishers, his whole plan is to make that fight happen as late as possible.  The Antonians, meanwhile, will swing around the flank to pinch.  That's the plan anyway...

My bowmen take another opportunity shot at the Rhodians, doing 2 more damage.  They fail their check and bounce back through the lines, and would play basically no part in the battle from here on.  Meanwhile, the other Rhodian unit ends up too slow to get to its objective, meaning it will get trapped behind the line as well.

Antonians Caught

A plan is a list of things that doesn't happen. (a great line from an otherwise m'eh movie) 

Scott DC'd his Antonians to keep them from being trapped by my rightmost Spearmen, but he gets sloppy and leaves them able to be charged in the flank by the other unit, which I do on my turn.  I drop my best card and one-shot the Antonians right there.  Now, by virtue of curling my line in, I'm going to prevent him from bringing his wider line to bear.  (ugh...yeah I really just said it)

In the center the Ravenwood bowmen are finally in range of the Spartans and do 2 damage on them.

Come to Grips

On the right, the Axemen charge my Spearmen.  The Axemen expose their flank to my Spearmen, but if I pinch, I'll be flanked by the Thebans.  Since he has a backup unit, Scott feels its a good trade to get the right side of his line back in this fight.

In the center, the Spartiates charge the Bears and come off much worse for it.  The Axemen also charge the Bear Kin and give as good as they get.  Both side take, and pass, their Yellow checks.

On the left, the Axemen angle back to keep the Bears out of LOS.  (Forest still block LOS for Ravenwood, even if they don't slow them down).  This prevents my Bears from charging the flank of the unit next turn.

Suicide Squeeze

On the right, I definitely take the bait.  I figure I'm going to lose that flank anyway, so whatever I get is bonus.  And the Dwarves oblige me by routing from the pinch and then failing the red check as well.

In the center, the combo of the Bear Pack and the Bowmen put down those dirty Spartiates.  My Bear Kin don't fare so well against the Battleaxemen, but at least they don't have to take a check this turn.

On the left, the Treant charges while the other Bear Pack works around the flank.  The Axemen fail their Fearsome check but the Tree gets arthritic and does only 2 wounds.

Dwarves Crumble

This picture is taken on my turn.  On the last turn, the Thebans charge my Spearmen on the left, but my Spearmen manage to hold on through this turn.  The other unit of Axemen charges my Spearmen, and my Spearmen get lucky, putting them into the Yellow.  My unit also go into the Yellow, but both pass their checks.

In the center, the Battleaxemen left 1 box on the Bear Kin (who then passed their check), allowing me to pinch with the Bear Pack this turn and wipe the Battleaxemen out.  (the Bear Pack unit got bumped, but it is pinching). 

On the left, the other Bear Pack flank-pinches the Axemen, and the Axemen are wiped out, but not before they do four wounds on the Treant!


At this point, we're just both running out the clock, because neither side has the time to take advantage of their victories.  On the right, the Thebans rout the Ravenwood Spearmen, and then cut them down.  The other unit of Spearmen continue to punch above their weight, putting the Dwarven Axemen almost in the Red.

On the left, the Rhodians move up and take a shot at the Treant.  Being 1 box away from the yellow, Scott could pick up 133 pts with that single box.  Sadly, it is not to be.

Call of the Wild

With the Bear Kin dead, the Bear Packs go to Close and I forget that the card doesn't actually say I can't DC them for 1 CA (sorry, it was late), so I just let them go into the Rhodians.  The auto-damage and a command card is enough to kill them.  Meanwhile, on the left, I give the Treant a Hold in the forest there, which gets me an extra 200 pts.

The bowmen turn to shoot the Axemen and do enough to force a check.  They fail and rout, but my Spearmen can't finish them off and the Axemen pass their Red check.


On the last turn, the Thebans flank and destroy the Ravenwood Spearmen, but that is 8 turns.  The end result is some lopsided ratio of like 3.2 to 1 (1.5 to 1 is a 5-1 win).  A massive win for Ravenwood.

Post-Game Thoughts:  Scott summed it up after the game:  he got needlessly cute with the Antonians that resulted in him playing 280 pts down.  I also think the Rhodians were misplayed as well, putting like 25% of his army out of position.  It wasn't a perfect game on my part (it was late and we were both tired), but in the end I had a good plan and for once, in what feels like 8 weeks, wasn't hosed by dice.  In fact, I'd say that I made several clutch rolls between this game and the earlier Rome vs Greeks game.

Greek City-States thoughts:  Not a lot here, because the Greeks didn't see much action.  The Spartiates are a nice addition, which is nothing new.  The Rhodians are also nice.  Again nothing new.

The other thing about them is that they don't feel broken.  The command cards thing keeps coming back (can't play faction-specific cards on them) and the 2 CAs to use their army ability is really rough.  We have 2-3 more games set up, but I personally feel very strongly that Greek City-States are good, but not broken.