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Re: Repost: High Elves Units and Tactics
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This is humorous, because everytime I hear stuff like this, I think of spoils.  I had spoils, both boxes marked, on one of my units in a game this weekend.  I promptly failed.  Now THAT's BS. 

Anyway, back to oathbound.  Hell, I think that card is decent.  The biggest weakness is that you have to play it proactively instead of reactive.  (which, I'll agree, is a big difference)  I wouldn't change it at all.


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Re: Repost: High Elves Units and Tactics
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The issue I see with Oathbound is that it can either be incredible or mediocre.  It's seldom "decent".

Incredible = You have to roll multiple courage checks this turn.  Especially awesome if it's 3 or more.  Also awesome if your Undead opponent plays Wave of Terror and you've got a ton of engaged units.

Mediocre = You only have 1 courage check.  Even worse if you only have one courage check on a critical unit but you know you're probably going to have multiple courage checks next turn.  But you really need that one unit to pass it's courage check now...
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Re: Repost: High Elves Units and Tactics
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High Elves have expensive units, so that means that you will have less units.  Therefore, it is more important for their units NOT to rout.  A High Elf Elderblade Swordsmen unit routing is catastrophic and a unit of goblins routing usually isn't.

I don't agree with that at all.  I think that the context is much more important.  If those Goblins are right next to some Orc Axemen that are about to get pinched and the EB Swordsmen have only relatively unimportant Battle Squads next to them, then the Goblins routing is much more catastrophic.  In fact, I often target Goblins as the weak point to hit so that I can start flanking & pinching the Orc line.

Factions that have many cheap units(i.e historicals) with command cards that help with courage, in my opinion have a great advantage over factions that don't.   That's where the trend is obviously going in this game. 

Actually, I'd argue the opposite.  With the flank-from-front gone and the dice charge, the game seems to be trending away from swarm armies.

Just like you said, it would only be two cards in the deck.  Oathbound should be changed.

It would be two cards that would boost an already very powerful faction.  And I have yet to see evidence that this faction is in need of that boost.

If I may ask, what happened in your games?  How did you use (or not use) Oathbound?  Was it a case of failing a check after Oathbound was used?  Or not playing it and then failing the Cge 13 check?
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