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Orc Unit Review
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Orc Unit Review

Crazed Goblins: ****
These guys are great durability for the cost. Awesome for plugging holes, flanking, or holding back a strong unit for 1-2 turns.

Goblin Raiders: ***
Average unit; however, core, low cost and reasonable stats means that these guys aren’t bad to pick up if you need to bring up your minimum core. Just don’t expect them too much out of them.

Goblin Spearmen: ***
Average unit; however, low cost and spearmen modifiers means that although they won’t hold the round cavalry charges them, you play a command card and they can do very nice damage to said cavalry before running.

Goblin Bowmen: ***
Decent bowmen. However, they are probably the least resilient of all archer units (considering defensive skill / toughness and courage); on the other hand they are the cheapest.

Goblin Wolfriders: **
At first you look at these guys and get really excited; generally speaking, awesome stats and the ability to lash makes them insanely fast. Then you look at their courage profile and their defensive skill: 11 courage and defensive skill of 1. Even with cavalry penalty and the occasional additional penalty if you did move 7, they are pretty easy for ranged fire to rout (especially since the first ranged combat occurs before units have moved). Then throw in the fact that lashing your infantry more than fulfills the role of cavalry (and with the offensive profile of crossbowmen, axemen, or marauders, often do more damage than charging wolfriders), and they are a unit without much of a role.

Goblin Bomb-Chukka: ***
I would say these are below average units -- the self-damage on 1/6 of the rolls is really a downer; however, their sheer randomness and potential destructive capability makes them excellent for forcing the other army into thinking they have inferior ranged firepower and need to advance on your now stand and shoot army. The fact that they have 21" range also helps them act as artillery when you need to advance on a true stand and shoot army (meaning it doesn't need to move and suffer the fire and move penalty).

Orc Swordsmen: ****
All orc units are generally speaking, superb. They have great defense (2/3) and reasonable cost. The swordsmen embody this and are core. Take some.

Orc Spearmen: ****
Orc Spearmen. Same recommendations as Orc Swordsmen. Can't go wrong with these guys.

Orc Crossbowmen: ***
These guys are not bad.  Some ranged dice while you’re closing or if you’re doing stand and shoot. And they even get  +1 power when engaged. However, they are only 1/3s defensively and have the same courage and green hits as orcs swordsmen and spearmen. 1/3 defense and 12 courage means you’re going to have to take earlier and more rout checks than I am comfortable with in an army that is already rout-prone due to it’s goblin contingent (unless you manage to avoid them completely). Otherwise a clear 4 stars rating if not for the durability / courage issue.

Orc Axemen: ****
(5) 6/6. Defense is only 1/3, but they have an extra green hit and 13 courage that make up for this. These guys can go crazy with lash and a few Orc Command Cards, including things like Ferocity or Frenzy.

Orc Marauders: ****
(7) 6/5, def of 2/3, 5 green hits, courage 13. 367 points. Need I say more?

Trolls: ***
Lots of hits, and a good stat-line. However, they are large, and they do only regenerate 1 hit per 2 full rounds of combat (opposing players and yours). So they really don’t heal as much as you’d think. However, they do have courage 13, so they are still very usable in the red.


Overall, the orc army is strong. Their special ability is awesome and makes their army extremely versatile. I must say I especially enjoy them, win or lose, either I crush my foes with orc love or my army is routing and scattering to the four stuff :)