Author Topic: Backlog Report #2: Ravenwood + Greeks vs Umenzi  (Read 916 times)


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Backlog Report #2: Ravenwood + Greeks vs Umenzi
« on: August 20, 2013, 07:45:25 PM »
This is the second (and last) session that I forgot to post up last month.  Scott got the idea of using the Rhodian Slingers & Ravenwood Wolfkin to play flytrap games in the center while he attacked the flanks with hard hitting units.  I decided to practice with Umenzi.  Again, I'm assuming based on the pictures we played Breaking Point, but I don't actually remember.

Umenzi:  2 Spearmen, 2 Warriors, 2 Shamans, 5 Possessed, 2 Chosen

Ravenwood:  4 Wolfkin, 1 Wolf Pack, 1 Stag Cavalry, 1 Centaurs, 1 Treant, 2 Rhodian Slingers


Umenzi (L->R)  
1st Row: Possessed, Spearmen,  Chosen, Chosen, Warriors, Warriors, Possessed.
2nd Row:     Possessed                              Possessed      Possessed
3rd Row:  Spearmen, Shamans                                        Shamans

Ravenwood (L->R):  Centaurs (in front of a Treant), Wolfkin, Wolf Pack, Wolf Kin, Rhodian slingers (in front of Wolfkin), Rhodian slingers (in front of Wolfkin), Stag Cavalry

Ya, I know.  We played Ravenwood on this map already, with Rhodian Slingers no less.  Hey, it was a month between the two games.

Crowding the Field

Here's where my battle plan goes into place and Scott's falls apart.  In the center, he rushed forward to far to fast with his Wolfkin & Wolf Packs, such that when I bounced the Slingers through the line, the wouldn't get back into the fight.  (Currently, you can recall skirmishers through your line, but there's no rule for getting them back through your line to the front.

On the left, I was setting up my standard "feed the Centaurs a chump unit then use backup to maul them with Spearmen" ploy.  Meanwhile, my Possessed shambled to tied down his heavy hitters (the Treant on the left and the Stag Cavalry on the hill at the right).  Then bust through in the center and commence the flanking.

(It's interesting to see the meta in effect here as this is more or less what I tried to do in a more recent game as well.  Interesting that I'd do the same thing when I saw the terrain.  However, I think this is a fairly good plan with Umenzi, because unlike Hawkshold, I didn't have any units to even attempt to contest the hill).

Wolfkin Massacre

On the left, I curl back my Spearmen to hold the edge against the Treant.  They'll soon be backed up by 2 units of Possessed.  Even with the dice charge, it should be enough to keep the Treant contained.

In the center, both Chosen charge the Wolfkin and force rout checks.  One unit routs and is completely cut down by the Chosen (I forget if I rolled phenomenally well or if I played Accuracy or some such).

On the right, my Warriors charge the Rhodian Slingers.  One of them fails their rout check and the other bounces through, taking it out of the game.

On the hill, my Possessed stare in hypnotized wonder, unaware of @#!t storm about to rain down on them.

Flank Battle

On the hill (right flank), the Stag Cavalry charges in, putting the Possessed all the way into the red (they pass their check).  On the far left, the Centaurs throw javelins at the Possessed, but they also pass their check.  The Treant lumbers into position (ba-dump dump) for a charge next turn.


On the left, the Possessed charge the Centaurs and are slaughtered.  In step the Spearmen...

In the center, the left unit of Chosen beat up the Wolfkin, who evade and take some damage, but pass their check.  The other Chosen don't take the bait of a pinch and advance on the Wolf Pack in front of them.

On the center-left, a unit of Warriors pinch the Wolfkin fighting the other unit of Warriors, and the Wolfkin are destroyed.

On the hill, the Stag Cavalry destroy the Possessed unit, but the Umenzi have reserves.

Carnage on the Flanks

On the left, the Spearmen put the Centaurs into the Yellow and blow their rout check.  Out comes Aspect of the Wolf, but I counter with Accuracy and do 2 pts.  The cowardly Centaurs promptly fail their second check and are picked up.

The Treant finally charges the holding Spearmen and does 5 damage, but the Spearmen pass their check and do 3 pts in return.  

In the center, Scott leaves the Wolfkin on Hold.  They only have 1 red box, but they can still pinch my Chosen if they go into the Treant's flank.

On the hill, the Stag Cavalry put the Possessed in the Yellow and they blow a Cge 15 check.  I'd be bad news if I didn't have the next turn.


I give orders so that the left unit of Chosen flank & pinch the Treant.  The other unit of Chosen flank the Wolfkin.  This exposes their flank to the Wolf Pack, but I'm okay with that as it protects the Chosen attacking the Treant.  On the hill, the Warriors flank the Stag Cavalry.

The Treant passes the pinch check but is put into the Red from combined attacks and fails its rout checks.  It is cut down in free strikes.

The Wolfkin are destroyed in a spectacular display of overkill by the other unit of Chosen.

On the hill, the Warriors do a single point of damage and are in turn forced to take a Yellow check. I drop a Devotion of Courage card just to be safe, but it turns out I don't need to:  with the Treant's death, I've killed more than 1200 pts and that's the game.

Analysis:  It's hard to take much away from this game, because Scott had a plan that went to pieces almost immediately.  I'm not sure playing this stick-and-move game with skirmishers & wolfkin is 1) even possible with BGFW and 2) a good investment of points and CAs.  

One #1, I'm not saying its impossible, but your timing has to be dead-on perfect to pull it off.  If there's ever a faction where you could do it, Wolfkin would be the right one.  However, that still begs the question of #2:  is it worth it.  I mean, I gave Scott the best case scenario of potentially having Umenzi Chosen be tied down by Wolfkin + skirmishers and he couldn't get that matchup.  As it turned out, it would have been better if he had ditched the skirmisher and used the points to upgrade 2 Wolfkin to Warriors and 2 Wolfkin to Spearmen.  Which is my primary issue with skirmishers right now:  often the points are better spent on upgrading those chump units you're putting behind the skirmishers.

Okay, with that, I'm all caught up.  Just in time for this week's playtest game(s).   8)