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The Western Cammonian Empire
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The next faction in my series of Factions
Theme Romans with guns. 'nuff said
Comitetenses (0NMA)
A 5/5/5 D 2/2 R3.5” C12 M3.5” 4G/4Y/3R
Equipment: Gladius, pila, scrutum, chainmail
The standard troops of the Cammonian legions. They are well trained and appear in prodigious numbers. The stand strong for who they believe is the rightful emperor.

Auxilia (0NMA)
A 6/5/5 D2/1 R- C12 M3.5” 4G/2Y/5R
Spear bonus/penalties
Equipment: Spear, brigandine armor, scrutum
Troops raised from local peoples, Auxilia guard key points and bolster armies, following local lords. They provide a strong force to any commander.

Auxilia Archers (0NMA)
A 4/5/5 D2/1 R14” C12 M3.5” 4G/ 2Y/3R
This unit is A-0/2/2 when engaged
Equipment: Self bow, brigandine armor, knife
Archers drawn from native troops, they are just as well equipped as auxilia. They provide ranged support for the legions.

Light Auxilia(0NMA)
3/5/6 D2/0 R5” C11 M5” 3G/2Y/2R
This unit is A-0/0/1 when engaged
This unit may maneuver for free when under direct control
Equipment: Armor piercing javelins, short sword, small shield,
Light javelineers recruited from the local populace. They screen the legion, kill other light troops, recon-in-force and launch deadly ambushes.

Dart Throwers(0NMA)
A 3/6/4 D2/2 R 7” C13 M 3.5” 4G/4Y/3R 
This unit is A+ 2/0/1 when engaged
Equipment: Gladius, war-darts, chainmail, scrutum
Specialized Comitenses, they use darts that can be thrown much farther than a pilum, but with less damage potential. Because using the darts requires more training, Dart Throwers are rarer and of superior quality compared to Comitenses.

Lancerii (0NMA)
A 4/5/5 D2/2 R- C12 M6” 3G/3Y/1R
This unit gets A+0/0/1 and D+1/0 when it charges
Equipment: Spear, spatha, scrutum, warhorse
Medium cavalry drawn from the landed classes. Lancerii run down lighter troops, fight other cavalry and generally allow the heavy infantry do its job without getting harassed by the enemy.

The New Model Army
Legionary Pikemen (2MNA)
7/5/5/ D2/2 R- C12, M3.5” 5G/2Y/3R
Spear bonus/penalties
Equipment: Pike, short sword, cuirass
Part of Decius II’s army reforms, Legionary Pikemen provided an anchor point for gunners and cavalry. They are orgainised into legions like the Comitetenses.
Long Gunners (0NMA
3/5/7 D1/0 R14” C11 M3.5” 3G/2Y/2R
Ranged attack is Direct Fire
A-0/1/3 when engaged
D+2/0 vs. ranged attacks.
Equipment: Long Gun
These troops are armed with the long gun, a much longer version of the harquebus which is capable of shooting much farther and is more accurate. They skirmish and harass the enemy as they approach the legion.

Short Gunners (1NMA)
A 5/4/7 D1/1 R7” C12 M3.5” 3G/3Y/3R
Ranged attack is Direct Fire
This unit may ignore the direct fire rule and fire through a non-routing Phalanx unit it is backing up. If the Phalanx unit routs this unit must invoke the backup rule. This unit makes ranged attacks at A-2/0/0 when it is using this rule. This unit may not fire through if it is engaged.
Equipment: Harquebus, short sword, buckler,
Soldiers equipped with harquebus to provide fire support for the pike lines. Their fire is less effective when the lines clash, as the space needed to load and fire becomes much smaller. These soldiers were critical to the recent success of the New Model Army.

Cuirassiers (2NMA)
5/6/5 D 2/2 R- C13 M6” 3G/2Y/2R
This unit gets D+1/0 when it charges in addition to normal charging bonuses.
Equipment: Saber, cuirass, warhorse,
Heavy cavalry who take advantage of modern metallurgy to have lighter but stronger cuirasses. They charge home and stick in the fight. They are not as effective as knights, but they are faster and more maneuverable. They still have the same arrogance of knights and are still drawn from the nobility.

Carabineers (2NMA)
A 4/4/7 D 2/1 R10.5” C12 M7” 2G/2Y/2R
This unit is A 0/+1/-2 when engaged
This unit gets D+1/0 when it charges
This unit suffers no Move and Shoot penalty
When direct controlled, this unit can treat its rear arc as its front arc.
Equipment: Harquebus, saber, stamina horse,
Light cavalry trained to load and fire the harquebus from horseback.  They scout, harass enemy scouts, kill cavalry and launch ambushes from horseback.

Praetorian Pike (3NMA)
A 7/6/5 2/3 R- C13 M3.5” 6G/2Y/3R
Spear bonus/penalties
 Equipment: Pike, full body renaissance armor, short sword
The elite guard of the New Model Army, equipped with the best armor and receiving the best training. Their job is to protect the emperor. In battle they traditionally take position on the right flank.

Praetorian Harquebusiers (2 NMA)
A 5/5/7 D2/2 R7” C13 M3.5” 4G/3Y/3R
Ranged attack is Direct Fire 
 This unit may ignore the direct fire rule and fire through a non-routing Phalanx unit it is backing up. If the Phalanx unit routs this unit must invoke the backup rule. This unit makes ranged attacks at A-2/0/0 when it is using this rule. This unit may not fire through if it is engaged.
This unit is A-0/0/2
Equipment: Harquebus, saber, cuirass,
The ranged arm of the Praetorian Guard. They serve the same role as Short Gunners, but with the Praetorian Guard.

Praetorian Cavalry (2 NMA)
A 5/6/5 D3/2 R3.5” C13 M6” 3G/3Y/2R
This unit gets D+1/0 when it charges
Equipment: Saber, pistols, warhorse, cuirass,
The elite of the Western Empires cavalry. They fire a volley of pistols before charging in with sabers.

Cannons (1 NMA)
A 4/5/8 D1/1 R21” C11 M1.25” 2G/3Y/2R
Siege Weapon
This unit is A-0/2/5 when engaged
Cannot shot over terrain features that block Line of Sight 
Cannot Move and Shoot
Cannot Shoot at Engaged units
Any unit that takes damage from this units ranged attack gets C-1 till the end of the turn
Any unit that takes damage from this units ranged attack must take a fear check
Equipment: Barely mobile cannon.
A new creation from the workshops of Cammoan. This massive siege cannon is designed to make castle walls crumble. It is terrifying to be shoot at with this monster of a weapon.

Drill: Play on a unit, before it rolls to hit. That unit gets A+1/0/1 and if the attacking unit is Phalanx it gains an additional A+0/1/0 ×2
Discipline: Play on a defending unit, before it rolls to hit. If your unit is in the green, it gains D+1/1 and C+1. If your unit is not in the green, it gains D+0/1 ×2
Veterans: Play on a unit, before it rolls a courage check. That unit gains C+1 and if it fails the check, reroll it at a C-2 penalty (include the courage bonus given by this card).×2
Praetorian Power: Play on a unit, before it rolls to hit that unit gains A+0/-1/+1
Praetorian Defense: Play on a unit, before your opponent rolls to hit. Your unit gains D+1/-1.
Stand Strong: Play this card during your movement and command phase. Choose either to…
•   Draw two command cards
•   Give two units D+0/1 till the end of the turn. ×2
Faction Abilities
New Model Army: When you change the standing order of a unit heal it one point and  mark one New Model Army box. When a unit has all it boxes marked, it cannot heal.

Center of Imperial Power: For one command action, you may mark a unit’s Center of Imperial Power. When it attacks, before or after you roll to hit, you may erase that mark to do one damage if your unit fails to do damage. If you erase the mark before you roll to hit, your unit gets A+0/1/0. This counts as playing a command card

I'm am open to suggestions, particuly about the army abilities. I would love it if somebody guessed pointed both this faction and my other fan faction, The Northern Cammonian Empire.
"Here stand my unbreakable Celestial Guard. They are invincible. They will destroy you. Do your worst."
-Opponent places down an Ancient Red Dragon-