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World Tour Done
« on: April 12, 2013, 08:07:01 PM »
With the session reports we just reported, we've completed the Vlachold World Tour.  Vlachold has played every single existing faction at least once, and some several times.

This doesn't mean we're done testing Vlachold.  What this means is we're done with the alpha testing.  What happens now is that we start to look for hidden broken combos or other specific issues that may crop up.  For example, I want to see how a Vlachold stand and shoot plays, if it is too good or not.  I want to see what its like to play them without vampires.  This also means, having seen them play against a myriad of opponents, I feel comfortable making a few adjustments with them.  For example, I'm thinking of tweaking Drain to be not so rough on them and feel that I understand the faction enough that I could get a feel for how it'd work after a few playtesting games (rather than redoing the entire world tour).

Also, I heavily encourage people to keep playtesting these guys.  See how they do.  If you spot a problem, let us know.  These guys are quite some time from release and so we have time to address anything.  In fact, my experience with Alexander & persia is that the original designers not playing every week and then returning to it would be a good thing.

If anyone's curious, here's Vlachold's record against various opponents:

Hawkshold:  1-0-1
Undead:  0-1
Orcs:  2-1
Ravenwood:  3-2*
Dwarves:  1-1
Umenzi:  0-2
Lizardmen:  1-1
Monsters & Mercs:  2-0
High Elves:  1-2
Rome:  0-1
Carthage:  0-2
Dark Elves:  0-1

*This includes Rushass's games and also two playtest games where I never got around to posting pictures (and the faction has changed enough since then that I doubt it'll be helpful at this point).

Total record:  11-14-1.  Which is funny, because that's pretty much our assessment of the faction:  its a just sub-50/50 faction.  Now, obviously that assessment is built off how they've performed, so that makes sense.  8)  However, several of those early victories were a result of Perseverance being way too good.

What I see as part of the pattern is that Vlachold has a tough time against factions that can contain breakthroughs:  Dwarves, Umenzi, Rome and to a lesser degree Orcs & Hawkshold.  Which is sort of the point:  they're meant to be a "strike first, strike hard, no mercy sir!" army.  Time will tell if we've weakened them with Drain just a bit too much.  Any other thoughts?
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