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Vlachold vs Lizardmen: Ambush or Trap, 2000 pts
« on: April 12, 2013, 06:45:13 PM »
Seeing as how the last Vlachold vs Vlachold game was barely a game at all, I wanted to get in a rematch.  The mission was Ambush or Trap on Map 6B, with Vlachold (played by me) being the defender.  Normally in this mission the defender basically has to deploy in the middle, but the offset DZs meant that there was a 5" space on either side of the table that was available.  Hmmm...   8)

In addition, we got the subplot Assassin's War, making pricey cavalry units a bit of a risk.   :-\

Lizardmen build:  1 Trog Warriors, 1 Tyrant Spearmen, 2 Tyrant Swordsmen, 1 Ancients, 1 Trike Herd

Vlachold build:  3 Voynik Spearmen, 1 Voynik Hillfolk, 1 Tepes Lords, 1 Voynik Thrall, 1 Voivoide Knights, 1 Kraynik Lancers

Units for reference:
Voynik Spearmen - Core - 217 pts
O:(6*)5*/5*  D:2/2  Rge:-  Cge: 12  Mv: 3.5"  3G/5Y/2R
O:(-1) -0/-0 when charging. O:(+0) +1/+0 vs. cavalry or large units. O:(+0) +0/+2 when holding vs. charging cavalry or large.
Although only commoners, a lifetime of battle has honed them into able warriors.

Voynik Hillfolk - Core - 222 pts
O:(5)5/6  D:1*/2  Rge:-  Cge: 12  Mv: 5"  3G/5Y/2R
D:+1/+0 vs ranged attacks.
These peasants fled their feudal obligations, become Voynici by settling in craggy highlands considered desolate even by the standards of the Vlachold.

Tepes Lords - Standard - 304 pts
O:(5)6/6  D:2/3  Rge:-  Cge: 11  Mv: 3.5"  4G/3Y/3R
Red Harvest.  Drain:  3.5" range.  May not Drain Voivode Knights.  Blood Powers:  Blood is Life, Inhuman Frenzy, Unholy Aura. (Note:  they have 2 Blood Point boxes.)
The high peaks and mountain holds are ill-suited to cavalry, and so even the dark souled nobility of the Tepes Mountains fight on foot.

Voynik Thralls - Standard - 144 pts
O:(5)4/5  D:2/2  Rge:-  Cge: 10*  Mv: 3.5"  3G/2Y/5R
+3 Cge if within Drain range of a non-routing unit with Drain.
When faced with madness, one either is consumed by it or embraces it.

Kraynik Lancers - Standard - 242 pts
O:(6)5/5*  D:2*/2  Rge:-  Cge: 11  Mv: 7"  2G/2Y/2R
Cavalry.  O:(+0)+0/+2 and D:+1/+0 when charging.  Red Harvest. Drain:  7" range.  May not Drain Voivode Knights or Tepes Lords.  Blood Powers:  Blood is Life.  (Note: they have 1 Blood Point box)
The petty nobility of the Vlachold, these 'Border Dukes' rule conquered or reconquered lands at the pleasure of their patron lords.

Voivoide Knights - Elite - 436 pts
O:(6)6/5*  D:3*/3  Rge:-  Cge: 11  Mv: 6"  3G/2Y/2R
Cavalry. O:(+0)+0/+2 and D:+1/+0 when charging.  Red Harvest. Drain: 6" range.  Blood Powers:  Blood is Life, Inhuman Frenzy, Unholy Aura.  (Note: they have 3 Blood Point boxes)
The 'Great Princes' are the mightiest  of their kind, and their hunger for the souls of mortals the greatest as well.


Vlachold deployment: (L -> R)
Far left:  Hillfolk
Center:  Tepes Lords, Thralls, Spearmen, Spearmen, Spearmen
Far right: (top to bottom) Kraynik Lancers, Voivoide Knights.

Lizardmen Deployment:  (L -> R)  Trog Swordsmen, Trike Herd, Tyrant Sword, Tyrant Sword, Ancients, Tyrant Spear.

What you see here are Scott & Corey's respective playstyles on display:  while Corey can't pass up the opportunity for shenanigans that either totally outmaneuvers the enemy or ends up with 700 pts on a flank playing with themselves like monkey in a glass cage, Scott plan is all about the sophisticated simplicity of overwhelming brute force.

In other words, my line is ordered to back up while the Voivoide Knights and Lancers have flanking objectives.  I manage to head-fake Scott by giving my Knights an objective behind my line, making him think I'm going to open a gap in my line and attack there.  In truth, I'm planning on hitting the objective and then swinging around the flank.  The reason I did that is because if I just went for the flank, he'd curl those Tyrant Spearmen back.  I wanted to get him to commit.  My Kraynik Lancers, using their 7" speed, are going to run around the rear of my line and flank his Trikes.

His plan?  Yeah it's to put his 1800 points on my 1100 points and bust through my line before I can get my cavalry into the fight.  Frankly, he's got the better plan.   :-[


His line advances while mine falls back.  He lets the Ancients run ahead daring me to try and flank him.  The two remaining objectives are for the cavalry.  The far left one is for the Kraynik Lancers and the right one is for the Knights.

On the left, my Hillfolk slide sideways towards an objective, peeling off the Trogs.  You ever notice how we always seem to have that one flank where we put a flank-defender type unit, resulting in a fight neither one of us cares about?


Across the line, the Lizardmen charge.  On the left, the Tepes Lords use Unholy Aura which makes them Fearless, which means they don't have to take a test against those charging Trikes.  But it also makes the Tyrants next to them test, which the Tyrants promptly fail (the die with the  :-[ on it).  Sadly, my Holding-against-charging-Ancients Spearmen also fail their Fear check. 

On the right, Scott does something I simply can't believe:  he charges in with the Tyrant Spearmen.  He measured the distance to the Voivoide Knights (7") and lets them go in.

All those black dice are rout checks.  Everyone of them passed.  This would be a theme for the game.

Punish their Mistake

Out comes Punish their Mistake and now the Voivoide Knights final rush 7".  I ask Scott why he let the Tyrants final rush and he said "I forgot they move 6" base.  Knights are usually 5" movers."  Uhhh...Scott, have you been in a waking coma for the last 6 months?

The Tyrant Spearmen roll their pinch check, with +2 for being engaged with the (very) damaged Voyniks, and get a 15.  Out comes Cold Blooded...except no, not with Punish their Mistake.  Neither side may play any command cards this turn.  This is exactly the situation for which this card was designed.

Elsewhere there's carnage and rout checks everywhere, with me cancelling one of them with Fatalism.  Again, every rout check is passed (except for the one on the flank).

Double Envelopment

This is taken at the end of Vlachold's next turn.  On the previous turn, the Tepes Lords destroyed the Trikes, freeing them up to pinch this turn.  Also, the Voivoide Knights (now severely weakened by the Assassin's War), flank the Ancients.  See the solid line there on the damage bar?  That's what they ended up doing.  I actually made a huge mistake because I could have used Perseverance to do the last point but I didn't.  He then plays Saurian Strength, leaving the Ancients with 2 boxes.  Now, instead of the Ancients being killed by Assassin's War, they'd have 1 box left.

Again, see all the black dice (the grey ones are for passed pinch checks), yeah, again everyone passes.  Somewhere in there the Lizardmen failed and had to use a Cold Blooded though.


On the Lizardmen's turn, the Ancients went down as did the left Tyrants fighting the Tepes Lords.  The Lizardmen killed some Voyniks, but they were pinned in place meaning on this turn the two units of vampires got the flank charges.

On the left, the Kraynik Lancers finally get in the game with a flank pinch (again, he passes the pinch check).

To a man the Lizardmen are butchered this turn.  Left, right, and center, every last box is marked off this turn.  The picture above with the Cold Blooded card isn't to show it was played.  It's to show what Scott had left in his hand.

Analysis:  Weird game.  On the one hand there were a total of 2 failed rout checks all game, and one of those was rerolled to a pass.  Now that failed rout check had a huge impact, but it's weird to see Cge 12 units (like mine or his Trike her) pass Yellow, Red, and then a second Red.

Its going to sound strange based on the results, but minus one brain fart, Scott had the better plan.  Its simply unrealistic to expect my entire line to pass every rout check, and his plan of getting 3 Tyrants and a Ancients units on my Voyniks before I could bring the cavalry around should have worked.  He should have created a breakthrough somewhere that he could exploit.  As it was, I passed every check (I had only 1 Courage card in my hand the whole game) and he messed up by misremembering the speed of those Voivoide Knights.

I love the Lizardmen with the new dice charge.  I was talking with Rushass and expressed to him that with the dice charge, they go from a "D Faction" to a solid "C Faction" with this change.  The combination of increased relative value of Power & Toughness directly benefits them and the chance to force Yellow checks quicker makes Blood Frenzy so much more useful.

Vlachold Thoughts:

--Drain:  I sort of wonder if we went overboard on Drain, and have now made it too costly to use.  I didn't use heal on the Voivoide Knights this game, mainly because I didn't want to bring the Voyniks closer to taking rout checks.  I'm starting to wonder if we should give them a minor bump by having Drain peel boxes off backwards:  instead of marking damage left to right (Green->Yellow->Red) we should have them mark damage right to left (Red->Yellow->Green). 

This would mean being Drained wouldn't cause rout checks on the drained unit, but not make that broken.  Because if we make it so that Drain doesn't cause rout checks, it becomes crazy good:  "Oh my Voyniks have 1 Green box left?  I just drain that box and now you have to 5 Yellow boxes to force a check."

--Unholy Aura:  I think we have a winner here.  I like how this power works:  you protect the vampires from taking fear checks, but it also is a synergy power in that you potentially help a nearby unit not be destroyed as easily (which is the way to beat Vlachold:  destroy the chumps around them).

--Punish their Mistake:  Despite this card basically winning me the game, I'm wondering if it should have a recycle option, because so many times I've drawn this card late in the game and its almost always a dead card when I do.  I don't know, I guess the same can be said for Seize the Moment;  draw it early and its game changing.  Draw it late and its a "m'eh" card.


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Re: Vlachold vs Lizardmen: Ambush or Trap, 2000 pts
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2013, 04:05:26 PM »
I think Punish Their Mistake is fine as is.  Sure it can be a dead card (it sat in my hand unused Friday night), but you can still play it to give a unit an attack die as crappy as it is.  On the other hand, card like Complex Maneuver or The Plan can truly be useless at times and the ability to dump it for another card is fine.

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Re: Vlachold vs Lizardmen: Ambush or Trap, 2000 pts
« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2013, 05:15:56 PM »
I think Punish Their Mistake is fine as is.  Sure it can be a dead card (it sat in my hand unused Friday night), but you can still play it to give a unit an attack die as crappy as it is.

You can also use it in a fight if he's 1 box from a Rout check.  Now he can't play Courage boosting cards.


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