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The Lords of the Vlachold

Based on the feedback from the 'choose the fantasy faction' poll, I'll be developing the Lords of the Vlachold next.  Unlike the historical factions I have been working on, this faction is still very early in the design process (the name hasn't even been settled on yet), so if you're interested, please join the process.  If you're not a playtester, simply let me know you're interested and I'll get you access to the design forum.

For the moment, there are no playtest proxies as I want to discuss some tweaks.  For a rough draft, take a look at the link above.  For now what I have is the expanded story behind the faction as some basic design philosophy.

Story:The Vlachold has always been under threat of invasion.  Savage northerners, greedy southerners, bloodthirsty easterners, and fanatic westerners, are held at bay only by the tenacity of the Vlachold’s people and the ruggedness of the land.  Commoner and noble alike defend their homeland, for when enemies threaten, all of are of the Vlachold.  

In recent generations a new threat has arisen, this one from inside the Vlachold’s borders.  The callous princes and dukes, at best tolerated by a resentful populace, saw their influence dwindling along with their number.  Faced with extinction, they traded their souls with a dark godling in exchange for immortality and nigh invulnerability.  The price of this pact was a yawning hunger for the souls of others and a craving for the taste of blood.

Rejuvenated, these sadistic lords have sent the enemies fleeing, but their rule has gone from capricious to sadistic.  Their castles are still during daylight but at night the gates are flung open, daring would-be heroes to investigate the terrified screams and inhuman laughter.  Meanwhile the commoners bolt their doors at night, for dark shapes move amid the forests and mountains, howling at the night sky as though they are drawn to this land by some unseen force.

Design Philosophy:  The primary goal of this faction was to ‘return to basics’ in terms of game design.  Rather than have a lot of units with their own unique special rules as has been the growing MO of factions like Dark Elves, Alexander & Persia, and the Wuxing, the goal was to use stats wherever possible to give the Vlachold a unique play style.  Wherever that was not possible, special rules will be made as army-wide as possible and/or use rules that are already part of the BGFW canon.  In other words, to use tools already in the tool-kit rather than creating new ones.  This will shorten the learning curve among new players, reduce the perception of ‘codex creep,’ and hopefully speed up the playtest process.
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