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Re: Name this faction!
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So I was thinking about the predominant regional feature corresponding to their "real" world space: the Carpathian mountains. Men of... Ardeal? Karpates? Carpati?

Not a bad idea at all.  Which do you think is best?  I'll add it to a poll.

Carpati / Karpates. Ardeal sounds too... "elvish" and keeping the pronunciation simple to lazy American English can't hurt.

The only thing about the Karpates that jumps to me is the visual similarity to "Kardakes" in Alex vs Persia. The Carpati does evoke - at least for me - the Carpathian mountains, which is the primary geological feature for Transylvania (the real place in Romania). My vote for Carpati or at least an alternative spelling of Karpates.

Or maybe more specifically, a pass through the mountains that is of special relevance to these people? Just for the name of it, I've been fond of Pasul Vulcan. Wardens of the Vulcan Pass? Guards of the Iron Gate?

I want to avoid this because it brings back a Greco-Roman theme (Vulkan and all).

What if we dumped the Vulcan part of the name then. I kind of like the idea that this faction is centered around the only viable way through the mountains between two major powers (see Hungary vs Ottoman Turks) and that pressure precipitated the regional nobility's fall into vampirism. Echoes of Stoker mythology, anyway.

Other Carpathian pass names (real, if Americanized):
Iron Gate  <<< my fav

Completely made up but cool sounding fantasy pass names:
Dragon's Gate  <<< I like the subtle tie-in to the "Dracula" name
Blood Moon
Red Wolf
Lost Eye

Couldn't find Dachya with google.  Kept referring me to dacha, which is a Russian summer resort.  Not at all the idea I want to evoke.  Sunbathing vampires would make for a lame faction.   ;D


Reference was to Kingdom of Dacia, conquered by Rome I think? My historical knowledge is nowhere NEAR reliable and I shudder to think you of all people are relying on me to tell you anything. Take with a very large grain of salt.

Since this faction has evolved into the vampires taking a more prominent role, another option I'll add is ditch the "Men of" and go with "Lords of" to bring the vampires into a more prominent position.

Huge fan of this actually. "Lords of X" evokes a much stronger image of the vampire mastery.