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Orli Highhill's Last Stand
« on: May 28, 2008, 01:22:03 PM »

The hot southern wind brought the smell of sand and dust to seasoned Dwarven commander Orli Highhill and made him shudder with the heat through his traditional Runeguard furs.  He cursed the day he'd accepted the assignment to forge a Southern outpost for his people here on the edge of the desert.  Even more, he cursed the day they'd found those old human bones in the gorge where they were beginning to dig their fortress.  Now he could hear the war drums of the savage humans who claimed this place -- and those dead -- as their own, and had he not been quite so doughty, his next shudder would have been of fear...

Orli Highhill's Last Stand is my first attempt at a "300-style" scenario showing deeply outnumbered forces desperately defending on superior terrain.  It is designed with Dwarves vs. Umenzi in mind but you could probably substitute any other two factions and have it go well.  It seems most interesting to me, though, if the defender has at least some access to reasonable missile units.

For this scenario you should use either 1500 points of Dwarves and 2250 of Umenzi, or 2000 of Dwarves and 3000 of Umenzi.  The Umenzi are the attackers.

The scenario takes place in the dry foothills on the Northern edge of the deserts where the Umenzi dwell.  Sparse hills surround a deep canyon with a river at the bottom.

Use a standard size table.  The Umenzi have a standard deployment zone with no terrain in it.

On the Dwarven side of the table, deploy a long cliff facing in, such that the edge of the cliff is 3.5 inches from the table edge.  Place a river directly below the cliff, and then a second long cliff on the far side.  The whole gorge system should stretch across the whole table.  Put a bridge across the gorge from the top of one cliff face to the top of the other in the middle.  (Unfortunately, you need two bridges and two long cliffs so you can't set up the scenario from a single terrain pack without proxying.)  Units may climb down or up the cliffs and swim across the river as per the normal rules; the gorge is 30' deep.  Because the bridge goes over the gorge at the top, units can't climb on to it from the bottom of the gorge.

Then place 0-3 small hills however seems fair scattered around on the Umenzi side of the gorge system, but outside their deployment zone.

Deployment and First Turn
The Dwarves deploy all their units first.  The Dwarves can deploy their units anywhere they on their side of the gorge, on the bridge, or on any of the hills.  After all Dwarven units have been deployed, the Umenzi deploy within their normal deployment zone.  Then take turns writing initial orders as usual.

The Dwarves take the first turn.

The Dwarves win if they kill all the Umenzi and vice versa.

-The points ratio is based on the few successful games of this type I've seen in the past, but might be wrong.  If you play this one out, let me know how you feel about the points costs.  I might play it out soon too and will update this post if I feel it is wrong.

-I expect most Dwarf players will fortify the bridge and put crossbows and things across the gorge to make a kill-zone, and I picked the Umenzi because they're pretty resistant to missile fire and mostly able to swim, meaning they have some interesting options.  Lizardmen might be good for these same reasons.  It might also be fun to try a much more mobile defender like the Elves of Ravenwood who might have more aggressive defense strategies.

-You could pretty easily try this with Cliffport (see General Discussion) as a defender faction...  ;D