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Faction WIP March 24, 2011
« on: March 24, 2011, 10:36:36 AM »
Army Ability: Aegis of the Faithful.

Units have two Aegis boxes.  For one CA you may mark both.  (You can do this if one is already marked but receive no extra benefit.)  As long as at least one of a unit's boxes is marked, it has D+0/+1.  At the end of any phase in which the unit was attacked, erase the mark on one box per attack.

I think this ability -- in addition to being cool in its own right -- solves the dual problem of wanting this to be a higher-toughness-than-defensive-skill faction (HTTDSF) while keeping the intuition of amazons not walking around in heavy plate.

I chose the timing because I didn't like two possibilities that arose from other versions -- either "I'll roll my crappy attack first so the simultaneous cavalry charge isn't affected" or the "my aura is intelligent enough to pick and choose which fights to trigger off of".

This ability may be too good.  As we discussed, +1 toughness on an average unit (say, Amazon Sword) is worth around 40 points.  We'll have to see in testing whether +1 toughness for 2+ attacks is still too good.


Amazon Sword - Core - 192 points
O:(5)5/5  D:2/2  R:-  C:12  M:L

Amazon Light Infantry - Core - 152 points
O:(4)5/5  D:2/1  R:-  C:12  M:SS

I really like how with Aegis these guys can either be a quick annoying flank unit or upgrade into a marginal tank.

Amazon Spears - Core - 244 points
O:(6*)5/5  D:2/2  R:-  C:12  M:L

Light Cavalry - Standard - 202 points
O:(5)5/5*  D:2/1  R:-  C:12  M:LL
Cavalry.  Light cavalry charge (impact hit and +1 power)

I've ditched the centaurs -- I think they fit my original (more Umenzi) flavor than the direction Hannibal has taken us in, although I'm quite happy to put them back.  (My sense was that we were struggling to find a good fit for them.)

Amazon Archers - Core - 259 points
O:(5*)6*/5*  D:1/2  R:4L  C:12  M:L
O (-1)-3/-3 in HtH

Paragon Warriors - Standard - 290
O:(5)6/5  D:2/3  R:-  C:13  M:L

The three-toughness units get very scary with Aegis -- +1 toughness on this unit is worth 73 points.  We may want to keep them at 2/2 but give them a third Aegis box or something, but let's test them like this.

Priestesses of the Huntress - Standard - 170 points
O:(3)6*/5*  D:1/2  R:4L  C:12  M:L
Foresight: 1
O:(-0)-3/-2 in HtH

These are basically archer units with discounted (six points) Foresight, rather than going for full spellcasters.  I know some of you aren't fans of tacking on Foresight to a unit but I'm pretty convinced from the bazillion demos I've done that a lot of players will really like this.

Maenads - Standard - 108 points
O:(6)4/4  D:1/1  R:-  C:-  M:L
Close only.  Auto-pass courage checks.

Choragos - Elite - 211 points
O:(7)5/5  D:1/2  R:-  C:-  M:L
Close only.  Auto-pass courage checks.

I like having two versions of this unit -- one that has some training and proper equipment.  Name kept (for now) to annoy ZiNOS.

Demigoddesses - Elite - 441 points
O:(5)6/6  D:3/3  R:-  C:-  M:L
No divinity boxes.  Auto-pass courage checks.

Treating this as a "normal" unit (i.e. one that has an army ability) would make it 475 points, which is OK...but the value of +1 toughness on it would be over 100 points and I think a 3/4 with infinite courage is closer to unbreakable than I think we want to go.  I see it as having permanent divinity, so it can be armored like a regular amazon (although probably more decorated).

Paragons of the Hunt - Standard - 361 points
O:(4)6/5*  D:1*/3  R:3L  M:SS  C:13
Full cavalry charge.

Niko's heavy horse archers, which I agree are cool in concept.  Again the "3 toughness plus Aegis" question arises -- do they get the ability?  Do they only get one box?

There's also a strange feeling for me about this unit as it gets close.  Putting away a bow and leveling a full lance seems insanely complicated to me, especially while charging on horseback.  I think I would have a visceral negative reaction as a player to the idea that a unit charged up close to me, got a ranged attack and then when I charged it on my turn it had full lances at the ready???  What does everyone else think?

Command Cards..

Shadow of Erebus
Discard X Command Cards before your opponent rolls to hit.  If your opponent deals damage less than or equal to X+1, prevent all damage from this attack.  (Otherwise your unit takes full damage.)

I went back to Corey's original version (I think), which is straightforward and probably balanced.  (And ZiNOS, I did choose Erebus deliberately -- since he's the demi-god of darkness -- but the final version would presumably have its own flavor.)

Speed of the Huntress
Play before your opponent rolls to hit.  Your unit gains D: +1/+0 for this attack and +1 Cge this turn.  If your unit is engaged with an enemy unit that has Offensive Skill 6 or higher, your unit gains an additional D: +1/+0 and +1 Cge.

Dropped the Priestess trigger.

Defiance of Thanatos, part 2
Play on an engaged attack that causes your unit to take a rout check in the post-combat courage phase.  The attacking unit takes one damage.  Your unit gets C+2.

I don't know if this will work or be too clunky, but it seems pretty cool.  Karma has the annoying trait that you frequently have battles with the Umenzi where you're not sure you want to do damage.  If you have a mediocre unit engaged with the Chosen and you do a point it's likely to get thrown back in your face and speed up your defeat in that key fight.  Here the card can only trigger if an attack forces a rout check, but it doubles as a courage card.

If it does seem too clunky we can make it Green/Blue and add the option of a straight +2 (or even +3) courage bump.

Still needs a name
Play before your opponent rolls to hit. Your unit gets D+1/+0.  If it is in the Yellow or in the Red it gets an additional D+0/+1.

Defiance of Thanatos
Play on an engaged unit before rolling to hit.  Your unit gets (+1)+1/+0 this attack.  If it is in the Yellow or in the Red it gets an additional (+1)+0/+0 this attack and C+2 this turn.

Aim of the Huntress
Play before rolling to hit.  Your unit gains (+1) +0/+1 this attack and if you cause at least two of damage before damage prevention, you cause an additional point of damage.

Worthy of the Gods
Play on an engaged unit before rolling to hit.  Your unit gains (+1) +1/+0 on this attack.  If at least one of the unit's Aegis boxes is marked, the unit also gains (+0)+0/+1 on this attack.

Changed Arete to Aegis but added the engaged requirement, since marking a box isn't much of a requirement to get such a good boost.  May very well be too good -- if so, we can require it be non-charging.

Sisters in Arms
Play when you fail a rout check.  Gain +1 courage for each nearby friendly Amazon unit.  Reroll the rout check.

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Re: Faction WIP March 24, 2011
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2013, 02:41:25 AM »
Okay, first of all I want to apologize for posting in an old forum. However, I was curious about this faction. Is it actually going to happen. or has it been cancelled permanently?
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Re: Faction WIP March 24, 2011
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2013, 12:31:56 PM »
If memory serves me right, we fans at the time decided two things

1) The next faction should be higher toughness and defensive skill.

2) Making Amazons work this way felt really awkward

There was a discussion about what to do, and the ultimate result of that was that a Terracotta Army (now Wuxing) got the green light.

To my knowledge, this faction, like dozens of others, is in the "slush pile."  Not permanently vetoed, but no green light either, and given the time/expense to do artwork far more factions are in the slush pile than ever will be published.
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Re: Faction WIP March 24, 2011
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2013, 02:26:57 PM »
Well shoot. I'd really like to see an Amazonian faction.