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Batrep: Dwarves vs. Hawkshold
« on: June 17, 2007, 07:25:17 PM »
Got to play a game yesterday, Hawkshold vs Dwarves.  It was a semi-demo because while I was teaching the game to someone, the concept of an army game was not new, so we quickly moved to tactics.  The armies:

Bowmen x 2
Bowmen x 3

Bowmen x 2
Swordsmen x 2
Pikemen x 4
Light Cavalry x 2

Hawkshold were obviously mine.  Minus the swordsmen and archers which I needed for Core requirements, this was basically a Macedonian phalanx. 


Bowmen            Ballista           Bowmen
Axemen, Militia, Crossbowmen, Battleaxemen, Axemen, Axemen

Pikemen, Pikemen, Swordsmen, Swordsmen, Pikemen, Pikemen
             Bowmen                   Bowmen      Lgt Cav   Lgt Cav
The Dwarven Bowmen ranged in on the Pikemen and Swordsmen opposite them, while the Hawkshold archers tried to whittle down the Militia and Battleaxemen.  The Light Cavalry had Close (objective) with points ont he field as objectives.  The rest of the line on both sides simply had close.  My first mistake was not giving Close 2.5" to the swordsmen, but it ended up not being that big of a deal.

Missile fire was amazingly ineffective in the early rounds despite the fact the two armies were crawling towards each other.  The two units of Swordsmen were Final Rushed by the Crossbowmen and Battleaxemen first, then the Pikemen would Final Rush in the Hawkshold turn next.  The Cavalry reached their objectives and turned towards the Dwarf line. 

Bowmen                                 Bowmen
Axemen, Militia, Crossbowmen, Battleaxemen, Axemen, Axemen
                      Swordsmen, Swordsmen,                                    Lgt Cav   Lgt Cav
Pikemen, Pikemen,                                   Pikemen, Pikemen
             Bowmen                   Bowmen     
Of particular note was the Battleaxemen who hit and wounded with 5 out of 6 dice.  This was against the one unit to which I didn't give Bravery!  So predictably, they Rout, and then were destroyed by the Battleaxemen's free strikes.  It was really bad times, and I'd need to really turn a corner if I was going to recover.

Sadly, it only went from bad to worse.  Next turn, the Hawkshold final rush and I even get a unit of to flank the Axemen on my right.  Lots and lots of dice rolling, the end result:  The swordsmen facing the Crossbows flee and the Pikemen to their left flee.  The pikemen are cut down by free attacks.  On the right, the Axemen are reduced to two red boxes but hold.  The one good piece is the archers rout the Battleaxemen.

At this point, the battle looks like:

( ) = flanking
* * = routing

Bowmen                                 Bowmen
Axemen, Militia, Crossbowmen,*Battleaxemen* Axemen, Axemen (Lght Cav)
Pikemen,                                                  Pikemen, Pikemen               Lgt Cav
             Bowmen                   Bowmen     
So obviously, we know what happens next:  Militia flank the pikemen, the crossbowmen final rush the routing swordsmen (destroying them).   The pikemen on the far left and pikemen almost on the right are destroyed.  However, the right flank does better than the left.  The pikemen on the cneter-right manages to rout the axemen before being destroyed.  The axemen on the far right are destroyed, but not before the inflict enough wounds on the Lght Cavalry to make them Rout.    So the fight looks like:

Bowmen                                 Bowmen        *Axemen*
Axemen, Militia,                      Battleaxemen                 
                       Crossbowmen                                   Pikemen               Lgt Cav
                                                                                       (Lght Cav)
             Bowmen                   Bowmen     
I was fighting for pride at this point, but I must say, this is how you do a demo!  The Pikemen final rush the routing axemen, destroying them, while the Light Cavalry advance behind the Dwarven line.  The archers fired on the Dwarves but don't cause enough casualties to rout them them.

On the Dwarven turn, the Militia and Crossbowmen charge the Hawkshold archers.  The battleaxemen charge the pikemen in the flank.  Amazingly, the bowmen hold!

Bowmen                                 Bowmen                       Lgt Cav
                                       (Battleaxemen) Pikemen             
Axemen   Militia                                                       (Lght Cav)
             Bowmen   (Crossbowmen) Bowmen     
The following turns are pretty much mop up.  The Light cavalry charges the Dwarven bowmen routing them.  This is followed by the Light cavalry charging the Battleaxemen, helping the pikemen finish them off.  The Dwarven units crush the Hawkshold archers.  Meanwhile, the light cavalry that routed turn and charge the Dwarven crossbowmen.  The fight is brutal, but the Light Cavalry simply don't have enough hit boxes.

Meanwhile,t he cavalry that got behind the Dwarven line hits the second unit of Dwarven archers while the Ballista whittles down the pikemen.  The crux comes whent he Dwarven bowmen refuse to rout, setting up a flank charge next turn by the Dwarven militia.  Meanwhile, the crossbowmen (in the yellow) advance on the pikemen (1 hit box left).  We call it there.

Great game, but I certainly made a couple mistakes:  My biggest one was putting both cavalry units on the same flank.  I should've put one on each flanka nd they could've taken a shorter path to the battle.  That would have possibly changed things on the left flank where I took an absolute drubbing.