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Comments Please: Union (Civil War) Command Cards
« on: April 30, 2020, 06:40:51 PM »
So here's a stab at Union Command Cards.  I don't think any of the cards should add skill bonuses, and I wanted to get the history flavor added in.  The named cards aren't heroes like Alexander, there just cards.  There's 11 so one has to go. 

Grant:  “The Butcher” (Red):  Play on one of your charging infantry units before your attack roll.  Gain impact hits equal to the unit’s remaining health boxes.  Destroy your unit at the end of the turn.
*Design Note:  Grant was determined to win.  He understood that the Confederacy could not replace their casualties as easily as the Union could.  For that reason, Grant was willing to push frontal assaults with large casualties for both sides.  He was nicknamed “The Butcher” by the newspapers of the time.
Sherman:  “Scorched Earth” (Green):  Your opponent must discard 1 random command card.  If the opponent is the active player, the opponent loses 1 command action, also.
*Design Note:  Sherman believed in scorched earth and total war.  His march to Atlanta ruined the logistics of the Confederacy.  Discarding command cards seems to fit with losing your supply lines, and the command action loss in my mind was the sending of messengers to reestablish the lines.
Chamberlain: (Red/Green) Choose one:  “Refuse the Flank” or “Bayonets!”
- Refuse the Flank:  Choose a flank.  Treat that flank and the front of the unit as if both are the front of the unit until the end of your next turn.  Until the end of the turn, the unit can makes one attack to the front and one attack to the chosen flank when attacking. 
- Bayonets!:  Play during an attack in the Combat Phase.  After all your attacks and your opponent’s attacks are completed for the Combat Phase, this unit may make another engaged attack.  Your opponent does not attack.
*Design Note:  Speculations on what really happened at Gettysburg aside, I just couldn’t resist adding Chamberlain.  Both these options reflect the two big legends of Chamberlain at Gettysburg.
Fighting Retreat:  (Blue)  Play before any attack rolls are made.  Move your unit 5” from the attacking unit.  Your unit is no longer engaged. Both units may make a ranged attack instead.   
*Design Note:  During Bull’s Run and other battles, the Union waged a fighting retreat to get the army out of the situation they’d blundered into.  I thought making a ranged attack and backing the units up fit the theme.
The Devil’s Own Day: (Green)  Play during the Movement and Command Phase on one of your unengaged units.  If that unit is final rushed, that unit takes 3 damage and may make a free ranged attack at Point Blank Range against the enemy unit that final rushed it.  If the enemy unit is destroyed, restore 1 red health box on that enemy unit. 
*Design Note:  This quote caught my eye and I wanted to include it.  Decimating both units feels like “The Devil’s Own Day”
Vicksburg: (Green)  1 enemy units mark a red health box.  That health cannot be restored by any means.
*Design Note:  To some, Vicksburg was the true turning point.  Occurring at about the same time as Gettysburg, Vicksburg split the Confederacy, removed all access to the Mississippi, and blocked all supplies coming from Mexico.  Since I’d already established that the Confederate units have one less health box because of their supply situation, Vicksburg would take away another red health.
Company Halt:  (Green) Gain 1 Command Action, but only to change a unit’s Standing Order to Hold.
Supply Train:  (Green) Gain 2 command actions, but only for reloading ammo boxes.
Melt the Barrels: (Green) Gain 2 command actions, but only for marking the loaded box on a unit.
*Design Note:  The union could more easily replace their equipment then the Confederacy.  This card represents the union “overusing” their artillery to gain a tactical advantage.
Troop Train:  (Green) heal 1 damage on 2 infantry units.
*Design Note:  The union used their rail advantage to move troops into battle.
Liquid Courage: (Blue/Red) Play on a unit.  Until the end of the turn, that unit gains O (-1) -1/0 and Courage +2.
*Design Note:  My son came up with this one when I made a joke about him needing some Irish Courage to talk to a girl.  I thought it fitting, to make the unit less capable, but much braver.