Author Topic: Champinship Tiebreaker for 3rd: Blakely's Dwarves vs. Jaime's Alexander  (Read 797 times)


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2000 points, Total Warfare.

Set Up

Alexander, background to foreground:  Thracian Peltasts, Foot Companions, Allied Hoplites, Foot Companions, Foot Companions, Healer Mages behind Allied Hoplites, Agema, Iphicratean Spearmen.

A good army.  Grindy infantry, fast guys near the terrain, and Healer Mages + a skirmisher to keep the Longbeards from breaking through too quickly.

Dwarves, background to foreground:  Spearmen, Speearmen, Spearmen, Spearmen, Longbeards, Spearmen, Axemen.  Blakely looks like she's ready to out-grind the phalanxes here! 

Exciting live action photo!  :)


In the foregound, Jaime takes advantage of his units' superior speed to avoid engaging the heavier Dwarf units.  This gave him a modest point advantage on the rest of the battlefield. 

In the background, it looks like a Dwarf Spearmen unit has routed!  This lead to an early pinch.  Jaime's dice were a lot hotter than Blakely's, and when I glanced at this game later on nearly ever Dwarf line unit in the background and middle was close to wrecked.  Eventually Blakely raised the white flag.

Good Games, Everyone!

Sunday was a bit of a disappointment for Blakely's Dwarves after she'd grabbed the #2 slot with a 3-1 Saturday record, but them's the breaks. I feel that this game was pretty close to a 50/50 and that means half the time you're going to lose.  But overall a very well-played weekend!
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Thanks, Brook!  Btw I think you meant to post your comment on the other thread...?

You are right.  Post re-located. :)
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Look at those healer mages!  It was almost like I was there.  The Dwarves should've had a Hydra though....."The Dwarves dug too deep!!"


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A lot of meaty units sweating it out on the field.  Jaime did well to delay his bad engagements and it served him well.

What I found interesting is that I allowed full mercenary access, but we didn't see a whole lot of them.  I used an Earth Elemental in one game and Manny used a Hydra in his game against me.  Kevin used Ogres once or twice, Jaime used the Healers in this game, and that was it.  Passing strange.
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I took Stone Monkeys in round 1, Ogres in round 3, and a Healer Mage in the finals.  Ron took an Earth Elemental vs. me in Round 4.
However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. - Winston Churchill