Author Topic: Championship Semifinals my Wuxing vs. Jaime's Alexander  (Read 520 times)


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Championship Semifinals my Wuxing vs. Jaime's Alexander
« on: March 07, 2018, 01:33:01 PM »
2000 points.  Pretty sure this was a Breaking Point game, though it may have been Total Warfare--didn't really matter in this case.  The overall game played out very similarly to my Round 4 game vs. Ron'a Alexander army.

We used the Well-Practiced Special Condition, meaning each of us got 3 re-roll "tokens" that could force a re-roll for any attack roll (us or opponent) and didn't count as playing a card.  Those were all used by the mid-game.

Set Up and Strategy

Alexander, left to right:  Sarrissophoroi behind Iphicratean Spearmen behind Allied Hopltes, Allied Hoplies, Cretan Archers (skirmisher) in front of 4 Foot Companions.

I was a bit surprised to see so many units on the left here, as they wouldn't all fit unless some fancy maneuvering were done.

Wuxing, left to right:  Fu Dogs behind Terracotta Spearmen, 3 Jade Nobles, Terracotta Swordsmen, Salvaged behind Terracotta Spearmen.  Jade Nobles fear nothing in the Alexander army, so as with last time I took 3 and left behind anything vulnerable to spears.

Crossing Over

Jaime's army did some fancy footwork here.

Foot Companions are all moving a bit to the viewer's right.  I recall Jaime having to do a Direct Control here due to their extra-depth making a group turn otherwise-impossible with their tight formation.

The Sarissophoroi, deployed on the left, are huffing it over to the toher side.  Hooray fr 7-inch movement!  However, until they arrive he'll have to hold back his Foot Companions on the right (and burning 2 precious CAs to do so), fearing a pinch.

The skirmisher unit, meanwhile, is crossing over to the other side.

Wuxing moves forward in a much less interesting way--closing on the left, arcing back on the right.  I feel like I almost did something stupid near the Skirmisher that would'be got a Jade Nobles unit pinched but I saw it at the last moment. 

Two Routs!

Left to right:

i'm expecting Fu Dogs to quickly kill the Iphicratean Spearmen and pinch, but they totally muff their first attack roll, so the Terracotta Spearmen will have to be the "Senior Partner."

Points to Jaime for having the first engagement of the game be the only one on that side I don't really want--Allied Hoplites vs. Terracotta Spearmen.  The Allied Hoplies only cost 4 more points, but with the discounts for being ponderous they're measurably better in a straight-up fight.  I play Beyond Defeat on that first turn of combat, roll well, and neither unit takes any damage.  The next turn I roll like the gods and rip off nearly every green box!   ???  So now I give up on the Fu Dogs and lavish the Terracotta Spearmen with red cards.  The Allied Hoplites rout when they go into the red.

Jade Nobles predictably are beating up Allied Hoplites, who also rout when they go into the red.

Jade Nobles final rush the skirmisher, which blows its "second" rout check.  it and its neighbor engage the Foot Companions.  Jaime needs to get really lucky here and doesn't and the Foot Companions are on the losing end of these fights.

On the right, Sarissophoroi has arrived at last and are positioned to engaged my Salvaged.

White Flag

One turn later.  Left to right:

Iphicratean Spearmen are doing well, but not well enough:  they'll be pinched next turn.

Jade Nobles, who dispatched the routing Allied Hoplites, are about to pinch Foot Companions.

Another Foot Companions routs from my Jade Nobles.  At minimum they'll be engaged and pop on my upcoming turn.  If theyr'e alsready done for, Jade Nobles will move toward the Food Companions on their right and be ready to flank or pinch.

Sarissophoroi engage my Salvaged and get a lousy first attack.  I'm feeling cautiously optimistice that the Salvaged will win this grind.

Foot Companions engage my Terracotta Sparmen.  Even after they bust through they're out of range of anyone else.

Jaime conceded here, with his left and center about to be gone and even if he wins on the right it won't be enough. 

Good game, Jaime!  Jaime was outdiced (A significant number of theoretical physicists believe that it would violate the laws of the universe for Jaime to beat me in a Championship final-rounds game.), and definitely suffered for his units being large and ponderous.  We discussed afterward that IMHO Alexander can't hope to out-grind the Jade Nobles, and is better off with a semi-desperate strategy of delaying the center with skirmishers while wiping out the flanks with Companion Cavalry.  We'll have to try a game like that sometime to see if it can work.

On to the finals!

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Re: Championship Semifinals my Wuxing vs. Jaime's Alexander
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2018, 02:06:12 PM »
Great write up!  I remember remarking about the cruelty of taking so many Jade Noble against Alexander.  That unit has got to be a phalanx's worst nightmare - you can only damage it on ones and it will never run away.  Kudos to Jaime for getting that mass of manhood spread out on his left so that it could at least be presentable.  Good win Kev!
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