Author Topic: Championship Round 4: Blakely's Dwarves vs. Brook's Ravenwood  (Read 844 times)


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Only one photo here, and it's early.  I recall that Blakely won, which got her the #2 slot; ironically, Brook had the #3 slot, so they went straight to a rematch the next morning.  At one point a Treant blew a rout check, but I didn't see anything beyond that.  Perhaps one of them will fill us in.

Dwarves, background to foreground:  Spearmen, Spearmen, Spearmen, Longbeards, Spearmen, Axemen, Axemen.  Antonians in the rear.

Ravenwood, background to foreground:  5 Ravenwood Swordsmen, Stag Cav behind a Treant.  Two Ravenwood Archers in the rear.
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