Author Topic: Championship Round 3: my Wuxing vs. Blakely's Dwarves  (Read 936 times)


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Championship Round 3: my Wuxing vs. Blakely's Dwarves
« on: March 04, 2018, 04:44:39 PM »
Round 3 was 1750, Ticking Clock.  Blakely and I as the 2-0 crowd, but for once Blakely had to play me without a hundred-point advantage!  :)

I'm embarrassed to say that Marcus gave us this pretty little package to buy, where a unit could get (+1) +0/+0, then erase that ability to prevent a damage, all for a cheap 30 points!  Then in army build both Blakely and I forgot about it.   ::)

Set up and Strategy

Dwarves, left to right:  Militia behind Militia, Battleaxemen, Spearmen, Spearmen, Longbeards, Battleaxemen.

A solid infantry line.  Blakely put units in the middle row to get extra flexibility in deployment, but this would bite her later.

Wuxing left to right:  Ogres (mercenary unit) behind Jade Nobles, Terracotta Guardians, Jade Nobles, Salvaged behind Salvaged, Spearmen.

A pretty simple plan:  crush one flank, and rely on that low brush in the middle of the map to slow down her other side.  My Spearmen unit on the right was deployed early on in the hope that she'd put a lot of points on that empty side.

The Rest of the Game

Sadly, the last photo I took, but what happened afterward was pretty simple.

Left to right:

Ogres beat Militia, though it took longer than it should have.  They're still in the green.

Jade Nobles and Terracotta Guardians (who got lots of card love) defeat their opponents. I think one broke through and pinched the other's opponent, but don't recall which did which.  Both units remain in the green.  One of these then marches into the Dwarf Deployment Zone.

Jade nobles defeat Spearmen and late in the game engage the Spearmen in the low brush, putting them into the yellow.  They remain in the green.  (Blakely's dice definitely were not hot.)

Salvaged are engaged by Dwarf Spearmen, but hold up pretty well.  The Low Brush prevents an immediate pinch from the Longbeards, as does the threat of my Spearmen pinching their flank.  Eventually the Longbeards get into position and both my backup Salvaged and my Spearmen run for their lives, ordered to flee back into my deployment zone.  Longbeards pinch the front Salvaged out of existence and end the game in the low brush.

On her penultimate move Blakely's Battleaxemen are within range of getting into my Deployment Zone, so my Terracotta Spearmen engage them.  The Spearmen go into the yellow, but keep the Deployment Zone Dwarf-free.

The clock ran out.  The Dwarves had lost 2 Militia, a Battleaxemen, and a Spearmen, plus another Spearmen in the yellow and a Wuxing unit in their Deployment Zone.  Meanwhile, Wuxing had lost one unit of Salvaged and had Terracotta Spearmen in the yellow, plus the Dwarves controlled the terrain in the center.  Wuxing wins on points, 1121 to 412.

Good game, Blakely!  We talked afterward about how she could have slid some units over once it was clear my flank was totally empty.  Also, starting partway back as slow-moving Dwarves made it very hard for her to get into my Deployment Zone.

On to round 4!
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Re: Championship Round 3: my Wuxing vs. Blakely's Dwarves
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2018, 01:30:13 PM »
I remember walking by the table during this game and noting that there was a unit of Salvaged well behind the line facing the wrong way.  I thought it was a destroyed unit since it was so far away from the action and some players will sometimes simply place destroyed units behind their line to be collected later.  There was also a penny on the table ahead of the unit (Kevin uses coins as objective markers) but I also dismissed that as a discarded marker.  I walked by the table a few minutes later and noted that the Salvaged had actually moved closer to the penny and that's when I remarked to Kevin "Hey, is that Salvaged actually moving towards that objective well into your deployment zone?"  At which point Kevin gives his trademark smirk and replies "Why yes it is!"
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