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Championship Round 4: My Wuxing vs. Ron's Alexander
« on: March 04, 2018, 11:36:44 PM »
Ron's a great guy, but I knew that if I won this game then Blakely would make the finals whether or not she won her game.

Round 4 was 2250, Total Warfare.  There was a homebrew special situation "Morning Fog" where we each had to set up half our units hidden deployment, then deployed the rest normally.

Set up and Strategy

Alexander, left to right:

Allied Hoplites, Allied Hoplites, 3 Foot Companions behind 2 Thracian Peltasts, Allied Hoplites, Earth Elemental (mercenary unit) behind Allied Greek Cavalry.  A solid infantry build, with an Earth Elemental to bust through my heavies.  Ron also bought both Alexander and Nikanor.  Fortunately for me, Ron had deployed a solid line across from my Jade Nobles, so was unable to get that line-up.

Wuxing, left to right:

Terracotta Guardians behind Shanzhi Monks, 3 Jade Nobles, Salvaged behind Salvaged, Spearmen, Fu Dogs.
Pretty simple strategy here:  Crush the left; delay on the right.

Initial Angles

Ron and I engrossed in thought.

In the foreground (= left side in the other photos, which were taken by me rather than Marcus), Ron's two Allied Hoplites are holding on location targets.  He has his Thracian Peltast skirmisher units moving at an angle, which slowed down his center a little bit.  Over on the right, units are moving forward, while my own are holding back. 


Peltats score no damage.  It cost me a couple of Command Actions, but my Jade Nobles hit those little pests.  Both of them survive, but they go scurrying behind his deep Foot Companions, so it'll be a long time before I see them again.  Ron makes up for the couple of Command Actions they cost me by spending two of his own to get them moving--toward the right side in this case.

It's worth noting that the second-from-right Allied Hoplites were in a position to flank my Jade Nobles. However, the flank would've been pretty ineffective on my Toughness 4 unit.  With the Foot Companions out of range, the Allied Hoplites would've been pinched and probably destroyed on my next turn.

Engagements & a White Flag

A couple of turns of combat have happened.  Left to right...

Shanzhi Monks engage Allied Hoplites. I keep the monks on (defensive) Water Stance, as I'm more concerned about not losing this fight than winning it.

Ron Pulled his Allied Hoplites back a bit, and I have the ability to twos-company them, then the Foot Companions joining the Twos-Company on the following turn via a diagonal final rush.  I'm dumping lots of good red cards here, and the Allied Hoplites are going down next turn, which will lead to the ones on the left getting pinched.  My 1/4 Jade Nobles are holding up just fine.

Foot Companions are excellent units, but do very poorly vs. 1/4 Jade Nobles.  My dice go hot, and the Jade Nobles will be finishing these off in the near future.

Allied Hoplites get to work on my Salvaged chump stack.  This will take a while.

The Earth Elemental engages my Terracotta Spearmen.  An unanswers Force card puts the elemental into the yellow, while Manipulate Qi (and maybe a blue card?) keep the Terracotta unit's damage very minimal.  My Spearmen might lose in the end, but it's likely to take a little while and the Earth Elemental will be nearly out of hit points. 

Fu Dogs underperform vs. Allied Greek cav, taking 2 damage and doing 0 back, but they're still on odds to win this fight.

Ron conceded here.  His left and center were going to break soon, while even if he eked out a victory on the right--by no means a guarantee--it wouldn't be enough.

Good game, Ron!  Sadly, this game kept Ron out of the final 4. I grabbed the #1 slot at 4-0. 

With no power 6 infantry or high-toughness units, Alexander has a tough time dealing with Wuxing, particularly with the 1/4 Jade Nobles.  This was compounded by Ron getting very poor use out of his Skirmishers who netted him 0 damage, cost us each the same number of Command Actions, and didn't slow down the engagements at all.  Burning 196 points on those skirmishers meant the Wuxing line was nearly 10% heavier than the Alexander line, with predictable results amplified by my hot dice.
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