Author Topic: Championship Round 2 my Wuxing vs. Brook's Ravenwood  (Read 774 times)


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Championship Round 2 my Wuxing vs. Brook's Ravenwood
« on: March 04, 2018, 09:58:44 AM »
Game 2 was 1500 points, Breaking point.

Early Plans

Ugh.  Sorry about the glare.   :(

Brook has a Treant and 5 Ravenwood Swordsmen.

Wuxing left-to-right:  Fu Dogs, Fu Dogs, Salvaged, Jade Dragon, Stone Monkeys (mercenary), Shanzhi Monks.

With the hedges effectively sectioning off the battle, I wanted a fast-moving army that could blow out one section then turn and quickly engage the next section.


On the left, Brooks units get a bit lucky and wipe out mine in two turns.  Wasn't expecting that with the Swordsmen-Salvaged fight, but he got a great nets role.  Meanwhile, the Fu Dogs in the middle are unengaged thanks to the hill slowing the middle elves down, and they turn tail and run for it.

On the right, Stone Monkeys underperform but Shanzhi Monks overperform.  Meanwhile, I'm wishing the Jade Dragon wasn't on the near edge--if Brook's Ravenwood Swordsmen who two-shooted the Salvaged can turn around then if the Jade Dragon pinches the Swordsmen will hit it in the rear!  Fortunately the Dragon's opponent routs & is wiped out, allowing just enough time for the Dragon to pinch and then turn to face its opponents.


My Fu Dogs make good use out of their 5" movement.  Brook meanwhile has an ugly choice--let the Elves plod forward at 3.5" but they'd block the Treant's direct path and let the dogs get away, or let the Treant go first and risk the elves getting caught by the Jade Dragon.  Brook chose the former.

Meanwhile, (a few Command Actions later) my units get organized and pursue.  Worth noting that as a Large unit the Jade Dragon was not slowed down by the hedges.

Superior Speed Prevails

In the foreground, one unit of Elves can't get away on time, and is pinched out of existence by the monks & those "cowardly" Fu Dogs.  Now Ravenwood is in trouble, as losing either the other elves or the Treant will cause the army to break.  With Wuxing pursuing at 5" his Elves  would get caught soon, and I'm pulling the Jade Dragon back, so he has no choice to to send the Treant into the Jade Dragon, knowing his unit will get pinched.  The Stone Monkeys score almost no damage, but with the pinch bonus it's a lopsided fight and Brook conceded when the Treant routed in the red.

Kind of amusing that the surviving Ravenwood Swordsmen never engaged an opponent.  No doubt they went home and told great tales of their heroics against impossible odds.  :D

Good game, Brook!  Probably my favorite game of the tournament, with lots of maneuvering and unit speed making a decisive difference.  Brook would get his revenge in the finals game Sunday.
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