Author Topic: Championship Round 1 Blakely's Dwarvers vs. Manny's Hawkshold  (Read 484 times)


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Blakely can add commentary below if she wishes, but it looks like a pretty simple game in which the heavy Dwarf units crushed the center and flank of the lighter Hawkshold army.



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Re: Championship Round 1 Blakely's Dwarvers vs. Manny's Hawkshold
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That's probably a pretty good general description of the game.   I will add that my dice rolls were pretty good this game (and likely bought me some bad dice karma on Sunday).  I think one key mistake that Manny made was holding back the Great Swords (I think that's a Great Swords, the unit in the back row second from the left) - that unit should have crushed my Spearmen but since they were on hold I was able to delay that fight several turns.

Manny also had some bad luck - one of his Spearmen routed fairly early on, rushed into the backup unit and died.