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Championship Round 1 my Wuxing vs. Eric's Dark Elves
« on: March 03, 2018, 10:25:10 AM »
Round 1 was a 2000-point ticking clock game.

Eric took close-and-hose line, with a unit of Drake Riders and a Lord of Dusk.  However, with both armies on Close, the battle was well on before the Drake Riders could get in the action and the Lord of Dusk only got off a few shots.  The heavier weight of the Wuxing line, assisted by very good dice on my part, prevailed.

Dark Elves, left to right:

Halfblood Levies, Standard Bearers, Highblood Blades, Standard Bearers, Lord of Dusk, Halfblood Levies, Halfblood Slave Takers

I took a 1998-point army, but Eric's was exactly 2000.  I let him have the first move, and got to deploy each unit after seeing where he'd put one.

Wuxing, left to right:

Salvaged, Swordsmen, Jade Nobles, Jade Nobles, Jade Nobles, Fu Dogs behind Spearmen, Stone Monkeys (mercenary unit).  It being a Ticking Clock game, I put more & better units over near the terrain.

Early Engagements

Left to right.

Those dice are a "Seize the moment" card, which Eric played in order to get his units into the fight vs. their inferior opponents. 

Jade Nobles have engaged the Highblood Blades, and are perfectly happy about that.

Eric held a couple of units back from my Jade Nobles, though they can't delay for long.

Terracotta Spearmen (236 pts) are pretty favored vs. Halfblood Levies (214 pts).  However, Eric targeted my Spearmen with his Lord of Dusk.  Mediocre dice & 2 good blue cards by me results in only 2 damage, but that's enough to swing this to an uphill match I'd rather avoid.  The good news is that at this point the Lord of Dusk no longer has line of sight, and he's easy pickings for Jade Nobles once engaged.

I hide a shit-eating grin as Eric declares that Halfblood Slavetakers (181) and Stone Monkeys (253) are an even fight and sends his Slavetakers in.  They've each done 4 damage to each other, but now the charge turn is history and my Stone Monkeys have a lot more attack dice and hit points remaining!

Behind the line, the Drake Riders have landed, but have not engaged the Fu Dogs who were put on "anti-aircraft duty."  My turn is coming up next.  On the previous turn the Drake Riders had hit their target, but were unable to land as they were directly above my units

Battle is Joined

Left to right:

Salvaged are losing, but holding up rather well. 

Terracotta Swordsmen are going tit-for-tat vs. their roughly-equivalent opponents.

Jade Nobles are hacking away at the Highblood Blades.

Jade Nobles are underperforming vs. Standard Bearers, but it's not like they're going to lose the fight.

Jade Nobles put a world of hurt onto the Lord of Dusk.  On the following turn the Lord of Dusk will be gone and the turn after that the Jade Nobles will pinch the Standard Bearers to their left.

Previously-wounded Terracotta Spearmen have done better than they have any right to vs. the Halfblood Levies.  But really all they had to do is survive (and they got some blue card love)

...Because after finishing off the Slave Takers, Stone Monkeys are coming in for the pinch!  They were out of range initially, but will pinch on my next move.

Behind the line, Fu Dogs have positioned themselves within no-turning-back range, but in such as way that the rest of my army will be outside of the Drake Riders' front arc once the Fu Dogs crumble.


Eric conceded two turns later, with the 5 Dark Elf units on the right (including the Slave Takers) all either wiped out or about to be.  Bonus that I'd have time to grab at least two pieces of terrain.  i'd lose the Fu Dogs and the Salvaged and maybe the Swordsmen, but the point disparity was too large for him to overcome.

On to round 2!
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