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Playtest Games
« on: November 27, 2017, 11:27:59 PM »
I just wanted to give a brief update on playtesting.  I know there haven't been a lot of playtest reports, but we have been testing behind the scenes.  Several of the tests were by local players who provide a fresh set of eyes to the faction.  Other times we've tried out the faction in conjunction with the Ammo rules, which doesn't give a completely clear result. 

Of the changed units/cards we playtested, here's our feedback so far:

Lancers:  the biggest change is them being Core, which is obviously a huge change.  Obviously it opens up "all cavalry" lists but the other thing it does is allow you to go more combined arms in that you're not forced to put 4 infantry units on the table.  You can go 3 infantry + 1 cavalry or 2 infantry + 2 cavalry to meet your Core.  Which is all around great.

Great Swordsmen:  Obviously them being Mv 3.5" is so much better, but one thing that has become a really nice boon is the "nerf" to bring them down to Cge 12.  It (obviously) makes them more fragile with pinches, which makes players think much harder about sending the CA to use Bravery.  Which is one less Command Card.  This change really amps up the decision tension of playing the faction, which I really like.

Peasant Mob:  moving these guys to Standard is almost a counter-factual change because it takes away options.  Overall I think a 70pt Core unit makes Core requirements almost meaningless, so I think this is a good change.

Scout Cavalry:  Being 10pts cheaper hasn't made people more or less likely to take them in our experience.

Dismounted Knights: this one is a little harder for people to get used to because we don't have a card that serves as a decent proxy.  So it has been harder for people to grasp why they have so many attacks but so few boxes.  Once explained, people like them, but that means I've gone from an observer of the playtesting to influencing it.  So I can't really comment on these guys.

Command Cards:

The Plan:  I'll give this one to Brook.  Him fighting so hard to get Uncommon Valor pulled resulted in the Plan getting a look.  I really love where this card is now.  So thanks, brook, for making the faction better!  8)

Surge to Victory & Stand Firm:  changing these to be playable while Charging is a huge plus for the casual gamers.  They truly hate the "not while charging" of the status quo.  These cards are much better for those changes.

Things we haven't had a chance to playtest:
Communal Pikemen
Strategic Insight

(both of these are recent changes)