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Championship 2018 Feb 24-25 at Totalcon, Marlborough MA.

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Ahoy thar mateys!  It's time to open the dialogue about the Battleground Fantasy/Historical Warfare Annual Championship Tournament on February 24-25 at TotalCon in Marlborough Massachusetts.  I have some salient points here:

1 - Kevin has stepped down as the tournament director after running the event for the last 7 years.  He's still going to play, but he's put an awful lot of time, effort, and money into this endeavor and he wanted to step aside so he could enjoy the experience purely as a player.  We cannot express enough just how appreciative we are of his efforts.  As a result, I will be running the event in his stead.

2 - I put a good amount of thought into switching the tournament to Boston's Arisia Convention in January.  After all, our very own Jaime is one of the event's organizers and it is indeed a splendid event.  However, it's too close to the holidays and would present some scheduling difficulties on my end, not to mention the fact that it's only 2 months away.  If you are interested in attending that convention, you can visit their site here:

3 - I will be preserving Kevin's over all format of 4 rounds on Saturday with 2 rounds of single elimination for the top 4 players on Sunday with an ongoing casual Swiss event occurring at the same time on Sunday.  I know we've had some trouble moving games along lately so I'm working on a schedule that will help regulate the game speed so we can get those 4 Saturday games in easily.

4 - I won't be using as many special rules or as much errata as have been used at Championship in the past.  I'd like to stick to the rules as printed as much as I possibly can.  With that being said, Your Move Games is working towards a faction launch of Hawkshold 2.0 in the 1st half of the year and there will be some changes to the rule book.  Any rules that we are planning on altering or including in the new 4.0 rule book WILL be used.  Pending changes to Skirmisher, Ranged, and Flying rules are coming down the pipe and we'll use them at Championship.  I'd like to finalize the rules used before the New Year so you WILL have a couple of months to grasp them.  A nice side effect to this is that if anything winds up being broken, we'll have a chance to fix them before the release.

5 - I'll participate in the tournament if needed to create an even number of players.  So if 11 players show up excluding myself, I'll sit in as the 12th player.  If 10 players show up, we'll roll with 10 and I'll do the judge thing.  Don't worry, I'll find ways to keep myself occupied when I'm not required to be involved with rulings and such  ;)

6 - We may or may not run an official Battleground event Friday night, based upon popular demand.  I was considering running a blind big game event like we did at Council of 5 Nations this past September.  Or we could do something else.  Or we could just it easy.  Be vocal - TELL US WHAT YOU'D LIKE TO SEE!!!

This post will be updated regularly so PLEASE CHECK BACK OFTEN.  More details will be added as we get closer to the convention, but I want to have the rules, game schedule, and any unique special situations and/or packages nailed down by the New Year so you fine folks have an opportunity to ruminate on them and nobody get's caught with their pants down.


RULES STUFF Updated 2/5/2017

After some soul searching we are going to strip this thing down and go with the current 3.1 rules AS PRINTED.  So if you have the most recent rule book, you know the rules!

UPDATE!!!!! - SCHEDULE STUFF (1/22/2018)

Saturday - Tournament begins at 10:00

Round 1 - 2000 points, Ticking Clock, Terrain

Lunch Break

Round 2 - 1500 points, Breaking Point, Terrain

Round 3 - 1750 points, Ticking Clock, Terrain, simple package for purchase: You may purchase 1 counter for 30 points.  Place the counter on 1 of your units after deployment before standing orders are assigned.  While the counter is on that unit, the unit receives (+1) +0/+0.  You may remove the counter at any time to prevent a point of damage.

Dinner Break

Round 4 - 2250 points (4 CA per side), Total Warfare, No Terrain,  Morning Fog Special Condition (Each player uses hidden deployment for half their units.  Once those units are revealed, players proceed with normal deployment)

Sunday Single Elimination Tree for the players with the top 4 records

Round 5 (Semi Finals) - 2000 points, Breaking Point, Terrain, Special Condition

Round 6 (Finals) - 2000 points, Total Warfare, Terrain

What's a Game Master to do?  Update 2/5/2018

If we wind up with an even amount of players including myself, I'll play.  If it's an odd number, I'll sit it out and handle the match making and judgement duties.  Don't feel bad for me if this happens, you'll love the way I fill my time.  If I do play, my 1st choice of faction will be Orcs.  I have no special reason for this other than I've never played Orcs in a major tournament and I wanted to give them a run.  If we have more than one repeat of Orcs, I'll play Monsters & Mercs or Persia instead.  I figure it's only fair I list those factions so that it's impossible for me to select my faction based upon what everybody else is playing :)

You the official rules, mercs are allowed.

Heck, listening to you guys talk, if I use healer mages, I'm doing you a favor!!  So shouldn't be a problem.

That said.....Are mercs allowed?  And can I go full bore merc....4 zombies and 1600+ points of awesome?

Merc rules are one of the things I need to decide on.  On 1 hand Mercs make the game more interesting, on the other they mask the weakness of many factions.  My initial thought is that we allow Healers in all rounds and make one of the conditions in 1 of the rounds something where you can have access to more of them.  Still working through that.

--- Quote from: RushAss on November 08, 2017, 02:49:12 PM --- on the other they mask the weakness of many factions.
--- End quote ---

Mercs should not be allowed in championship.  They completely change the dynamic of factions and their interactions.  Fine for fun games, have no place in competitive games. 


--- Quote ---Mercs should not be allowed in championship.  They completely change the dynamic of factions and their interactions.
--- End quote ---
Let's assume this is completely true.  My rebuttal would be......So?

If it is the "Championship", and Mercs allow more options and require people to have more skill to play with and against them....wouldn't that be a good thing? 


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