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Dinosaur Lords
« on: September 14, 2017, 08:34:09 AM »
I've been reading victor Mil├ín's novels Dinosaur Lords and Dinosaur Knights recently.  They're described as "a cross between Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park" and have armies and battles, so I was thinking about whether you could wargame some of the battles and thus decided that a battleground faction could be a possiblity.

Looking at the units described in the book, there's a good deal of overlap with Hawkshold and a couple of other factions, so what I'm suggesting is to do most of the faction via existing cards, with only a couple of unique units showing up as new cards.  Then, I'll need to work out cards and abilities:

Most Lords round up a their peasantry and equip them with spears, in a vague attempt to make them useful against dinosaurs and knights
Peasant Levy = Dark Elf Lowblood Levy

The Imperial army keeps an actual trained infantry force called the Nodosaurs, and some mercenary units are equipped and armoured in the same way.
Nodosaurs = Hawkshold Spearmen or Swordsmen

Less rich nobles and the retainers of the richer ones don't have hadrosaurian mounts so need to make do with horses and spears, normally going lightly armoured
Lesser Nobles = Hawkshold Light Cavalry

A couple of mercenary groups and non-traditional provinces have started to rely more heavily on archery for their infantry.  Though they occasionally use crossbows, they are not trained to fight at close range
Archers = Hawkshold Bowmen

Scouts and hunters are often horse-mounted, using hand-thrown twist-darts as weapons and being very maneouverable
Light Cavalry = Numidian Cavalry

Foot rangers and forest-runners are much more likely to make use of bows as a weapon, often known for impressive feats of archery.
Wood-runners = Cretan Archers

Dinosaurs are hard to stop, so many armies bring semi-mobile weapons as an attempt to do so.  The ones most often deployed on the field are cart-mounted light ballistae.
Stingers = Dwarven Ballista

Many nobles keep packs of hunting Deinonychus, and some of them bring these vicious creatures to battle, as a kind of shock troop.
Horrors = Raptor Pack

War-hadrosaurs have been trained to release their amplified and focussed calls en masse, creating a sonic shock-wave seconds before the literal shock-wave of the knights' lances.
Dinosaur Knights
A (6) 5 / 6*  D 2* / 4   Range 3.5"   Shots 1     Move 6"   Courage 13
3G  3Y  4R
Large.  Fearsome.  Pilum.  1 Impact Hit while charging.  A(+0) +0/+1 and D +1/+0 while Charging.

Only the steppes nomads have mastered the method of training Triceratops to accept a war-howdah, in a move that threatens the supremacy of the nobility.
A (4) 5 / 6  D 1 / 4   Range -   Shots -     Move 3.5"   Courage 12
A (3) 5 / 5   Range 10.5"  Shots 4
5G  4Y  4R
Large.  Fearsome.  3 Impact Hits while charging.  The second line represents Archers mounted in a Howdah, use the Giant War Elephant rules.

Few other dinosaurs are trained to battle, but occasionally draft beasts, like Ankylosaurs, are drafted in an emergency, if there is a good enough Dinosaur Master to control them.
Ankylosaurus Herd
A (4) 4 / 6  D 1 / 4   Range -   Shots -     Move 3.5"   Courage 10
6G 2Y 4R
Large.  Fearsome.  Opponents do not receive bonuses, and this unit does not take penalties, for being engaged to the flank or rear.
"Watch out for that tail!"

Any thoughts on abilities or cards?
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Re: Dinosaur Lords
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2017, 09:27:04 AM »
More later, but one thing is that there seems to be an unwritten rule that nothing goes about x/4, and I'm not convinced that the Ankylosaurus needs to break that tradition.  Maybe make it a 2/4?

For a card, maybe a mirror image of that Lizardmen card which is a might or hardness--give them "Saurian Skill" for strike or parry.
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Re: Dinosaur Lords
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2017, 10:20:27 AM »
That's a good point.  I should also actually give the Ankylosaurs some boxes...