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Greeks vs Romans (short; no pictures)
« on: August 14, 2017, 01:40:01 PM »
This weekend, I had a playtester try out Greeks vs the Romans (played by Scott).  The map was 5C, with the large hill on one side of the map.

The Greek player took 4 Perioikoi, 2 Spartiates, and 2 Helots.  The Romans were 4 Principes, 2 Vet Principes, 2 Velites, 2 Triarii, 1 Italian Cavalry and 1 Vet Equities (I think).

There wasn't much drama, as the two lines basically smashed into each other.  Eventually the Principes on one side destroyed the Helots and flanked the Spartan line.  While on the other flank the Roman cavalry each stared down a unit of Perioikoi.  It was an interesting dynamic because if the Perioikoi ignored the Italian Cavalry or the Equites, they'd get flanked.  If they didn't they'd get led on a fruitless chase.  Eventually a combination of some really bad rolling by the Greek player and Scott being a much more veteran player meant that the Romans ground down the Greeks and won. 

The Greek player used a lot of Deep Ranks and marked the Lock Shields on the Spartiates as well.  This meant that a lot of times he could only use one or the other with the Spartiates, which prevented a lot of the nasty combos (Lock Shields + Deep Ranks).