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Greeks vs Ravenwood: 2000pts, Breaking Point
« on: August 07, 2017, 12:28:32 AM »
With the Eighth Draft released, we opted to try the Greeks out.  Specifically we wanted to see if some of the concerns that Ron has raised would still be an issue with the newer, more expensive Helots.  And since Scott chose Ravenwood, it was natural for me to take Spartiates & try out them having 3 Lock Shield boxes (which could be marked for a single CA).    Buckle up, this was an absolute slugfest of a game that you normally don't see with Breaking Point.

Greeks:  4 Helots, 1 Athenian Hoplites, 4 Bithnyian Peltasts, 1 Boeotian Cavalry, 1 Thracian Warriors, 2 Spartiates

Ravenwood:  2 Spearmen, 2 Swordsmen, 1 Treant, 1 Stag Cavalry, 1 Centaurs

Yup, I outnumbered Scott 13 to 7.  Even taking away the skirmishers, I was 9 wide.


Ravenwood (L->R):  Treant, Swordsmen, Spearmen, Swordsmen, Spearmen, Centaurs (in front of Stag Cavalry)

Greeks (L->R): 
1st Row:  Peltasts, Peltasts, Peltasts, [gap], [gap], Peltasts
2nd Row: Helot,  Helot, Helot, Spartiates, Spartiates, Helot, Athenian Hoplites
3rd Row:  Boeotian cavalry, [gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap], Thracians

There were objective markers everywhere.  All the red dice behind my line are Close objectives for Scott's Sword/Spearmen that he didn't want to get pulled out of position chasing my skirmishers.  The Treant got the order to slide to the left and then Close.  The Stags & Centaurs got close with objectives to slide to the right.

For me, my Peltasts on the far left got an objective (to clear the way for my Helots to pinch).  On the right side, the Athenian Hoplites got a Hold with an objective (the yellow die halfway up).  The yellow die behind my line was for my Boeotian cavalry to redeploy as I figured they'd be needed on that flank.  Finally the yellow dice behind his line was for two of my Helots:  Hold with an objective so they'd advance but not charge.

After deployment I did something that is relatively uncommon:  I used Deep Ranks to fortify the Athenians with the Spartiates.  That was the weak spot for me because even as spears, those Centaurs could give my Athenians issues.  And since I wasn't going to charge the Centaurs, they'd make life miserable for me by throwing javelins for a few turns.  So I crossed off 1 Green box on each Spartiate unit to mark both Deep Rank boxes on the Athenians.  As a points trade I lost points, but it helped me shore up a bad fight, which was much more valuable.


And here's all those orders being executed after we each take a turn. 

Skirmishers in Place

At this point three of my skirmishers are in the enemy's face, like I wanted.  I DC'd the central skirmishers to move to the right because I didn't want them to slow down those Swordsmen on the left.  Otherwise, they got ready to absorb charges and mess with Scott's line a little bit. 

On the far right, my Athenian Hoplites hit their objective. 

Skirmishers Evade

On his turn, Scott spent 3 CA's changing orders.  On the left, the Ravenwood Swordsmen had the objective removed so that they (and the Treant) would charge the Peltasts. (he checked to make sure the Swordsmen's flank was just out of charge range of the Helots)  The ensuing free strikes put the Peltasts into the Red but they passed their check.

In the center the two Ravenwood units got new objectives to move 1.75" backwards, essentially falling back from the Spartiates to delay those fights.  On the center-right the Ravenwood Spear charged the Peltasts, bouncing them behind my lines. 

On the right the Stag Cavalry sidestepped into the opening while the Centaurs advanced.

Sacrifice Play

Even though they were out of range of the Helots, those Ravenwood Swordsmen were able to be charged by the Peltasts.  I changed their order and had them rear charge.  It didn't work out well for me because though he was at (-0)-1/-1 he still hit and caused 5pts of damage thanks to nets.  Luckily my Peltasts passed their check and would hold the Swordsmen in place to get flanked by my Helots.

Elsewhere my line advanced.  I spent 2 CAs to mark all 3 Lock Shields boxes on each Spartiate unit.  Frankly the cards were more valuable, but I wanted to test this out.

On the right the Athenians sidestepped 1.75" to block the Centaurs from getting a flank.  This also opened up a line of sight for the Thracian Warriors behind them.  The Boeotian Cavalry behind my line reached their objective and could start to get back into the fight.

Later we realized I made a rules mistake here:  the Peltasts are Impulsive and so their orders should have changed to Close this turn.  I realized it a turn or two later and fixed it.

Ravenwood Flanks Engage

On Scott's turn, he continued to apply pressure on the wings while falling back in the center.  On the left the Treant charged the Helots, putting them into the Yellow (they passed their check) while the Swordsmen destroyed the Peltasts engaged on their rear.  But the damage was done as my Helots would flank next turn.

In the center the Ravenwood units were DC'd to move backwards some more while Ravenwood Spear on the center-right charged the Helots.  This left me a choice:  keep chasing the units in the center with my Spartiates or flank the Swordsmen and then the Spartiates themselves would be flanked.

On the right the Stag Cavalry moved up into flanking position to those Helots.  The Centaurs got an order change, Hold with an objective (red die behind the Athenians), to let them throw javelins for a few turns.  The Javelins did 3pts, negated down to 2 with Deep Ranks.

Greeks Pinch

On the left, my Helots charge while the Bithnyians move around to the rear.  The Treant passes its pinch check and I play Force on the attack, putting the Treant into the Yellow.  The Treant passes the rout check and in fact does enough damage to rout off the Helots on its front.  The Helots flee into the Peltasts, bouncing through them and causing a rout check, which the Peltasts pass (second Cge 9 check they fricken pass).

Center-left, the Helots flank charge and the Iron Swordsmen do 3 damage with 4 dice.  Both units take and pass a rout check.

In the center one unit of Spartiates advance while the other goes in for the pinch.  I know I'm exposing my flank and so I play my best card to one-shot the pinched Spearmen unit.  The Helots fighting those Ravenwood Spearmen are put into the Yellow but they pass their check.

On the right I opt not to charge the Holding Centaurs with my Athenians.  Even though they wouldn't be charging, they'd still get the javelin attack and then their regular attacks.  But also it'd open a gap for the Stags to charge my Thracians, which would end very badly for them.  I was happy to delay on this flank as long as possible.

Right after snapping this picture I realized the Peltasts should have moved forward due to Impulsive.  I corrected it in the next picture.

Ravenwood Counter-Attack

Note the corrected position of the Bithnyian Skirmishers (and the Helots on the left who routed through them)

On the right the Treant grinds the Helots, who pass their check.  In the center, the Ravenwood Spearmen are DC'd the stare down the Spartiates.  The Swordsmen flank the other Spartiates and the two units trade minor damage.  Note: I could not use Lock Shields because my Spartiates are flanked.

On the center-right, the Stag cavalry sidestep to get in the face of the Helots.  The Centaurs throw javelins into the Athenians, doing only a point.

Spartiates Engage

Finally in the center, my Spartiates charge the Ravenwood unit and the two units combine to do a total of 3 damage...

On the left, the Peltasts charge the front of the Treant because they have to.  The Helots are put into the red by the Treant but pass their check.  The Ravenwood Swordsmen flanked by the Helots are put into the Red.  I spend a CA to DC the Peltasts behind his line to go towards those Swordsmen and not fruitlessly charge the Treant.

On the center-right, the fight goes poorly for the Ravenwood Swordsmen flanking my Spartiates as the Swordsmen are put into the Yellow (they pass their check).  On the right, I DC the Athenians to slide sideways to block the Centaurs but also to free a path for the Thracians, who can now flank either the Stags or the Centaurs.  Behind my line, the Boeotian cavalry moved towards the Centaurs before the Athenians closed that path.

Routs Everywhere

On the right side, Scott knows he has to throw caution to the wind.  He charges the Centaurs into the holding Athenians, doing 5 pts between javelins and the charge, taking only 3 in return.  The Athenians rout and are destroyed. 

The Stag Cavalry charge the Helots, predictably destroying them in a single shot. 

In the center each side trades a unit:  the Ravenwood Swordsmen rout the Spartiates on the center-right and then destroy them in free strikes.  But the Spartiates rout the Spearmen, failing to destroy them by 1 Red box.

And on the left, the Treant forces a Red rout check on the Helots, who pass.  I actually play Reorder the Lines even though the unit doesn't have a Lock Shields box.  I do it purely for the 1pt of damage that is recovered.

Greeks Capitalize

My turn and on the right the Boeotians Cavalry & Thracians pinch and destroy the Centaurs.  But not before the Boeotians are put into the Yellow and Disrupt.

In the center, my Peltasts get in the face of the Stag Cavalry while the Spartiates flank and destroy the Ravenwood Swordsmen.

On the left, the Peltasts flank the Swordsmen who were fighting the Helots since the beginning.  It is enough to finally destroy that unit.  On the far left the Helots survive the Treant attack with 1 box left and pass their Rout check.

Mopping Up, on both sides

Despite having only 3 units on the table, Ravenwood is still not broken because those 3 units are squatting on over 900pts.  On the left, the Treant finishes off the Helots while on the far right the Stag Cavalry smash into the Bithnyian Peltasts & do 9pts during free strikes.  This leaves the Greeks with 1,090pts left on the table.  Ravenwood can't win, but they can force a draw.

Final Maneuvers

Units move into place for what will be the endgame.  On the left, the Treant is flanked by the Helots but they do little.  Meanwhile the Treant destroys the Bithnyian Peltasts (Greeks: 1,010pts on the table).

In the center the Spartiates close on the fleeing Ravenwood Spearmen.  On the right the Thracians and Boeotian Cavalry advance on the Stag Cavalry.

Last Charge of the Stags

With little else left to do, the Stag Cavalry charge into the Thracian Warriors, putting them all the way down to their very last Red box for no damage in return.  But the Thracians pass their rout check and hold. 

In the center the Ravenwood Spear rally to face the Spartiates.  On the left the Treant forces a rout check on the Helots, but they pass their check as well.


On my turn the Spartiates charge in the center while the Boeotians pinch on the right flank.  The Spartiates do that last box to the Ravenwood Spearmen, meaning Ravenwood breaks this turn.  But on the right, the Stag Cavalry have Aspect of the Wolverine played on them to auto-pass their pinch check and do that last damage to the Thracian Warriors, bringing the Greeks to 810pts.  Which is not only a draw, but if the Treant had killed or routed the Helots (and then killed them in free swings) it would have been a mutual break.  So the game ends 10pts shy of the draw-est Draw you can have.

Phew!  Talk about a slog!  I'll talk about the thoughts on units in the Eighth Draft Thread but I'll offer a few comments on the game itself here.

The biggest thing was that my Helots made Courage checks like it was crazy.  I failed an early Red check with one of them and then my Helots on the left passed check after check after check.  In fact until that one turn when like 3-4 units of our failed checks at the same time, there'd only been 1 failed rout check all game.
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