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The finals game (2000, Total Warfare, Terrain) was over fast, and sadly we're missing photos from a couple of key turns, but I can reconstruct this.  Suffice it to say, the dice gods giveth to Jaime in our round 2 game, and they taketh away here--particularly as regards Ravenwood courage!



3  Set up and Strategy

Note that we're on the map with offset deployment zones. 

Jaime spams Ravenwood Spearmen with a Swordsmen somewhere in the middle of his line, plus a single Wolfkin deployed near the center and able to go where he wanted.  Oh, and an Archer in the middle.

Hawkshold (photo 3) left to right:  Scouts behind Swordsmen behind Spearmen, Heavy Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Peasant Mob (back row), Swordsmen, Ogres.

Well, crap.  Had I known he'd be going nearly all 3/1 with spears I'd have saved some points and grabbed Stone Monkeys instead!  The previous time we battled, I took a bunch of Great Swordsmen, but I decided this time that Heavy Infantry were the better choice vs. Ravenwood, as they're much less vulnerable to archery and wiill hold up for a while vs. a Treant.  Meanwhile, their 5/5 attack is still enough to get the job done vs. the lighter Ravenwood units.  (He deployed his Archer early, and I put my Heavy Infantry opposite them. The Peasant Mob is there as a backup unit, and to meet Core.  It would play an important role later.

Moving Forward

In the center, Jaime has shot most of the green boxes of my Heavy Infantry, who got Bravery and a bit of card love.  Fortunately, the Ravenwood Speearmen they are about to hit will be at 2s and 2s.

Early Twos-Company & Rout

The Ravenwood line is arced back, in part to buy Jaime's units time to get into position, so I'm able to get a Twos-Company (Heavy Infantry + Spearmen) on his Spearmen.  The Spearmen go into the yellow right away, but hold.  Ogres are Direct-Controlled to avoid a pinch.

Just to the foreground of that twos-company, Ravenwood Swordsmen rout when they go into the red.  They take a bunch of damage, but survive.  However, the Archers prevent them from running too far off, so my Heavy Infantry will catch them again quickly.

Note that in the lower-right of the photo is a fraction of a card with lots of glare.  Those are my Scouts on hold, ready a make a pain in the ass of themselves if offered a pinch.

White Flag

OK let me reconstruct what happened here.  I'll go background (Hawkshold right) to foreground (Hawkshold left)

I was feeling confident about the game, then made a bone-headed error that almost threw it away.  I'd intended for the Ogres to protect the Spearmen flank and vice-versa, but forgot to double-check the position and Jaime's Spearmen were able to get in and pinch my twos-company Spearmen with about a millimeter of clearance.   :-\

However, my guys stuck around to fight and he totally muffed the attack rolls and, with some blue card love, my pinched Spearmen stayed in the green!  ;D

Ogres, who had bravery on, then counter-pinched the Ravenwood Spearnen who took 6 damage but again didn't rout.  My twos-company guys finished off the other Spearmen in front to break the pinch.

Wolfkin then pinched my Ogres, who needed me to burn Spoils to stay in the fight at all, then took 4 damage and ran for it.  Worthless cowards!   >:(  At least they survived the rout, thought he Wolfkin's extra dice vs. routing units put them just into the red..  Meanwhile, my formerly-pinched Spearmen killed Jaime's formerly-pinching Spearmen (pretty sure they routed when they went into the red), though my guys were down to a paltry 2 red boxes.

Now the Wolfkin, still pristine, were facing 3 units:  Spearmen (2 red boxes), Ogres, (4 red boxes), and a Peasant Mob (pristine) backing up the Spearmen.  Jaime slammed them into the Spearmen, killing them off, but I did a somewhat-lucky 2 points back, leaving the Wolfkin with 1 green box.  This would be decisive.

The Peasant Mob had backed up my Spearmen so stepped forward, and the Ogres again with Spoils, then came in for the pinch.  I really wanted the Wolfkin to pass the rout check.  Stick around and they'll get mangled.  Blow the check and they'll run off and be able to charge again on Jaime's turn, but off they go.  :(  My free attacks vs. their amazing 5/1 routing defense do the predicted one damage.

Second rout check..FAIL!  Pop go the Wolfkin.  Now I no longer have to worry about a fast, annoying unit behind my line.

Heavy Infantry who had been part of that initial Twos-Company are hot on the trail of the Ravenwood Archers.  The proximity of the map edge suggests that my Heavy Infantry will be able to catch the Archers (who in any case would have to face away and not shoot.)  It'll take a while, but my guys are pristine.

Heavy Infantry who had routed Spearemen finish them off, and start to move toward my Deployment Zone to form a second line. They've lost their green boxes, but are still tough.

Heavy Infantry again finish off their Ravenwood opponent who routed at least once.

Swordsmen prevail over Ravenwood Spearmen, who rally in the woods but are in the red.  Rather than chase, I pull my guys back.  (At first glance it looks like my guys are routing, but observe that they're still in the green.)

The end of my infantry line does less well--Ravenwood Spearmen kill my Spearmen while only taking 2 damage.

Jaime's final Spearmen go after my Scouts, who have no interest in that fight, so I order them to flee back to the middle of the map.

Jaime conceded at this point.  I had 7 units on the map to his 4--one of which was an Archer around to be run down, and 1 of which had 2 red boxes left.  My units were slower, but I had time to get them back into formation by the time his guys caught up.

Good game, Jaime!


A photo of everyone who had played to the end.  Thanks for coming, everyone!  (You too Dave & Eric.)  :)
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