Author Topic: Championship 2017 Tie Breaker for 3rd Ron (Persia) vs. Brook (Orcs)  (Read 507 times)


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In this final, simple game (2000, Total Warfare, Terrain), Brook took a stand-and-shoot army with two Bomb Chuckers, a goblin Bowmen, and a whole gaggle of Goblin Spearmen.  Plus an Orc Crossbowmen unit on the far end of the line.  Ron took an Elephant; a Merc. Hoplites; and a bunch of lighter guys, including his own shooters (Sparabara & Thanvabara).

It looks like the Bomb Chuckers were targeting the Elephant, though its 4 toughness was keeping it alive.  Ron offered, and Brook accepted, a free pinch on some Sparabara in exchange for being able to flank with the Elephants. 








Ron wins the bronze! This was the last game to finish at the tournament.

I'm not positive why Brook conceded at this point, though things do look like they can get ugly:  the Royal Guard are about to "Power Up," and if Brook's left flank falls to pinching light cavalry those things will sweep the line, and the goblins were starting to collapse in front.

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Re: Championship 2017 Tie Breaker for 3rd Ron (Persia) vs. Brook (Orcs)
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So many of my units got bonuses vs range, which was good vs a stand and shoot but was not my intent during army build. I stuck with the winning formula of Elephants plus Thanvabara (although only 2 this time) and the other twerps were just there fill the line, harass with crappy missile fire, and pinch if possible. I took 3 cheap jav'n'cav because they were the best bang for my buck in terms of cav throughout the tournament, and I figured that somewhere on the line I would be able to pinch and explode me some o dem goblins. I had no idea Brook was going to take almost all goblins with a token orc unit (though I think I have seen that from him before so it should not have been such a surprise.)
I think Brook conceding had to do with him wanting to leave in time to get back to Jersey at a reasonable hour. That and his relatively cold range dice (especially the dice targeting the Elephants.) By contrast, my range dice were pretty sweet. Although they did get cold at times, they were definitely enough to make those goblins wonder what the hell they were doing sticking their necks out while the orc contingent stayed home. As you can see from the last photo, Brook still had a lot of units on the board, but things were probably going to get real ugly for his goblins, real fast. My jav'n'cav have all taken a beating but they are all still there to toy with Brooks Crossboworcs while my pristine merc hoplites finally wade in and start doing some serious damage.
Persian heroes of the game: The Elephants proved to be a better meat shield than the Thanvabara could hope to be on their best day.
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