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A short-and-sweet semifinals.  2000 points, Ticking Clock.


This game featured a bid on a special package, which Ron won the bid on.  IIRC I bid 93 and he bid 130, so ht got it for 111.5.  The winner got the ability to buy Command Cards for 8 points cheaper, the ability to take "guest units" from another historical army (fantasy army had I won it), starting the game with two cards in hand of your choice--one from your own deck and one from the opponent's deck, and two reroll tokens that cause an attack roll to be re-rolled (but didn't count as playing Command Cards).

Ron didn't use either of the first two abilities.  He grabbed "The Plan" but never used it (though preventing me from using it was pretty good--there was a turn I did 3 or 4 CAs on order changes.)

We ended up battling on this map with a narrow field, the question being whether to contest the water at all or not.

2 Set Up & Strategy

Persia, background to foreground: Kardakes, 5 Mercenary Hoplies, Royal Guard behind Merc. Hoplites behind Thanvabara (skirmisher).

Ron took double Satrap Levies, so even though he'd spent over 100 point on the package his army still outweighed mine by roughly 250 points.   :o  Scary! 

Hawkshold, background to foreground:  Spearmen, Heavy Infantry, 3 Great Swordsmen with a Peasant Mob sort of behind them, Swordsmen, Militia sandwiched between two Scouts.

While it would've been fun to take a line of heavies, I had to make Core somehow.  Plus I chose to contest the river, and Scouts are the right things to do it.  (Yeah sure other stuff is better, but Scouts are affordable.)


4 Opening Moves

Both sides are on Close, with just a little fiddling around to each slow down our left, though not by much. 

Scouts race off into the water.  Ron's Thanvabara almost made me cry by jackpotting on my Scouts (3 dice needing 2s...3 hits!) but they then totally mufffed the damage roll.  Ron burned a re-roll token but still only did 1 damage.

On the left, Thanvabara get in the face of my Swordsmen, while in the center and right the lines trudge toward each other unimpeded.  Worth noting that with Ron only getting 2 CAs/turn I have more Command Cards.



Ron's turn, before & after Combat.

He had taken my "The Plan" card, and I was wondering if he would be using it to hold stuff back, but nope.  The lines crash together.  Our mutual heavies do a bunch of damage to each other, but no rout checks yet.  My Spearmen receive an unanswered Accuracy Card and do the expected 4 damage to the Kardakes.  Rout check...FAIL!  Second rout check...FAIL!

On the other side of the line, Thanvabara shoot arrows into the Swordsmen's face.  My Swordsmen had been swtiched from Close to Hold on the previous turn, as a few arrows in the face is a small price to pay for the Persian heavies being cock-blocked vs my light guys.

7 Chain-of-Failure or Where's "A Thousand Nations" When You Need It?

My turn.  Left to right:

Merc. Hoplites don't rout when pinched, but do when mangled into the red.

Greatswordsmen and Merc. Hoplites who had mauled each other the previous turn continue to do so.  My guys pass their rout check (needing a 12/15.  They didn't need to burn Bravery).  Merc Hoplites...FAIL!

Greatswordsmen get some unanswered red card love and put the Merc. Hoplites into the yellow.  Rout check..FAIL!

Greatswordsmen don't get much love from either cards or dice and are losing, but not fast enough.

A bunch of units pick their nose.  Scouts stay out of Final Rush range of the Merc. Hoplites, and I'm hoping to get them into the water.  If they go in, they'll sit there for the rest of the game.

Scouts start to make their way behind his line.  They might just sit in the Persian Deployment zone, but could goose someone if given the opportunity.

With 3 routs (4 if you count the Kardakes the turn before) Ron's position was hopeless and he threw in the towel.

Man, that was some bad luck.   Good game Ron!

Worth noting that Ron still ended up going 4-1 this tournament, equaling my record and besting everyone else's, including that of Jaime who ultimately placed second. 

Two ironies of this game.  On was that this was the one time he took Satrap Levies.  (THough I'd caution that it's a good ability to take once but extremely dangerous to take twice.  Had he taken it once and not taken the Royal Guard things might've gone a lot better.)  The other irony was that this also was the once game where the Persian opponent (me) was silly enough to forget to take the 2 free Command Cards!  :P

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Re: Championship 2017 Semifinals: Kevin (Hawkshold) vs. Ron (Persia)
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Arggghh. Even though we had 1 or even 2 vetos for terrain, I ended up on a friggin river?!?

My hypothesis on why I lost this game: I did not take any Elephants and only took 1 Thanvabara. I had a winning strategy and I tried something very different this time. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Also, just because 2 Merc Hoplites are good, that does not mean that 6 are better. That only works with Elder Blade Battle Squads, and only when they get +2 dice on the charge turn.
From a more meta standpoint, I would have also been much better off if I had kept track of where Kevin was going to end up in the finals, and somehow managed to go 2-1 instead of 3-0.
Persian heroes of the game, once again the Thanvabara punching way above their weight class; They made those Scouts almost poop their pants.
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