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With my 1-1 record, I faced off vs. Dave's Lizardmen.  We ended up on that map with Kitty-Corner deployment zones.  This was, IMHO, the most interesting game I played all tournament, and a lot closer than it looked!

This game featured 1800-point armies.  (3 Core, 1 Elite, 3 CAs).  We also had a Special Situation.  Ours was "Long Range Recon" in which we'd have to spend at least 75% of our points, reveal our armies to each other, then buy the rest. 

1 Set Up & Strategy

Hawkshold, background to foreground:

Scouts behind Heavy Infantry, Swordsmen, Heavy Infantry, Swordsmen, Swordsmen, Ogres, Scouts + 2 Command Cards

My plan was to blitz on the right and get Ogres & Scouts, which had to be a surprise, so I ended up purchasing a couple of Command Cards in order to spend at least 1350.  (I'd initially wanted a couple of Spearmen but that put my spending in the 1340s.  In hindsight it was all for nothing, as Dave was cautious and spammed Spearmen anyway.

Dave's units are in a tight formation.  Everything is a Trog Spearmen except for Healer Mages in the center of the formation and Swarmling Warriors on the back row.


3 Adjusting Formations

In the top photo Dave is pointing out my "cheating" for forgetting that we were at 3 CAs and drawing a fourth card the turn before. I took one less CA on this turn and we were square before the lines hit, but still.  Oopsie.  :-[

We each made an adjustment.  My Heavy infantry on my left (on the right in the lower photo) had been there to hold off anything big, but with Dave not contesting that side at all my good, slow unit was aimed at the forest!  I had it switch places with the Swordsmen on its right.

Dave, meanwhile, had his entire army angle to his left (my right) in order to cover that wide, empty flank.  His units would get there just in time.

On the lower photo, my Scouts on the far right are swinging out wide.  We'll see how, or if, the Lizardmen can handle that.

4 Engagement and Optimism

In the foreground, Ogres & Swordsmen get a two-company on some Trogs, putting them into the yellow.  (They hold.)  Bonus that the Trogs were on Close rather than Hold so the pointy things hurt less.  The Ogres have spoints and their flank is protected   I'm feeling optimistic here--if I can tear through these Trogs I'll be able to pinch and roll the line.

In the middle of the line, Heavy Infantry and Swordsmen have successfully traded positions.  Between the Heavy Infantry not needing blue cards and me buying 2 cards to begin with, I have moderate Command Card Superiority.

On the far end, Scouts are threatening to get behind Dave's line if he doesn't do anything about it.

5 Charging In and Holding Off

In the foreground, Dave's Trogs join the Twos Company vs. my Ogres.  He holds Swarmlings back from my Scouts (a theoretically an even fight), which would prove decisive in a way that neither of us foresaw.

A couple of other Lizardmen are held back from fighting, but the Trog Spearmen at the end of his line turn to face my Scouts, which will force them to swing very wide--too bad.


Same turn after combat.

Ack!  Fury helps put my Ogres into the yellow.  No problem.  They have Spoils and I need to roll a 13..FAIL!  Second rout check, needing a 12..FAIL!

Holy Crap!

But here's where things got strange.  Look carefully at the posiitions of the cards.  My turn was coming up.  On my turn, the Swordsmen who had been part of the Twos-Company would slide left.  Meanwhile, I could slide my Scouts about half an inch to the left.  Now Dave's Trog Spearmen, who had achieved that amazing feat of arms vs. my Ogres, were cock-blocked.  My Swordsmen & Scouts were too close together them to hit a flank, and the corner of his Swarmlings blocked line-of-sight onto my Scouts' front.

7 White Flag

On the left, my Scouts go wide to avoid the Spearmen.  Spearmen turn back around.  My Scouts sadly aren't within range of anyone on their next turn, but will start wreaking havoc the turn after that.

In the center, Heavy Infantry is predicably starting to win, albeit slowly.

My Swordsmen on the middle-right are doing remarkably well.  Pretty sure my dice were good, though the Healer Mage keeps his guys in the fight.

On the right, Swordsmen put Trogs into the red.  Trogs will rout and pop.  Meanwhile, Dave pulled his Swarmlings back in order to give his Trogs into position to hit my Scouts.  But now the Trogs were open to a pinch!

With Scouts behind his line, my center doing stronger, and the (viewer's) right flank in the process of shattering, Dave threw in the towel.  Good game, Dave!


The initial plan was to play 4 rounds, but Eric pointed out that with exactly 8 players, the 3 games had sorted us into a top and a bottom half, and given that ties are broken by opponent record it may well be the case, that even if folks who were 1-2 won their last game they'd still not make the final 4.  So we opted to do a big group-game Saturday night instead.

Standings at the end of the 4 rounds were:

#1:  Ron (Persia) 3-0
#2:  Jaime (Ravenwood)  2-1.  Opponents had gone 7-2.
#3:  Brook (Orcs)  2-1.  Opponents had gone 4-5.
#4   Kevin (Hawkshold) 2-1.  Opponents had gone 4-5.

Brook and I were exactly tied, so we diced off for who got the #3 slot vs. the #4 slot.

Eric (Wuxing), Marcus (Dwarves), and Dave (Lizardmen) all were at 1-2, while Blakely (Umenzi) had gone 0-3.  Tough crowd!

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