Author Topic: Championship 2017 Round 2 Jaime (Ravenwood) vs. Kevin (Hawkshold)  (Read 325 times)


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Round 2 was 2200 points, Secret-and-Simultaneous deployment.  I'm embarrassed to say that either I forget what special situation we did or maybe we didn't do one.

I took a line of 5 Great Swordsmen and a Healer Mage, figuring the Healer Mage could prevent a quick breakthrough and a line of Great Swordsmen would cut through somewhere.  Lighter units hold the flanks.

Jaime, meanwhile, took a Tree and two Bear Packs as his "heavies," with Bearkin and then some Ravenwood Spearmen and Swordsmen to round it out.

1  Moving in.

Jaime deployed with his Spearmen on the flanks further back.  My Healer Mages have Aura Cleansed a couple of Great Swordsmen in the middle of the line, including the poor bastards staring at the upcoming tree.

2  A good start!

I'm happy that the Treant is just out of range, so it'll be 2 turns before it gets engaged, while my Greatsworsdmen engage the adjacent Bear Pack before anything else.  Theoretically an even fight, my unit will get lots of card love, while Jaime has to pitch to play (which he did a couple of tiimes).  The first turn of combat goes well--his unit takes 4, while mine takes 2--which is about to be healed by the Healer Mages!


My dice go cold and Jaime's go hot.  The previously engaged Bear Pack evens things up despite me healing my unit 2.  His adjacent Bear Pack starts mauling other Great Swordsmen.


5 Action shots!  Jaime and I hard at play.

7   Ouch!  Ouch!  Ouch!

Look at the damage on various units and observe how my army is getting the crap kicked out of it!  Jaime's dice where HOT, while mine were mediocre at best.

8  Run away!

Two of my units have to make rout checks and both blow them, with Jaime's turn coming up.  One dies outright; the other will be tagged by bears while running away.

Jaime Ravenwood Swordsmen also rout and perish (He passed another check.), but my victorious Greatswordsmen aren't in range to pinch anyone else.  :-\

9  White Flag.

I lose another unit to the pinch, and as insult to injury (injury to injury?) the rest of my line is about to melt away from frontal combat damage alone.  I surrender after a very fast, efficient brutalizing.

Good game, Jaime!  The dice definitely favored him, as they would favor me in the finals, but he definitely played a solid game and made no mistakes so I was at best a coin flip to win it.

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