Author Topic: Introduction: What's Old is New Again  (Read 493 times)


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Introduction: What's Old is New Again
« on: December 07, 2016, 02:46:19 PM »
We are officially opening development on the Men of Hawkshold!  Although at this moment reprinting is still a ways off, we wanted to get started as early as possible on exploring any changes and updates to the faction. 

I've created three sub-forums for this process:

The Playtest Reports  forum is where to post any accounts of playtest games (with pictures please) for things that need to be tested.  Anyone is welcome to post games and feedback (everyone will access to the proposed Hawkshold revisions).  However to maximize the validity of these results, please follow these playtesting standards:

1 - Use the latest version of the rules as printed, plus any approved errata.  Currently, that is 3.1 rules.

2 - Playtest only Hawkshold proposals.  Often we have under consideration changes to the main rules, and playtesting those plus proposed revisions to Hawkshold at the same time can muddy the results.  Certainly this provision will be relaxed somewhat if we have a main rules proposal that would directly affect Hawkshold.

3 - Breaking Point is the default scenario, so try to use that scenario in most cases.  I'd like to see at least half of the games use Breaking Point, with the other scenarios (Total Warfare, Key Objective, Ticking Clock, etc.) making up the remaining half.

The Design Discussion forum is where the sausage will be made.  As such I've hidden it from public view.  Not because we're concerned of information leaking out, like I said all the changes will be public to anyone who wants them, but because historically these discussions are wide ranging and passionate.  For example, Marcus & I have had some very animated debates in the past, but we have nothing but respect for each other.  And I would hate for a guest or a new person on the forum to have a negative opinion of Your Move Games because their first exposure was Marcus cracking a joke about the location of my head and other... physical attributes.   ;D

Anyone who would like access to the Hawkshold Design Discussion forum, simply PM either myself or Marcus (Rushass) and let us know.  We can set you up pretty quickly so you can join the debate.  We'd love to have you input.

Finally this forum, the Updates & General Discussion forum, is a place for anything that doesn't fit in the other two.  I'll be posting (and updating) a thread with the Excel army builder for the revised unit, abilities, and Command Cards.  I'll also be posting up the working theme/background for the faction.  That will be a sort of design bible from which we'll draw inspiration for the rules, units, and art direction.  However it is not entirely set in stone, so please feel free to offer feedback.  If an idea is good, there's no reason not to incorporate it!

Hope you all are looking forward to this as much as we are!