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Championship 2017 Feb 25-26 at Totalcon, Marlborough MA.

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More details forthcoming, and at the moment it's just copied from last year, but I need to put up a page in order to do the Totalcon announcement.


OK guys, we're doing it all again!  The 6th Championship Tournament will be at Totalcon in Marlborough, Massachusetts, as a much nicer hotel than previously.

Hope to see you there!  Post below if you have any questions.

Saturday Schedule (Subject to change):

Game 1 starts at 10 AM sharp.  Round 4 games likely will end between 9:30 and 10:30 PM.

Take any published faction (fantasy or historical) and play it for the tournament.

Game 1:  1950 points, Ticking Clock, Terrain.

Game 2:  2200 points, (4CAs, 4 Core, 2 Elite), Total Warfare, Open Map, Night battle. (= Secret-and-simultaneous deployment and ranged attacks have a maximum range of 7".)

Game 3:  1800 (3 CAs, 3 Core, 1 Elite), Total Warfare, Terrain +  and 1 other Special Situation.

Game 4:  2050 points, Total Warfare, Terrain, Special Package Bid #1.  (See downthread.)

First round pairings will be random, except that players in the same game group won't be matched vs. each other.  Further ones will be "Swiss," meaning players with similar records will play vs. each other--so you'll end up playing more people with levels of experience similar to your own.

If we have an odd number of people in a given round, one game will be 2-on-1.

Sunday features two events, both starting at 10am.

1)  Single-elimination finals!  Players with the top-4 records make it into the semifinals.  Those who lose their semifinals game play a tiebreaker to determine 3rd vs. 4th place.

Note that records are determined as follows:
wins - losses
Ties broken by opponents' wins - losses
Special rule:  if you played and beat anyone with an equal win-loss record whose opponents had a better record than you, you advance to immediately above them.

Semifinals:  Ticking Clock, 2000, Terrain, Special Package Bid #2 (See downthread.)

Finals:  2000 Terrain, Total Warfare  (In the finals game 5 pieces of terrain will be offered, with each player making 2 vetoes.)

Also, there will be a more casual "Sunday Swiss" mini-tournament for folks who didn't make it into the semifinals.


Prizes!  TBA

First place gets first pick, 2nd gets 2nd pick, 3rd gets 3rd pick, 4th gets 4th pick.  Winner of the Sunday Swiss gets 5th pick. the "Plugger" (player must play at least 6 games, not win any of the other 7 prizes, and have the worst record) gets 6th pick.  2nd & 3rd in Sunday Swiss get 7th & 8th picks respectively.

Prizes TBA

Plus there are victory medals for first, second, third, fourth, and first in Sunday Swiss.

As with previous Championship Tournaments, many measures to ensure clean games will be practiced:  table dice on request, armies verified by judges, and all units are put in provided felt-backed card holders to prevent them from accidentally moving.

Also, some special rules and point costs will be used.


Special Package #1 (Saturday Round 4): 
You get the following:

1) Card Neutralization.  Take three neutralization tokens.  During the combat phase, when the opponent plays a command card you may use a token to cancel the combat-related effects of that card; the card is still played and the opponent may not play a card in its place. (Non-combat effects remain in place.  So for example if a Dwarf plays Rune of Protection and you cancel it they lose the defensive skill but keep the +3 courage.)

Playing a neutralization token counts as playing a command card, except that you may play it on any unit in play regardless of whether cards normally could be played on it and do not have to pitch cards to play this.  Note that if you have played a card in this phase you can't play a neutralization token.  (e.g. if your play Strike and your opponent plays Mettle you can't then neutralize it since you already played a card.)

b)  War Plans:  Before the game, pull up to 10 command cards out of your deck and set them aside.  These cards go unused for the duration of the game.  (Rule, that you must discard (or play) down to no more than 1/2 your command card deck before drawing new cards, still applies.)

Your opponent gets the following:
- Experienced Troops:  You get one bonus Command Action per turn, but it may only be spent on Direct Control.

Special Package #2 (Sunday morning Semifinals)

1)  Guest Units:  Up to 400 points of your army may be units from another faction.  These units may be Core or Standard only, and function under the following rules:
a)   Guest Units:  Choose one other fantasy faction if you're playing a fantasy faction; or a historical faction if you're playing a historical faction.  This choice must be announced before army build.  You may put up to 666 points ( = 1/3 your total army cost) of guest units in your own army, though no one guest unit may cost over 333 points.  Some special rules: 
- These units are treated as your own units, not mercenaries.  So you may play your faction Command Cards on them as if they were your own units.  (Obviously if a unit is pitch-to-play then it's still pitch-to-play.)  Also, Core guest units count toward your meeting Core.
- The guest units use their own faction ability/abilities, not your own.  For example, if you're playing Orcs and you take Umenzi Warriors as a guest unit, then spending a Command Action on them gives them Faith Armor still, and your Umenzi Warriors can not be Lashed.   
- Army-Wide abilities that come with your guest units can not be used.  For example, taking Carthaginian Guest units does not let you take Foresight, and Persian Guest units does not let you take Satrap Armies  (Though in those cases you can do Determination and Kings Favor respectively.) Pre-bought faction abilities (e.g. Dark Elf Premeditation) normally used on specific units may be used on the guest units.
- The units do not treat your "home army" units as their own type.  So for example Umenzi High Priests could throw Hexes and Death Curses at the opponents, but Blesses and Healing will not work on your other units, except of course on your other Umenzi guest units.  Triarii will still back up multiple units, but don't give non-Roman units the extra attack die.

2)  Best of Both Worlds:  Choose one Command Card from your own faction, and one from the opponent's faction.  You start the game with these in your hand.  The opponent's command card functions on your own units as though you were its faction.  (Though some won't work.  e.g. the Undead card that gives free points for Reanimation is useless since your units can't be Reanimated.)  Once played, the opponent card goes into the opponent's discard pile.

3)  Mulligans.  Gain two re-roll tokens. These may be played on any combat role by either you or the opponent, except that they do not count as command cards.  Note that they can not be used when a card has been played saying "These dice can not be re-rolled."

4)  Easy Inspiration:  Command cards purchased pre-game cost 18 points each rather than 25, though you are limited to five.

Your opponent gains the following:

Sure thing:  After deployment, mark 2 units.  Whenever these units are engaged and do zero damage in an attack, they instead do 1 damage.

I am in.
I assume Eric Stolar is in too, since we are splitting a room.


Battleground Championships at TotalCon are not that far away.

Anything for us to discuss at this point?


I'll be fine-tuning the rounds in the next couple of weeks (Don't expect anything too drastic.), as well as announcing the prizes.  Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Actually, I do have something to discus.  I pooped the bed concerning setting up an event for Friday night.  Anybody interested in me organizing something for Friday?  Keep in mind that it may already be too late but I'm going to reach out to Angelia to see if we can still squeeze into the event book.  I'm pretty sure that we can.


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