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Vlachold vs Undead: Ticking Clock
« on: March 23, 2016, 01:05:12 AM »
We had a short break between playtests this week, and decided to flip it up with me me playing Vlachold and Scott playing Undead.  We randomly chose a map and ended up with Ticking Clock on the map with the river down the middle.  In this case we mutually agreed not to take stand & shoot builds because we're not really testing how the Voynik Crossbowmen do.  We know that one already.  So I took a build that tested out things that need testing:  Markyz Lancers and Curteni Heavy Archers.

We mostly used the Ninth Draft rules, found here, but with a few tweaks:

1)  We let Drain affect multiple units, instead of just one.

2)  Voynik Thralls only mark one [sacrifice] box per turn when drained, regardless of how many times they're drained.

3)  Furor Indomitus is (+0)+1/+0 or (+0)+0/+1 this attack and counts as a Command Card.

Vlachold:  2 Voynik Spearmen, 2 Voynik Swordsmen, 1 Voynik Thralls, 1 Tepes Lords, 1 Curteni Heavy Archers, 1 Warriors in the Mist, 1 Markyz Lancers

Undead:  4 Zombies, 1 Abominations, 1 Skeleton Trolls, 1 Death Knights, 1 Giant Catapult, 5 Command cards


Vlachold is labeled so it's only the Undead that need explaining (L->R):  Abomination, T-Stack o' Zombies, Skeleton Trolls (in front of Death Knights), Zombies, Giant Catapult.

Scott has most of his army on a Close, with the Giant Catapult on M+S Close with an objective on the Voynik Swordsmen in the center-right.  The Death Knights are move-capped at 2.5" while the Skeleton Trolls have the red die as an objective.

I give the Thralls on the left an objective to slide out before moving forward.  The Spearmen in the center get an objective on the bridge while the Markyz Lancers on the right get an objective far down the battle field.  The Curteni Heavy Archers get the Skeleton Trolls as a target, but I don't give them M+S because at 2.5" they'd move forward way too slowly.

Shifts & Shenanigans

This is after the Undead 2nd turn (Scott went second).  The Skeleton Trolls have shifted right, opening a path for the Death Knights.  My Spearmen are following suit, using the People of the Borderland ability to get into position before the Undead cross the river.  On the right, my Lancers are racing up the field while in the center the Curteni Heavy Archers have done a single point to the Skeleton Trolls.  On the left, the Thralls are drained over two turns by the Tepes Lords.  This leaves them one box away from a yellow check, but they're at least Cge 14.

The Giant Catapult's shots from this turn and last put the Voynik Swordsmen into the Yellow.  The Voyniks fail their Courage check and are Disrupted.  I'll opt to leave them that way for a bit because I want the CAs for cards.

Rounding the Corner

On his turn Scott's Undead move forward, with the 1.25" moving Zombies unable to Final Rush.  On the far left the Abomination (being Large) is slowe down less and threatens the flank of the Voynik Swordsmen but the Thralls are moving into position.

In the center the Death Knights approach the bridge. Scott wants my Warriors in the Mist to be suckered into flank charging the Skeleton Trolls next turn so the Death Knights can hit them in the flank.

On the right the Giant Catapult wheels to keep both units in front of it, but it's too little too late.  The Markyz Lancers raced around the edge too quickly, even with the river.  Instead he shoots at the Voynik Spearmen, doing 3 damage with 4 dice and forcing another rout check.  Luckily this time I pass. Behind the Giant Catapult a unit of Zombies shambles into position to flank-pinch the Lancers when they pinch the Giant Catapult.

Sacrificial Tepes Lords

In one of the weirder turn of events, on my turn I DC the Tepes Lords to slide sideways to block the Warriors in the Mist from running into a bad spot.  On the Undead turn, both the Zombies and the Death Knights end up too far away to charge them!

On the far left, the Voynik Swordsmen & Thralls have engaged.  It's pretty much a slapfight all around.

On the right side the Skeleton Trolls charge the Holding Spearmen and do 4 damage, but they take 5 in return.

On the far right it's the battle of bungles for me.  On the previous turn, I pinch the Giant Catapult and my units combine to do 4 damage (one of which he heals with vampirism).  The Markyz Lancers roll three 6s to wound after I played Might to make it 5s or less.  And the Spearmen failed the Fear check at the outset.  This turn I do basically no damage as the Lancers drop way off in effectiveness after the charge turn.

Zombie Flankers

On my turn, I charge the Tepes Lords into the Death Knights.  I whiff completely, despite using Furor Indomitus for the +1 Pow.  The Death Knights only do 3 damage.  On the following turn, the Tepes Lords do 2 damage and the Death Knights put them into the Red, but I pass a Cge 11 Red check with no help.

Center-right, the Skeleton Trolls and Spearmen grind each other down.  Scott tries to heal them but I keep them in the red, dramatically reducing their effectiveness.

On the right, the Giant Catapult has destroyed the Spearmen, but the un-Disrupted Swordsmen back them up.  Between the Swordsmen and the Markyz Lancers, they finally bring the Giant Catapult down but not before the Zombies pinch the Lancers.  I pass the rout check, but I had a Fatalism ready to go (Markyz Lancers have both the Drain and Vassal keyword...).  Against the Zombie attacks I play Undying Scorn to neutralize the attack.  What damage I suffer, I heal via Draining.

Vlachold Turns the Flank

With the Giant Catapult destroyed, the Voynik Swordsmen turn inward while the Markyz Lancers struggle to deal with the Zombies on their flank.  The Zombies would pretty much contain the Lancers for the rest of the game.

The Skeleton Trolls have whiffed for a couple of turns against the Voynik Spearmen on the center-right, and are finally destroyed.

In the center the Tepes Lords are destroyed by the Death Knights, but the Warriors in the Mist step forward.

To the left of the bridge the Zombies try to flank, but I change the Curteni Heavy Archers to Close and they will definitely get there in time.


And this is how it ends, with a whimper instead of a bang.  The Warriors in the Mist whiff the first round and only do 1 damage this round, but it puts the Death Knights into the yellow.  The Death Knights promptly flub the rout check.  Here's where it get stupid: Scott played Vampirism, so he healed that one Green box back.  I whiff on the Free Strikes, and the Warriors in the Mist only do 1 damage...putting the Death Knights back into the Yellow.  Scott promptly fails that rout check.

At this point we decide to call it.  There's still some action on the left, including the Curteni Archers who engaged this turn, but the game is pretty much decided.  It's only a matter of how much do I win by.

So a quick game, with Scott reeducating himself on why the Giant Catapult usually stays in the box.  This is also one of the rare cases where even the non-errata'd Rat Swarm would have been better than taking Command Cards.  I'd probably have taken Ghouls instead.  Something to protect that right flank of his.

I'll post up my Vlachold thoughts tomorrow on the Nine Draft thread.
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