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Re: Large Unit Buff
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Since we appear to be discussing Fear, can I throw another one out there on a KISS basis?
Any unit making a close combat attack against a Fearsome unit takes a penalty of (-1) 0/0
Terrifying give (-2) instead.

Is having 1 less die on every attack against you as good as having two units at Pow 6?

I'm really sad that I didn't think of this approach first.  I have the formula and could get some baseline numbers.

A generic unit (i.e. O:(5)5/5, D:2/2, Mv 3.5", Cge 12, 4G/3Y/3R) is 192 pts.  If you lowered its number of attacks to 4 dice (to represent the -1 die penalty you proposed), then they would be 167pts or a 25pt reduction.  That's a 13% decrease, which is way better than the 4% that Fearsome gets charged.  In that hypothetical, if you had 7 Fearsome DE units, you'd get an average return of 175pts, which is more than double the effect you'd get for the 80pts you spend.

So while the KISS idea is a bit too good, the methodology is a good one.  And thanks for putting us on that track!

If Fearsome is worth 4%, then we want something that has an approximate value of 8pts on a 192pt unit.  If 1 die is worth 25pts, but we make it so that you have to take a Cge check every turn then Fearsome only works about 1/4 of the time (because the enemy would pass its Fear check on a Cge 12 about 3/4 of time).  25 * 1/4 = ~6pts

Still a little off.  But if you make Fearsome checks a -1 Cge, then the normal unit is failing 1/3 of the time.  25 * 1/3 = 8pts.  Now we're on the money.

So from a strictly math POV, that's work.  Of course from a KISS perspective, it might be a little hard to remember:  every turn, at a -1 Cge for not that great a payout in terms of -1 die.

Another option is to make it an 'every turn' check (at no penalty) but have it be a (-0)-1/-0 for the enemy.  For a normal unit, going from Skill 5 to Skill 4 is a 36pt decrease.  Again assuming the enemy passes it 3/4 of the time, that means:  36 * 1/4 = 9 pts.

Pretty dang close to the 8pts that Fearsome would cost on a normal unit.  And who knows, maybe this would work because a lot of Fearsome units are D:1/3, which makes playing things like Parry a waste of time.  Now when the other guy fails the fear check, it might expand the options when it comes to card play.  Just a thought.