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Alliance of Evil Backstory
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In the midst of the many nations lies an immense forest called the Shadow Wood.  It is not a dark forest, for it generally airy and pleasant, encompassing several rivers and abounding in fertile groves; neither is it isolated, for the Shadow Wood lies across several major trade routes and contains numerous small settlements and even a few small cities.  Rather, the Shadow Wood is so named for the dark power that inhabit it, and indeed there are thickets in that forest that few mortals would dare to enter.  By day commerce and prosperity reign, but at night the darkness rules supreme as terror walks beneath the stars. 
In times past travelers were rarely harassed though it is far more than a day's journey in breadth.  Although the fairy dwellers, the feys and harpies and gremlins, had numerous settlements of their own, they dared not raise havoc for fear of terrible retribution.  All that changed through the inspiration of Matzac Eiylith, leader of the Fey people in Blackheart Dell.  He it was who ventured beneath the forest to make an alliance with the nightmares of the underworld.  Having brokered this deal he then sent emissaries throughout the Shadow Wood to increase the web of treaties.  During this time the forest became more and more dangerous as evil was emboldened to rejoice in its dark pursuits.
Such doings soon raised the concern of the outside world, and so it was that Sir Anton Matrough led an army of six hundred knights to destroy the settlement of Blackheart Dell.  Riding through the forest by the light of a cloudless day, they encountered no resistance when they reached the deserted settlement.  They set fire to the settlement then left, intending the reach the nearest trade route before dusk, but were dismayed to find that the path had vanished, replaced by thickets of blackened and twisted trees.  Finally they were forced to make camp in the heart of the forest. 
That night they learned the terror of the Shadow Wood.  As the survivors related there were gremlins behind every bush, raining arrows through the night.  The sentinels were constantly harassed from beneath and above, and every sortie into the dark was met by silent nightmares.  In testimony to the skill and bravery of the company, almost half survived until daybreak, but their besiegers didn't disappear with the rising of the sun.  Through an overcast day they fought their way to the river bottom.  It was misting all up and down the river.  Pursued as they were by harpies and gremlins, the knights barely noticed the weather, until the mists attacked.  By design, the feys left some few survivors to carry word of the battle to the lands beyond the Shadow Wood.  After this victory Matzac Eiylith recruited the gnomes to build a network of underground roads under the Shadow Wood and even to lands beyond, and made contact with the deep dwellers, Fiends.  With yet more and more flocking to his banner Eiylith finally declared one simple treaty.  Any member attacked, all members attack: the Alliance of Evil was born.
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