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Alliance of Evil
« on: November 20, 2015, 08:37:41 PM »
Hey all, a few disclaimers ahead.  This is not my faction; this is my brother's faction.  Pretty much all the ideas are his; I just cleaned up some wording and gave a little bit of advice.  I have to say, I think that this is better than any of my stuff.  Also, my brother wrote up a longer backstory which I will post seperately.

The Alliance of Evil

The Shadow Wood is home to the Alliance of Evil.  The Alliance, composed of evil fairies and other magical beings, seeks no conquest but merely the ability for each to wreak evil in its own way.  It's is bound to avenge attacks on any one of its members and utilizes a network of underground roads stretching beyond the borders of the Shadow Wood to exact retribution on its enemies.

Army Ability    
Shadows of Night: You may spend a command action to mark an enemy unit. That unit has -1 courage until after its next courage check.  Units engaged with an enemy so marked have +1 courage.

   Gnome (Core)  4/4/4  1/1  R-  C-10  M-2.5  3/3/3

   Gnome Archer (Core)  4/4*/4*  0/1  R-14”  C-10  M-2.5”  3/1/3
0/-2/-2 while engaged.
Shoot then shoot then shoot.  Reload.  Shoot then shoot then...

   Gremlin Archer (Core)  3*/5/5  2/2  R-10.5”  C-11  M-2.5  4/3/2
+2/0/0 while engaged.
Arrows are practical; blades are fun.

   Feys (Core)  5/7/4  3/0  R-  C-12  M-3.5”  4/3/3
Battle is the great dance with death.

   Nightmares (Core)  3/6/6  1/3  R-  C-  M-3.5”  2/3/6
Every time the last hit box of a color is marked, this unit gains +1 die.
The longer you fight them the worse they get.

   Harpies  5/5/5  2/2  R-  C-12  3.5”  3/3/2
Flying: 8.5”  0/+2 against ranged.
Ugly and mean.  Some appearances don't deceive.

   Ancient Blackthorn  4/4/7  1/4  R-  C-12  M-1.75”  8/2/2

   Gargoyles  5/7/7  0/0  R-  C-9  M-5”  3/2/1
Always has the "Close" Standing Order and may not be given a Standing Order Modifier or be directly controlled.  This unit is unaffected by your command cards.

   Will’O’The’Wisp  5/5/5  2/2  R-  C-0  M-3.5”  1/4/5
Doesn't take damage when routing from combat, routs at 2.5, is not destroyed if attacked when routing, gain +0+1+1 when attacking to the rear, enemies don't get a bonus when attacking this unit in the rear.  Auto rallies if attacked when routing.
Don't follow the light.

   Diabolical Mist (Elite)  5/6/6  5/0  R-  C-  M-3.5”  5/4/3  
This unit can choose whether it attacks and is attacked on enemy turn. No maneuver penalties when under direct control.  When engaged, all faces count as front.
The grace of a rippling brook with a heart as cold as ice.

   Fiends (Elite)  5/6/7  3/3  R-  C-  M-3.5”  5/5/2
Mortals only wish they could forget us.

   Werewolves (Elite)  7*/5/5  3/2  R-  C-13  M-5”  5/3/3
+2/0/0 on Post-Rout free attacks.
Hunt by the light of the moon.


Strength of Evil
Play only on an engaged unit.  That unit gains +4+0+1.  Immediately make an attack on any friendly, non-large unit at 3 die at 6 strength against their armor

Black Ragex2
Play only on an engaged unit.  That unit gains +4/0/0 die.  Deal 1 damage to that unit.

Poison in their Thoughtsx2
One enemy unit immediately takes a fear check at -2 courage before attacking.

Silent Screamx2
If your unit fails a rout check, you may choose to rout it forward through one enemy unit.  This unit passes all courage checks for the rest of the turn.

Senseless Malice
Play during the Movement and Command Phase. Discard a command card to play. Three of your units may final rush at +1 MC or gain +0+0 +1 this turn.  You may not play command cards on those attacks.

Play during the Movement and Command Phase.  Discard one command card to play.  For every two dead units, one of your units gains +1+0+0 for this turn.

Death Grapple
Play on an engaged unit that is not charging.  For this turn, attacks to and from this unit ignore defense skill.  This unit has -1 armor.  This unit passes all courage checks this turn.  You may not play command cards on this unit this turn.
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