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Interesting, and nice little report.  Did you get 200 bonus points for (presumably) having units in the M&M deployment zone, per Ticking Clock?  Those points are there to balance fighting stand-and-shoot armies in a scenario where the game ends before you can sweep them away.  (Not that Tim's victory isn't legit--you play the scenario you get and, assuming no points, kudos to Tim for spotting the opportunity!)

An Elementalist in the front line isn't a bad idea at all.  It has better fighting stats than your typical archer, so if an opponent is softened up enough it can win and by having it up front your line just got 1 wider.
A Brief Interlude

Hey look, Dave Cheng!

By the time we finished the 3rd game it was approaching 11:00 and we couldn't agree on what to do, so the consensus was to take an Uber to the new casino that was less than a mile away.  So off we went!

I normally don't dig pumpkin beer too much, but they had this stuff on draft that they served with cinnemon and it was rather tasty.

I don't gamble and neither does Jesus, so we bounced between watching Brook play Roulette and Eric + Tim playing a variation of Texas Hold Em.  I discovered the bar and had a few beers, wandered around, met some folks, and generally had a good time.  Maybe too much of a good time because I got a text while I was in the bathroom around 2:30 asking where I was and stating that the rest of the guys where waiting out front with the Uber.  Woops!
Game 3 Vs. Tim (Monsters & Mercenaries) Ticking Clock, no terrain

IIRC this scenario was set as having no terrain.  So here we have Tim playing Monsters & Mercs.  Golly gee, I wonder what he'll do?  Regardless of whatever army he would bring out, I was obliged to play Army #1.  Beef and all that.  To the shock and surprise of everybody on the planet (and a few Moon outposts), Tim brought out a stand and shoot army consisting of 2 Elementalists, a Healer Mage, and a bunch of Half Orcs.  Strangely, he put one of the Elementalists on the front line.

He turtled his troops up in the corner and I came in to go get him.  I used some Manipulate Qi to take the edge off the ranged fire and kept the dragon on the ground.  The dragon swung out wide and my line was relatively even when it engaged, meaning that the left side took an extra turn or two to engage because Tim had their adversaries curved back in an arc.  The dragon was a brutal disappointment as it did way below expected damage but this was mitigated by the Salvaged and Swordsmen to the left of it punching above their weight.  This game ground on til the end and it wound up being amazingly close with Tim pulling it out.  I think the score of destroyed/damaged units was something like 835 vs. 873 points and Tim remarked that I would have won if the game had gone on for 1 more turn.  I agreed with him but the game was only for 8 turns so he won!
General Battleground: Fantasy Warfare Discussion / Re: Getting back in the game
« Last post by GoIndy on October 11, 2017, 01:28:42 PM »
That's excellent Taylor....we could always use more cowbell!!

General Battleground: Fantasy Warfare Discussion / Getting back in the game
« Last post by Taylorcowbell on October 11, 2017, 10:05:53 AM »
Hello all, its been way too long and I am getting back in the game finally (found a gaming group who likes to play in my new city). So I am just curious as to what  need to get fully caught up, as it seems i missed 2 kickstarters :(

What I have (Should be everything up to dark elves):
Orcs (S&R)
High Elves(S&R)
Lizardmen (S&R)
Undead (S&R)
Ravenwood Elves (S&R)
Dwarves of Runeguard (S&R)
Umenzi Tribesman (S&R)
Men of Hawkshold (S&R)
Monsters and Mercs (S&R)
Dark Elves (seems to be both in one)
Punic War (Base game and reinforcements)

So from what I can tell I need to get The Alexander vs Persia Starter and Reinforcements, as well as the Wuxing.
From the wuxing kickstarter, i can see there was a merc unit included (chinese vampires?) are these included in all boxes, or were they just the kickstarter ones
Same question for the alexander vs persia box. Although that seemed to imply more that they were just for backers. Were they just alt art cards, or did they have gameplay differences?

Finally, Ive read about a giant blue dragon. Is that the only (other) promo unit thus far?

Oh one last question. What is the most recent rules? Is it in the wuxing box? or have things changed since then?

Thanks for the responses, and hoping i remember to bring a camera next time so I can provide some battle reports going forward!



Ah, I totally missed that!  At least it was a last minute include and I wasn't sitting on the double dragon build for weeks in advance without knowing that  :P
See, the "in my pants" dragon is green.  Brook and I are in agreement.   :D

The flavor text says that Spring and Autumn fight together while Summer fights alone.  Of course, you don't have to follow the rules flavor-text suggestion, and I suppose if you did it would be tipping your hand in a big way.
Potential default option or not, it was a nice change of pace.  For those who enjoy a "do your homework" approach, it gives you preparation to do before the event other than merely selecting your faction.  And aside from the first round where some players may still be getting their lists together, the rounds go more quickly because players are no longer trying to construct an army, merely selecting one of the 3 they already have.  The down side of course is that some players enjoy creating an army right there before the game begins.  Either way, I thought it was pretty fun even though I only used 2 of my 3 armies.  The 3rd one was crap anyways - LOL
I have to say, kudos to Brook for putting this on.  I think that the "bring 3 lists" idea is something worth making more standard.  Maybe even have it be the default option for when YMG does official organized play rules.
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