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I'll be there. Forgot to pre-register.  Is there any Battleground going on Friday night?
Nah, that's fine
Should we put up the list of other stamped errata?  I think there's only the Rat Swarm and the Triarii, but I can dig through and see if there's any others we've done.
For reference here are those rules:  BGFW 4.0 Shooting Rules revision
Without getting too deep into a ranged rules discussion here, the biggest thing about the switch is re-wiring your brain as an experienced player.  We've learned that doing some things with the new ranged rules can get you really good results while doing others really suck.  Brook and I have the advantage that we've been using these rules for the last couple of months but you can rest assured that if I'm playing a game with someone and they deploy a ranged unit or give it a standing order that is going to screw you in the long run, I'll let you know about it.

Like exhibit A - NEVER give a low arc weapon a short ranged standing order.  Yeah, we went there...
Faction Discussions / Re: High Elves Units and Tactics
« Last post by gornhorror on September 25, 2018, 10:59:51 AM »
Here's another permeation of the COOSHIE PACK!!!!!

(5) 5/4 2/2  R-O  C-13 M-5  3G/4Y/3R

Not as much bite, but definitely more durable.
Well, I hope you don't do that.  However, I'm not sure if they have changed all that much.  The changes that I do know are that the extreme range penalty was added and that the ammo for pure range units went from 8 shots to 6 shots.  I would like both of these things to change. Specifically, the extreme range modifier to be taken away and the ammo shots to go back to 8.  That being said, I am getting used to the new range rules now that I've played with them a bit.  There are still some weird situations that come up on the "off turn" that still give me reservations though. 

Rules / BGFW Rulebook - quirks
« Last post by Joe Kundlak on September 25, 2018, 03:22:15 AM »
Hey guys,

this concerns the planned rulebook for v4 - which is pretty much still work in progress.
Found an odd wording, which seems to contradict itself (the two bolded parts).

Scenario: Breaking Point

Sack the Camp: Each unit with a cost of more than 100pts that has at least three center points within your opponent’s deployment zone counts as 100pts of de-stroyed enemy units (see Victory below). This counts as 100pts of destroyed units regardless of your unit’s cost and no longer counts if your unit is destroyed, routs, or disrupted.
Faction Discussions / Re: High Elves Units and Tactics
« Last post by gornhorror on September 24, 2018, 11:38:07 PM »
I had an idea for a cheap unit that would make sense in the high elf army.  Since High Elves are more regimented and organized than their cousins the Wood Elves, perhaps they would have kennels with trained Cooshie (Elven dogs).

Cooshie Pack

(3) 6/5 2/2  R-O  C-13 M-5  3G/2Y/2R

Give them the Wolfkin ability (+3 def., +2 vs. routing, reform)

Woof, Woof...

Cool idea, but I think we can come up with a better name for the unit than that.  Yeah yeah yeah, I know the old D&D Coshies.  But I think think we should aim for something along the lines of Elf Hounds, Eldar Hounds... something like that.

Vu le vu cooshie a vec mwa ses swah!!!!
Hopefully these guys will play because they'll be at the Convention: Dave Cheng, Eric Stolar.

I'll give the range rules one last shot.  Marcus has made claims they are better now.

But giving fair warning now if I hate them as much as I did last time I.ll prob drop out.
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