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Just a minor update that I'm confirmed to be going to NYC and plan to join you all Saturday as detailed above!
Session Reports / Umenzi - Hawkshold 2000 Terrain
« Last post by Kevin on Yesterday at 02:30:06 PM »
After a bit of a hiatus, Blakely and I played a game yesterday, each taking the other's faction from the most recent Championship Tournament.  Pretty straightforward Total Warfare game with each of us making a terrain veto.  The terrain we got more-or-less sectioned the map off into three separate battles.

Oh, I normally spot her 100 points, but she was a gentlewoman and told me to go ahead and play a 1908-point army I'd made.

Set Up and Strategy

Hawkshold, left-to-right:

Scouts behind Spearmen, Spearmen, Greatswordsmen, Greatswordsmen, Militia behind Greatswordsmen, Greatswordsmen, Swordsmen.  Four units in the middle of her line which could take anything but Chosen, and faster but still solid units on the flanks, and a Militia acting as backup where my line was strongest.  What's not to like?

Umenzi, left-to-right:

Spearmen, Shamans behind Worthy, Spearmen, High Priests behind Initiates, Chosen, Atlatlmen behind Worthy, Berserkers.

My goal was to have the Chosen, High Priests, and Atlatlmen all hit the same unit.  The High Priests were deployed early in the middle so that they could go to either side.  It was a mistake to put them so far back, as we'll see later.

Moving In

Units fan out and move forward.  A couple things to note.

The Hedges make the central battlefield 3-wide, and the flanks 2-wide.  Realizing things were too narrow on the left to get a pinch, Blakely's Scouts went forward in front of her Spearmen to do what they could.

In the center, both my weaker units are on Hold on location targets.  Normally it would be suicide to have such a light unit (104-point Initiates) next to my best one, but I could count on the hill in the middle to slow down her already-slow unit.

Charge of the Light Brigade

(A few turns later.)

On the left, Scouts rammed into my holding Spearmen and went into the red.  They held but were finished off the next turn.  The two damage you see on the Shamans are them healing the Spearmen back up most of the way.

Using CAs, I pulled my light units in the center back slightly, so they have not yet been engaged-and-slaughtered by Greatswordsmen.  The jig us up next turn, though.

The Umenzi-Death-Trio (Chosen, High Priests, Atlatlmen) went to work on Blakely's Greatswordsmen.  My mediocre dice made up for her lack of good blue cards, and on the first turn my High Priests were out of range to Death Curse, but they still took down the Greatswordsmen in 3 turns, the Atlatlmen doing the last point.

I get lucky on the right.  My Worthy's life expectancy vs. Greatswordsmen isn't great, but one unit that did not get Bravery was the Swordsmen.  They routed & died on the second turn of combat when put into the yellow, and now my Berserkers were looking at a tasty pinch if the Worthy could hang on one more turn!


On the left, Worthy and Spearmen hurt each other, the Worthy dishing out a bit more than they take.

In the center, my lighter units are finally engaged and hurt.  But the Spearmen pass their rout check and I play Devotion of Courage on the Initiates to auto-pass.

Chosen finish off the Militia!  Sadly, the adjacent Greatswordsmen are out of their front arc.

On the right, my Worthy who are facing Greatswordsmen go into the yellow and get my other Devotion of Courage card.

The two damage on the Atlatlmen is from Devotion of Transference cards.

One Flank Won

Left to right:

Spearmen move in on my lighter-and-slightly-wounded Spearmen.  I'm not looking forward to this fight.

Blakely throws a 16 on a rout check, so "Bravery" does the Spearmen no good and off they go!  At least they survive, which would prove  useful later.

My Spearmen are about spent vs. her Greatsworsmen, but  they've put in 4 damage, which may make a difference later.

Initiates get some blue card love and avoid going into the red.  If they can hang on one more turn I'll get a pinch!

Chosen turn to face the Greatswordsmen.  High Priests throw a Death Curse and end up Disrupted.  :-\

Greatswordsmen fall to the Worthy-Berserker pinch, with Atlatlmen throwing in the very last point of damage.

Too Little, Too Late

Blakely has a good turn!  Left to right:

Her Spearmen one-shot my Spearmen after mine blow 2 rout checks.

Spearmen are rallied, with Blakely cleverly turning them obliquely to keep my Worthy out of range...and position my Worthy to get hurt.

My lighter units are finished off.  Initiates sadly ran when they went into the red.

Endgame / White Flag

On the left, my Worthy find themselves surrounded on 3 sides.  They engaged and finish off the Spearmen who had routed earler, but the angle meant they'd be engaged in the rear.   

The one piece of good news on that flank is that, thanks to the hedges, my Shamans are able to huff it out of there.  (My turn is coming up next in the last photo), so they'll sit off somewhere throwing lots of Blesses & Hexes and, if not pursued, will make it back to their allies and start healing.

Chosen flank the Greatswordsmen.  The Greatswordsmen had Higher Ground, but were hitting back with one less die and also were taking Death Curses and Atlatl shots, so that ended as expected.  (Thank you, Chosen, for not routing when you hit the yellow.)

Blakely conceded at this point.  She was down to 2 units, with the heavier one having 4 damage.  Meanwhile, I had a total of 6 units on the map, and my Chosen would be healed up to full by the time they re-engaged.


Victory to the Umenzi

Blakely had the right army, but on the wrong map.  The hill in the center prevented her heavy units from engaging until the game was half-over.   The layout of the battlefield also prevented her from getting good use from the Scouts.  If you don't factor in the cost of the Scouts, my army was heavier then hers, and its superior-but-not-overwhelming weight prevailed.  But still a solidly-played game overall. 


Hawkshold:  This one's a slam-dunk.  It's got to go to those Spearmen on the left who one-shotted my Spearmen and them positioned themselves to hit my Worthy in the rear.  Too bad their allies on the other flanks did less well.

Umenzi:  The High Priests were on the way to winning it until they blew a Disruption check (needing a 13) and cost me 2 CAs, so I'll give it to the Atlatlmen.  They threw the killing point twice, saving my heavier units painful attacks, and were positioned to do even more in the endgame.  Plus with Devotion of Transference they took it for the team, twice!  :)  Honorable mention to the Berserkers who killed the Swordsmen and then pinched the Greatsworsdmen.  They don't get the award because their attack dice were pretty lame--the Swordsmen just routed at the wrong moment.

Good game, Blakely!
I'll have to research the routes and stop locations, but I'm sure we can work something out.

Edit:  You're much more likely going to have to take a NJ Transit bus out of Port Authority on the West Side.  Hooray for bus schedules and such.
Got a question.  My tentative plan is  to go to NYC with the wife for a few days, but to take the commuter rail (or whatever you all call it) out to near there (and then back in the late evening).  What would be the best station to go to, and assuming that's not walking distance to the store, could someone pick me up?
No problem at all.  Glad it's still happening, and looking forward to it!
Greetings all, I apologize for not being more present in this thread the last few weeks, I've had a group of very big life events this past month that have diverted my attention elsewhere.  I'm going to post a structure for the event in the next week or so you all have an idea what to expect.  Again, accept my apologies.
Conventions / Re: Spring BFW day at Dave's House
« Last post by Dave-SWA on May 21, 2017, 10:37:16 AM »
We didn't end up playing too much Battleground this past weekend.
Saturday morning, Eric & I introduced four new guys from NJ to the game. The combined group decided to play other stuff over the rest of the weekend.
We'll see if any of them catch the BFW bug enough to want to join us at the New Jersey tournament on June 17th.

See the rest of you guys in a few weeks.

News and Teasers / Your Move Games Facebook Page Resurrected
« Last post by RushAss on May 10, 2017, 08:59:08 AM »
For all you Facebookers out there, Corey and I have been given Admin rights to the company Facebook page so you'll see more activity there as time moves forward.  Stop on by!
Conventions / Re: Spring BFW day at Dave's House
« Last post by gornhorror on May 06, 2017, 08:54:39 AM »
Unfortunately the day that was chosen was the one day I said would be tough for me.  I wanted to come but I will be walking for the fight against breast cancer in Ocean Grove NJ on that day.  Have fun guys, maybe next time.
Conventions / Re: Council of Five Nations XL, Sept 29 - Oct 1, 2017
« Last post by Dave-SWA on May 05, 2017, 02:04:27 PM »
Great to hear you're planning on joining us!

Yes, Rivers Casino and Resort is now up and running.

They do indeed have a Poker room.  Big Ed and Rob Estrada were going to play before getting here for SFB day last month, but their plans changed and they didn't end up going.  So I don't have any better inside intel at this point.  I will probably swing by the place eventually, just to have a look.

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