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Session Reports / Re: Lizardmen (with T-Rex) - Rome 2000 Terrain
« Last post by sullivus on November 25, 2018, 02:46:24 PM »
I also think four Triarii was two many.  I would have been better off with one or two fewer and replacing them with more offensive cards.


Session Reports / Lizardmen (with T-Rex) - Rome 2000 Terrain
« Last post by Kevin on November 24, 2018, 12:03:24 AM »
It's been a little while, but Blakely and I continued out post-Thanksgiving Battleground tradition.  A rematch with my Lizardmen, but she requested that I take a T-Rex.  So I spotted her the usual 100 points and here we go! 

Set Up and Strategy

Rome, left to right:  Cretan Archers, Triarii, Triarii behind Veteran Principes, Italian Spearmen, Triarii behind Extraordinarii, Equites, Triarii, Velites behind Equites

A solid infantry line, with archers to be a pest and fast movers for if I left a flank empty.

Lizardmen, left to right:  Raptor Pack, Tyrant Spearmen, Trog Warriors, Trog Warriors, Swarmling Warriors, T-Rex, Swarmling Warriors

Rexie was deployed last.  My plan had been to put the Rexie behind the Raptor Pack and crush one flank utterly, but Blakely had just enough fast-movers on the right to make me nervous--particularly since the Romans were moving first.  So I had the rather absurd right flank of a Rexie and two twerps.  Definitely not ideal!  But the good news is that Swarmlings and Equites are more-or-less an even fight.  Other good news that skirmisher archers are so wretched when engaged that my Raptor Pack doesn't fear a pinch.

First Engagement

On the left, our units all move forward. Between moving and shooting and lame dice, the Cretan Archers are ineffective.  Raptor Pack get some card love and Fury is primed, but they whiff anyway and both sides take one damage.  At least she had to burn a Command Action holding her Veteran Principes back from my Tyrants.

On the hill, units plod forward.  I use a direct control and the Direct Path rule to keep my Trogs away from the scary Extraordinarii.

On the right, Triarii in the center are ordered to go help out.  Velites, originally lined up vs. Swarmlings, are Direct-Controlled over to Rexie.  Equitest move over to the right, but end up behind other Equites.

I have a moderate Command Card advantage at this point.

Routfest 2018

Blakely had some terrible luck here, which probably would cost her a game whatever else she may have done.

On the left, the Raptor Pack puts the Triarii into the yellow on the second turn of engagement, and, with no Courage of Numbers card in hand the Triarii run!  With my turn coming up, the only way to avoid the Veteran Principes getting pinched & exploding is to declare the Backup Rule with the other Triarii.  But now neither the Veteran Principes nor the Italian Spearmen is backed up. 

Then on the next turn both the Veteran Principes and the Italian Spearmen go into the yellow and run for it!  The former survives at least, but is mauled and out of the fight.  Meanwhile, the Extraordinarii, who will get to throw two pila volleys, will be facing a pinch after they engage.

On the right, I move the Swarmlings near to Rexie, to ensure that the Triarii will be in Rexie's line of sight.  Rexie knocks the Velites back.  Equites underperform vs. Swarmlings, who are slowly winning this grind fest.

Rome Pinches!

On the left, Cretan Archers pinch, but their attack is actually less effective despite that.  Raptors hit to the side just to turn Blood Frenzy on.  Tyrants will be helping vs. the Triarii soon.

Extraordinarii hit my wounded Trogs, but a Cold Blooded card keeps them in the fight.

Triarii pinch my Swarmlings, who amazingly pass both rout checks and hang in there, which means Rexie will get a pinch back, not just a flank!

Swarmlings on the far right continue to win the grind fest as the Equites underperform.  I literally held a Saurian Toughness (prevent one damage if I take 2) all game and never get to use it.

White Flag

On the left, Tyrants pinch the Triarii out of existence.  Extraordinarii are also pinched, and run when they go into the yellow.  Rallied Vetaran Principes hit my Tyrants on the flank, but take 3 damage (including one from Fury) in return and pop.  Hapless skirmishers (who hit on 2s and damage on 1s) are cleaned up and now my entire flank is chasing those fleeing Extraordinarii.

On the right, the Velites auto-rally, but are too far back to be relevant.  Rexie pinches the Triarii, and take them down to 1 box, but the pinching Swarmings rout & pop at long last when they hit the red.  Rexie is then counter-pinched by Equites and takes a few points of damage, but she still has 4 green boxes left.  Swarmlings finish chewing through their Equites opponent and pinch the other Equites, who will be one-shotted and then Blakely's surviving Triarii will be facing Rexie alone.  With both flakes shattered, Blakely's Romans raise the white flag before I can roll dice vs. the Equites.

Victory to the Lizardmen!

I'll probably spot Blakely 150 points next time, and she did a good job preventing Rexie from wreaking too much havoc here, but let's look at what went wrong for the Romans.

First, the Big Oopsie.  It had been a while, and she'd forgotten what "Replacement" does.  So Blakely had two Troop Rotation cards sitting on her hand all game that went unused.  Ack!  A few other things contributed to this very one-sided result.

- Dice, of course!  Blakely's attack dice were average at best, and her courage dice were terrible!  My attack dice also were pretty middling, but Lizardmen courage was excellent, failing a total of 1 check all game and that was the Swarmlings at the very end who already had passed two.  This was influenced in part by me drawing both Cold Blooded cards early on while she drew the first Courage of Numbers card on her very last turn.  Had the courage rolls been the opposite of this, she almost certainly would've won.
- A middling initial set of orders, including sending her left flank forward full-speed forcing her to burn a few CAs, giving me an advantage in cards.
- Wasted Extraordinarii.  My Trogs were deployed first, and having to have her very best unit slowly plod up the hill only to eventually engage a unit it could easily defeat even without high ground was overkill and they could've been put to better use elsewhere.
- Cretan Archers.  Pinching Velites would've made my Raptor Pack nervous and Italian Cavalry would've destroyed them.  Had the Extraordinarii been downgraded to Veteran Principes she's have had the points to do an upgrade here.
- Mis-maneuvered Equites.  The ones close to the center could've gone up the hill and threatened the flanks of my Swarmlings or even the Trogs.   Instead, they spent the whole game sitting behind other Equites doing a bunch of not much.

But still a hard-fought game which was a whole lot closer than the final results suggest.  Good game, Blakely!

Hero of the game

While I had a couple of units that busted through one opponent and then pinched another, I'm giving MVP to the Swarmlings on the far right.  They did what they had to do, which was to hang in there long enough for Rexie to work her magic.  Had they routed, Rexie would've been pinched or even goosed and that would've been ugly.

Conventions / Re: Winter 2019 Battleground Championship Tournament Discussion
« Last post by gornhorror on November 19, 2018, 02:23:41 PM »
He's always welcome to crash at my place (he's done it before).  That's absolutely not problem.   I hope he can make it when the time comes.  That goes for all the consistent players over the years. 

All I ask, is that he doesn't play Persia again........:)  He heeeeee
Conventions / Re: Winter 2019 Battleground Championship Tournament Discussion
« Last post by Kevin on November 17, 2018, 09:03:13 PM »
I spoke with Ron today.  He says that it's equally convenient for him to go to either TotalCon or NJ (at least if someone in NJ offers crash space).  But the bad news is that he really can't commit to anything at this point.  His wife is between jobs and his own is a bit in flux and he needs to see how everything is shaking out closer to that time.
Conventions / Re: Winter 2019 Battleground Championship Tournament Discussion
« Last post by Kevin on November 14, 2018, 03:58:34 PM »
Sorry that was a (now fixed) typo.  I meant NJ.
Conventions / Re: Winter 2019 Battleground Championship Tournament Discussion
« Last post by gornhorror on November 14, 2018, 12:56:12 PM »
What convention is in NH?  Not sure I know that one......
Conventions / Re: Winter 2019 Battleground Championship Tournament Discussion
« Last post by Kevin on November 13, 2018, 09:39:58 PM »
We kinda, sorta, had 8 last year at Totalcon, yes?  In alphabetical order:

Manny  <---  Left early after a couple of losses.  It happens.
Marcus <---  OK Marcus didn't play, but that's his own damn fault!  ;)  I both ran and played for the 3 years prior.


I'd play again if it's up here, though at the same time last year I was slightly sad about not playing at the Pathfinder tables.  If it's a significant drive I'd probably just go to Totalcon and play Pathfinder.  Small chance that I'm inspired to make the trek to NJ, though significant trips during the spring/fall semesters are really tough.

Of course, the goal of a tournament really is to generate new interest in the game, so if there are new players and a growing community down in NJ that's probably a better strategic location to run a tournament.

So really, thanks for all you have done for the game, and no hard feelings whatever you decide!  Though if you do run it in NJ some photos will be most appreciated!  :)


As to other players...

Educated guess here:  Blakely is pretty heavy on odds (90%?) to go to Totalcon.  She's probably at best a 1-in-3 to go to NJ even if I did go and 0.00001% to go if I don't.  She is, of course, welcome to chime in.

Others will have to speak for themselves.

Sadly, I find it implausible that anyone would play at TotalCon in 2019 who didn't play at TotalCon in 2018, though folks are of course welcome to speak up and prove me wrong. 
Conventions / Re: Winter 2019 Battleground Championship Tournament Discussion
« Last post by gornhorror on November 13, 2018, 12:53:15 PM »
Yeah, sure would be nice if we could scrape up at least 8 players.

I like Total Con, and I haven't missed going much over the years.  (Not sure if I ever have since I started going).  However, not sure I will go this time around if we don't get a good contingent of players.  Last year was pretty good.  I appreciate anybody that makes the effort. (Jaime, Kevin, Eric, Blakely, etc you know who you are!!!!).  I'll also have to see what Marcus is doing.  If he doesn't go most likely I wont.  If we run a tourney at DreamCon I'll go to this one rather than Total.

One thing that I think we should do to stir up interest is to start playing some games at the Highlander Games in Boonton, NJ.  We saw some interest there the few times we played there in the past.  I'm sure we could get some loyal followers if we make the effort.  Perhaps we could go there on a Friday or a Saturday a few times and run some demos?  At the very least we may get some people to look over our shoulders while we play to say "Hmmmm, what's that?"
Conventions / Winter 2019 Battleground Championship Tournament Discussion
« Last post by RushAss on November 12, 2018, 06:48:13 PM »
Hi folks!

It's that time of the year for this discussion.  As in previous years, I plan or running a Battleground Championship Tournament again early in 2019.  It has always been in the Boston area with TotalCon being the most common location in late February.  My friends and I look forward to this trip every year but there has been a decline in attendance in recent years.  So it's time to rethink things.  If there is a reasonable amount of interest in the Boston area, I'm totally fine with continuing to travel there to attend/run the tournament*  However, if there isn't much interest, I'm better off running the event at Dreamation 22 in Morristown NJ which is on the same weekend as TotalCon (Feb 21-24).  This is run by the same people who run Dexcon in July and takes place in THE SAME LOCATION.  So it's obviously easier for us and I can also guarantee some additional local players will attend the tournament who normally would not make the trip up the TotalCon which is in Marlboro Massachusetts.  I'd like to get a gauge on interest in the event so I can start the ball rolling.  So here's the options as I see it:

A - Do what we've done all along and throw the event to TotalCon as we always do.  We can do this if we are sure we can get a reasonable amount of players.

B - Have the event at Dreamation on the same weekend.  We will have some additional local participants if we take this route.

C - Forget about a Championship Tournament this year due to lack of interest.

Obviously C is the least attractive option, but I really don't feel up to running a Championship tournament for anything less than 8 players if I can help it.  Especially if I have to travel to do so.  Please weigh in with your opinions about this so we can plan it out and get it done! 

TotalCon 2019 -

Dreamation 2019 -

*Kevin has run all of the Championship Tournaments before I took over last year and for that we are eternally grateful

Faction Discussions / Re: High Elves Units and Tactics
« Last post by RushAss on November 07, 2018, 06:09:54 PM »
I agree.  HE Spears are one of the most difficult units to justify including in an army in the entire game.
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