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Title: "Escape from Hell" Playtesters wanted.
Post by: Amsheagar on March 16, 2014, 06:31:34 PM
Good morning, I have been working on this boardgame for the last few months while at work. I have gone through more than 6 versions of the game and think it's ready for a bigger Playtest.

What feedback I am mainly looking for is; comprehension of the rules, any questions about the rules, time required to play, difficulties with the game play, ending score (total amount of Sin and Indulgence coins), and anything else that comes up. 

Game Info
Escape from Hell.
2-8 players
2-4 hours
Age 16+

In Escape from Hell, you have died and now reside in the inner layers of Hell. You are not happy with how they are treating you and you have planned to escape. You've made it out of the Pit, but now you have 8 more layers to travel through. Along te way, you have to fight Beasts, Demons an Fallen Angels. You may even come across fellow escapees and objects that may help you. Just be earned, you are in Hell, not everyone is nice.

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Title: Re: "Escape from Hell" Playtesters wanted.
Post by: Chad_YMG on March 18, 2014, 09:27:14 AM
While I wish you good luck with your game I think you'll get better results by reaching out to groups where you've earned some standing, rather than joining an unrelated forum and making this your first post.
Title: Re: "Escape from Hell" Playtesters wanted.
Post by: Amsheagar on March 18, 2014, 09:52:11 AM
Thank you for your advice. While using forums at where I am already a member if the group would be good, I also want random people, those who don't know anything about me to look at the game. So I searched for forums that had other Playtest already posted. This way, Those who look at my game will give me their honest opinion.
Title: Re: "Escape from Hell" Playtesters wanted.
Post by: BubblePig on March 20, 2014, 07:51:47 PM
I would strongly advise you to do as Chad suggests and make inquiries on forums where you have developed a relationship with the people from whom you are making such requests. Otherwise the administrator of a forum such as this might be of the opinion that you are spamming them, and they might report you to one of several sites which would red flag you on any forum you tried to join. I hope this has not happened to you already since you seem to be above board, but depending on how busy the forum is they might not spend a whole lot of time checking you out before hitting the red flag button. Getting a new email address, IP address, etc. will probably be more effort than whatever feedback you get is worth.
Title: Re: "Escape from Hell" Playtesters wanted.
Post by: Chad_YMG on March 21, 2014, 09:28:35 AM
I totally understand wanting playtesters who don't know who you are.  The problem with trying to get them this way is that you're basically engaged in spamming -- arguably a "good" kind of spamming, since your content is relevant to your audience, but I'm still guessing that this is a cut-and-pasted message that you put on whatever game forums you could find.

Another approach is to find local game conventions and head over with a copy of your game. also has a forum dedicated to people looking for playtesters for their games.