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Ravenwood - Rome 2000 Terrain
« on: September 29, 2019, 10:23:31 PM »
It had been a while since we've played, and even longer since we took photos, but Blakely and I did our best to shake off the rust and play a game last week.  I forgot my camera, so she snapped the photos and thus the game photos are from her point of view

I spotted Blakely 150 points, but otherwise battled as ruthlessly as possible.

Set Up and Strategy

Ravenwood left to right:  Wolfkin behind Brownies, Bearkin, Bear Pack, Bear Pack, Brownies behind Bearkin, Bearkin, Wolf Pack.

Having battled on this map before, I knew that those impassable craters produce an extremely narrow battlefield.  Probably would've taken Treants, but had promised Blakely I wouldn't.  Considered stand-and-shoot, but Romans are too durable. 

In any case, the plan was to get bears onto the high ground and grind it out as best I could.  I wasn't happy with my deployment, though.  I deployed first, and mistakenly laid the left Brownies down early, thinking they'd guard the flank, but when Blakely put a weak unit opposite my Bearkin there was nothing to guard and they accomplished nothing all game.  Similarly, I rued not having the Wolfkin and Wolf Pack in opposite places, as only a 7" mover can hope to circle the far crater and get in the action.

Rome, left to right:  Velites (gap), Triarii behind Triarii, Veteran Principes, Extraordinarii, Extraordinarii, Triarii behind Veteran Principes, Equites.

An excellent army and deployment, with a short infantry line with only one weak spot (and even that was durable).  The Equites is heavily favored vs. my Wolf Pack on the flank that's more a danger to her, while the skirmisher would be enough to ensure my Wolfkin never see action.

Cocky Equites

The armies go forward, each curling back on our weaker flank.  But what's this?  The 148-point Equites decide not to bother running down my wolves who are hanging out in my back corner, but zip past her slower infantry to go right into my 244-point Bearkin!  They actually put on quite the initial hit, and had my Bearkin failed their rout check (needing a 12, and I had no cards to help) they'd have single-handedly won the fight and eternal glory!  But my Bearkin hold.  And now her flank is unprotected.

First Blood

Left to right:

Velites fail their "second" rout check vs. Wolfkin and disintegrate, but the Wolfkin are 5 inches behind where they otherwise would be.

Bearkin start to beat up Triarii, but this will take a while.

Bear Packs go roughly even vs. their opponents.  They do have the high ground vs. Triarii, which makes it a roughly even fight.

Mediocre attack dice and lots of blue card love keep my Bearkin shockingly healthy vs. Extraordinarii. 

Blakely had to burn a card to keep the Equites from running when they hit yellow, but they rout and die when they hit the red.

Meanwhile, my Wolf Pack has gone forward, and is threatening a flank-pinch, so the Veteran Principes turn to face the wolves.

Routs Galore!

Left to fight.

Triarii are holding up OK, but the adjacent Veteran Principes hit the yellow, blow two rout checks, and pop. 

Units on the hill continue to grind it out, going roughly tit for tat.

Extraordinarii are pinched and immediately rout.  They survive, but are very heavily damaged and are never rallied.

Wolfkin are direct-controlled to get within no-turning-back range of the Veteran Principes, protecting their allies.  Furthermore, they're positioned so that my other units will be out of the Veteran Principes' front arc, ensuring they'll be out of the rest of the fight for a while.

White Flag

Blakely basically needed a miracle at this point, but didn't get one.

Left to right:

I finally blow a rout check and my Bearkin run.  Their Triarii opponents will move next turn, so can tag them -- except that they run too!

The Triarii, previously in the rear, move forward and are engaged by my Bear Pack which is just barely in the yellow.  Advantage bears.

Extraordinarii and Bear Pack on the hill continue to maul each other.  Whichever one prevails won't have much left.

My own Bearkin is sliding forward to help, but it'll take  a little while.

Triarii are fighting Bearkin, while the Veteran Principes are beating the tar out of my Wolf Pack which annoyingly (for me) refused to rout.

With a flank mostly gone, and other units (apart from the Veteran Principes on the right) getting heavily ground down, we called it here. 

Victory to Ravenwood!

Blakely's courage dice were dismal, and her attack dice were mediocre at best.  Probably that doomed her either way, but leaving that right flank open definitely sped that up.  Still, that aside, it was a fun match.

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Re: Ravenwood - Rome 2000 Terrain
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2019, 02:00:45 PM »
Great to see you two at it again, and nice write up!  I see that both of you brought the beef in the center.  That's not something you see very often from Rome.  And yeah, some serious courage failures for Rome as well.  Hey, it happens!  It's weird that she tossed the Equites in there so quickly.  Otherwise a solid game from both of you.

Yay beefy Ravenwood armies!  And kind of you to stick to your guarantee to keep the Treants in your back yard so the birds could have a place to hang out.
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Re: Ravenwood - Rome 2000 Terrain
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2019, 09:17:55 AM »
Thanks.  And yeah, the vultures always appreciate a perch rather than having to circle around all day.   ;D
However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. - Winston Churchill